Jeremy Liew, Partner at Lightspeed
Giphy is launching its own take on stories with curated GIFs throughout the day
theverge · 547 days ago
Newsletter on Cheddar
cheddar · 553 days ago
Casper, a Web Pioneer, to Open 200 Stores
wsj · 558 days ago
How this woman went from a Pizza Hut employee to founder of $4 billion startup
businessinsider · 562 days ago
Rothy’s, the viral Silicon Valley shoe brand, is coming for your kids
fastcompany · 565 days ago
Streaming Service Cheddar Targets College Students After Acquiring MTV Campus Distribution Network
wsj · 566 days ago
Fat Protocols vs Fat Dapps vs Fat Wallets – Lightspeed Venture Partners – Medium
medium · 573 days ago
Fintech: A Primer – Diana Biggs – Medium
medium · 574 days ago
An Alabama man walked almost 20 miles to his new job. When his boss found out, he gave him a car.
washingtonpost · 580 days ago
What Great Athletes and Great Founders Have in Common.
medium · 579 days ago
Mobile Shopping and Social App Dote Is Aiming to Be 'Gen Z's Dream Mall'
fashionista · 580 days ago
Mic Dispatch
facebook · 580 days ago
On Setting Crazy Goals and Running Toward Them. – Lightspeed Venture Partners – Medium
medium · 586 days ago
Ten ways Fortnite is like a social network – Lightspeed Venture Partners – Medium
medium · 587 days ago
Success with Snap helps venture firm Lightspeed raise $1.8 billion...
reuters · 588 days ago
Facebook Dating will Fail! – Amit Shafrir – Medium
medium · 588 days ago
Why Men Are Wearing Watches That Don’t Tell Time
wsj · 589 days ago
Natasha Del Toro to Anchor Mic Facebook Show (Exclusive)
hollywoodreporter · 589 days ago
Documents Reveal FanDuel Founders, Most Employees Get $0 In Paddy Power Betfair Deal
legalsportsreport · 589 days ago
#TheGapTable – #Angels News – Medium
medium · 663 days ago
Finally, Evidence That Diversity Improves Financial Performance
hbr · 601 days ago
20VC: Lightspeed's Jeremy Liew on Being The First Investor in Snapchat, Why The Pessimism Around Consumer Is Wrong & Why Silicon Valley Is An Isolated Bubble and What Can Be Done To Change This - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 599 days ago
GE CEO announces β€œsweeping, dramatic change” to the company
mic · 602 days ago
The 39 most powerful female engineers of 2018
businessinsider · 607 days ago
Time to Dive Down the Rabbit Hole – Aaron Batalion – Medium
medium · 609 days ago
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John Mayer Will Guest Star on HQ Trivia Sunday
tmz · 612 days ago
You Grew Your Startup, Now Build Your Advisory Board
entrepreneur · 617 days ago
A Holodeck in Every Neighborhood – Sandbox VR – Medium
medium · 617 days ago
Stitch Fix | Your Personal Stylist
stitchfix · 617 days ago
From Slime to Jiffpom toys: Why we invested in Brandable, the future of CPG
medium · 623 days ago
IMF Brings Key Stakeholders Together to Foster Collaboration on Fintech
imf · 624 days ago
Why Daniel Martin Loves Clean Beauty – Honest Blog
blog.honest · 627 days ago
Mic to launch correspondent-led Publisher Stories on Snapchat
mic · 628 days ago
Kim Kardashian and Trump Will Meet at the White House Wednesday
vanityfair · 628 days ago
Full video and transcript: Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake at Code 2018
recode · 629 days ago
Jessica Alba Is Taking the Honest Company International
inc · 630 days ago
Millions of Women Will Make Fortnite a Billion-Dollar Game
bloomberg · 630 days ago
Snapchat launches its first Lens that reacts to sound
engadget · 630 days ago
'Bad Asian Drivers' are Literally the Best Drivers According to Insurance Companies
nextshark · 634 days ago
Jeremy Liew on the future of consumer tech investing
getting2alpha · 643 days ago
Welcoming Natalie Luu as an Investing Partner at Lightspeed.
medium · 644 days ago
How Girlboss plans to empower female entrepreneurs
money.cnn · 652 days ago
Four promises a brand makes to its customers – Lightspeed Venture Partners – Medium
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Mic faces an uncertain future in a post-Facebook world - Digiday
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How to Live in San Francisco Without Spending Any Money
wsj · 659 days ago
The 17 Millionth Bitcoin Is About to Be Mined: What It Means and Why It Matters - CoinDesk
coindesk · 663 days ago
When Toronto Suspect Said β€˜Kill Me,’ an Officer Put Away His Gun
nytimes · 665 days ago
Emphasizing social, shareable and meaningful work, Girlboss launches a new site
techcrunch · 670 days ago
YouTube TV adds its first digital-only networks with launch of two channels from Cheddar
techcrunch · 671 days ago
Breanne Madigan: Blockchain's Head of Institutional Sales and Strategy
blog.blockchain · 672 days ago
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