Khoi Vinh
Life without Google (Fonts)
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Inside Disney’s Daring Dive Into the Streaming World
variety · 1466 days ago
An Anti-Facebook Manifesto, by an Early Facebook Investor
nytimes · 1467 days ago
Travel Tips from a Guy Who Travels Kinda Often
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My First Steps & Experiences in Adobe XD | Veerle's Blog 4.0
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The Letterboxd 2018 Year in Review
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Inside the Car Company That's Resurrecting the DeLorean
popularmechanics · 1474 days ago
This font you know from old pulp novels is all over new books
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Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for January 20, 2019 |
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Minimal Calendar App: A Beautiful Calendar UI Created in XD
theblog.adobe · 1478 days ago
Movies Watched, December 2018
subtraction · 1478 days ago
Heartbreaking Photos of Pet Owners Saying Goodbye to Their Dying Pets
petapixel · 1479 days ago
What Everything Costs in a Hospital, Sort Of
subtraction · 1480 days ago
USB Group Moves to Validate USB-C Devices for Safety and Security - TidBITS
tidbits · 1481 days ago
How Google and Chromecast Won at Our House
subtraction · 1482 days ago
The Perfect iPad Keyboard (Has Not Been Invented Yet)
subtraction · 1486 days ago
If James Baldwin Made Films: How DP James Laxton Translated the Bold Imagery of ‘Beale Street’
indiewire · 1486 days ago
Wine, Spirits and AR Inevitability
subtraction · 1488 days ago
LG’s groundbreaking roll-up TV is going on sale this year
theverge · 1489 days ago
The Mysterious, Stubborn Appeal of Mass-Produced Fried Chicken
munchies.vice · 1489 days ago
A ★★★★½ review of If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
letterboxd · 1491 days ago
What Facebook knows about you
axios · 1493 days ago
Opinion | In Search of Lost Screen Time
nytimes · 1495 days ago
Man Offended By Rude Female Coworker Continuing To Speak Over Him After He Clearly Interrupted Her
local.theonion · 1495 days ago
Why drawing needs to be a curriculum essential
theguardian · 1495 days ago
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2018: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics
nytimes · 1496 days ago
Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars
nytimes · 1496 days ago
Opinion | Apple wants to colonize our famous public spaces. Even its fans should be worried.
nbcnews · 1496 days ago
Holmes & Watson’s failure shows how film comedy is changing
theverge · 1496 days ago
A ★★★★ review of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
letterboxd · 1498 days ago
Massive iPhone Discounts Continue As Apple Risks Status For Sales
forbes · 1499 days ago
Step 1: Get in the door · 1501 days ago
Movies Watched, November 2018
subtraction · 1503 days ago
Drones ground flights at Gatwick
bbc · 1507 days ago
Visionary Brain Genius Elon Musk Has Invented The World's Worst And Most Expensive Subway
theconcourse.deadspin · 1508 days ago
Say it with me: Racism
niemanlab · 1508 days ago
Introducing MacStories Selects: The Best New Apps, App Updates, and iOS Games of 2018
macstories · 1508 days ago
A Stranger Helped A 5-Year-Old Fly Back To America. They Found Each Other 15 Years Later.
huffingtonpost · 1509 days ago
Was offered 'Black Widow' film by Marvel Studios, says Lucrecia Martel
dailypioneer · 1510 days ago
Apple Computers Used to Be Built in the U.S. It Was a Mess.
nytimes · 1512 days ago
Cohen says 'of course' Trump knew it was wrong to make hush-money payments
abcnews.go · 1514 days ago
Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees
theatlantic · 1515 days ago
Opinion | The Writer Who Destroyed an Empire
nytimes · 1515 days ago
Is Tech Too Easy to Use?
nytimes · 1516 days ago
An oral history of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas and how singing otters led to The Dark Crystal
syfy · 1517 days ago
Uber Is Headed for a Crash
nymag · 1517 days ago
Seadrift: Vietnamese Refugees, Texans, and the KKK
kickstarter · 1517 days ago
Where Did the Phrase "Smart Alec" Come From?
mentalfloss · 1521 days ago
Belkin 3.5 mm Audio + Charge Rockstar
apple · 1523 days ago
Coign — Colophon Foundry
colophon-foundry · 1523 days ago
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