Jonathon Triest
May Mobility is a self-driving startup with a decade of experience
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Director of Marketing at Dwolla in Des Moines, IA · 1994 days ago
Mortgage Closings Just Took a Big Step Into the Digital Age
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Notarize for Mortgage
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Announcing Notarize for Mortgage. For the first time ever, buy your home online.
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Bigscreen VR app gets its biggest screen yet with latest update
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'Bigscreen' Overhaul to Bring "Flawless" Multiplayer Streaming, More Users Per-room – Road to VR
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Cryptocurrencies with Tim Ferriss, Nick Szabo and Naval Ravikant
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Tips for Cofounder Success // Part I: Know Thyselves
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How chat fiction app Hooked got 20M teens reading on their phone · 2056 days ago
Click here to support #GiveWater by Fred wilson
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Monthly Match: The Human Utility #GiveWater - Feld Thoughts
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Nevada Passes Remote Notarization Bill
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Some Lessons I Learned from the Dotcom Bubble for the Coming Crypto Bubble
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Texas Passes Remote Notarization Bill
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The Surest Sign Your Winning is When Goliath Takes a Swing at You
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Google I/O'17: Google Keynote
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New Bigscreen Beta update adds 3D Drawing – Bigscreen
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Carpool VC Season 3
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Tribe Calls - Product Hunt
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Navdy’s aftermarket HUD proves a big in-car upgrade
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Inside the Embassy
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How We Got 10 Million Teens to Read Fiction on Their Phones
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Shipping Things
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Baby Bottle Robot • r/gifs
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$3 million financing round led by Andreessen Horowitz
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Bigscreen Takes Aim at Social VR
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HP Is Advertising Its Real, Modern Printers on This Fake, Awkward '80s Computer Show
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