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Ramp — the corporate card that helps your company spend less.
medium · 1388 days ago
Michigan State drops college algebra requirement
insidehighered · 1432 days ago
Hasan Hears Hot Takes From The Audience | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix
youtube · 1441 days ago
Building robotic safety inspectors nabs Gecko Robotics $40 million – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1446 days ago
Investing in Sales and Marketing at Seed and Series A - atrium
atrium.co · 1450 days ago
Narrative by Numbers: The Metrics That Should Be in Your Pitch Deck - atrium
atrium.co · 1452 days ago
Introducing Culdesac
medium · 1473 days ago
Introducing Leaders in Tech
medium · 1481 days ago
Leaders in Tech Fellows
leadersintech · 1481 days ago
Building a Sales Team From Zero to Ten - atrium
atrium.co · 1485 days ago
Atrium Scale - atrium
atrium.co · 1506 days ago
Livestream 2019 - 2019 Lean Startup Conference
leanstartup.co · 1507 days ago
Your source for legal knowledge - atrium
atrium.co · 1522 days ago
Startup blog - Get expert advice from founders, for founders - atrium
atrium.co · 1522 days ago
Founder’s Guide to Allocating Co-Founder Equity - atrium
atrium.co · 1522 days ago
Guide to Managing Investor Meetings - atrium
atrium.co · 1522 days ago
Below The Line With James Beshara — Live w/ Justin Kan + Book Launch
eventbrite · 1530 days ago
DJ Alison Wonderland’s Journey From Small Pubs In Australia to Performing Around The World
youtube · 1536 days ago
Flirtey unveils the future of drone delivery
youtube · 1544 days ago
New York Founders Happy Hour - atrium
atrium.co · 1549 days ago
Justin Kan, Founder Twitch/Atrium On Happiness | Ventured Unplugged
ventureunplugged · 1549 days ago
Software was eating the world — now landlords are eating everything
medium · 1561 days ago
What Is a SAFE? How Is It Different From a Convertible Note? - atrium
atrium.co · 1566 days ago
Freedom Robotics raises $6.6M to take the hassle out of founding a robotics startup – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1592 days ago
Top 5 and Top Boutique Startup Law Firms
kruzeconsulting · 1606 days ago
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Behind the Scenes of Atrium Records - atrium
atrium.co · 1606 days ago
The Woman Behind Atrium’s Inclusive LGTBQ+ Community
elpha · 1614 days ago
The Founder’s Guide to Emotions - atrium
atrium.co · 1624 days ago
The boring genius of how Atrium kills legal busy work – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1625 days ago
The Muse brings you inside the office of Atrium
themuse · 1627 days ago
Serena Williams, The First Athlete To Make Forbes’ Self-Made Women’s List, To Speak At Forbes’ Signature Under 30 Summit
forbes · 1632 days ago
Justin Kan's answer to What should every startup know about the world of fundraising? - Quora
quora · 1633 days ago
Justin Kan's answer to What are the most common mistakes founders make when they start a company? - Quora
quora · 1633 days ago
a16z Podcast: 10+1 Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur
a16z · 1635 days ago
People are sick of drinking. Investors are betting on the 'sober curious'
cnn · 1637 days ago
Debugging Your Startup: What to Do When Things Aren’t Working - atrium
atrium.co · 1647 days ago
Gold House – A100
goldhouse · 2034 days ago
Make School raises $15 million to build a modern university
medium · 1697 days ago
Rippling raises $45M at $270M to be the biz app identity layer
techcrunch · 1704 days ago
Built Robotics’ massive construction excavator drives itself
techcrunch · 1708 days ago
A New Kind
youtube · 1711 days ago
Pre- and Post-Money SAFEs: Choosing the right one for your startup
techcrunch · 1721 days ago
How to Be a Balanced CEO: Passion, Self-Awareness, and Support - atrium
atrium.co · 1736 days ago
Kleiner’s Mamoon Hamid thinks we could be in a 15-year-long bull market (and other insights from the firm)
techcrunch · 1750 days ago
Atrium, Justin Kan’s legal tech startup, launches a fintech and blockchain division
techcrunch · 1751 days ago
Eight Sleep unveils The Pod, a bed that’s smarter about temperature
techcrunch · 1752 days ago
Foot Locker Invests $100 Million In Secondary Sneaker Platform GOAT
forbes · 1758 days ago
twitch.tv · 1845 days ago
Munchery: How a venture-backed startup swindled a group of women and minority owned companies out…
medium · 1765 days ago
Dropbox snares HelloSign for $230M, gets workflow and eSignature
techcrunch · 1768 days ago
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