Marvin Liao
Opinion | America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals.
nytimes · 1 day ago
Patagonia Is Serving Anheuser-Busch a Cold One
outsideonline · 17 hours ago
Grave Errors Made By Men in Their 20s | LifeMathMoney
lifemathmoney · 1 day ago
How to Manufacture Luck: The Art of Good Fortune | LifeMathMoney
lifemathmoney · 1 day ago
How To Overcome The Challenges Of Managing A Remote Team
forbes · 1 day ago
What Google Has Learned About Remote Work: Six Tips
forbes · 2 days ago
Babies born using an artificial womb ‘possible in a decade’ · 2 days ago
Medium CEO Ev Williams Goes All-In on Building Subscription Business
cheddar · 2 days ago
Specific Knowledge Is Highly Creative or Technical
startupboy · 55 days ago
Learn to Sell, Learn to Build—You’ll Be Unstoppable
startupboy · 51 days ago
Read What You Love Until You Love to Read
startupboy · 50 days ago
The Ultimate Foundations Are Math and Logic
startupboy · 46 days ago
There’s No Actual Skill Called “Business”
startupboy · 45 days ago
Embrace Accountability to Get Leverage
startupboy · 29 days ago
Take on Accountability to Earn Equity
startupboy · 27 days ago
Labor and Capital Are Old Forms of Leverage
startupboy · 27 days ago
Product and Media are the Leverage Behind the Newly Rich
startupboy · 27 days ago
Product Leverage Is Egalitarian in Its Outputs
startupboy · 13 days ago
Business Models Have Their Own Leverage
startupboy · 10 days ago
Example: From Laborer to Real Estate Tech · 7 days ago
Judgment Is the Decisive Skill · 5 days ago
Set an Aspirational Hourly Rate · 4 days ago
Work As Hard As You Can · 3 days ago
Many More Students, Especially the Affluent, Get Extra Time to Take the SAT
wsj · 2 days ago
TransferWise now valued at $3.5B following a new $292M secondary round – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 2 days ago
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How San Francisco broke America’s heart
washingtonpost · 2 days ago
TransferWise is now one of Europe’s five biggest unicorns
qz · 2 days ago
The State of Makers - No code is about to take Makers by storm | Product Hunt
producthunt · 3 days ago
We Are Tenants on Our Own Devices
wired · 3 days ago
Bill Gates says to read these 5 books to change your perspective on a world in crisis
fastcompany · 4 days ago
Be smart, advertisers. Here's how to approach rising Google brand CPC - Marketing Land
searchengineland · 4 days ago
The Number One Reason Americans Choose to Travel Solo
travelandleisure · 5 days ago
Tech CEOs' Biohacks, Rated
vitals.lifehacker · 5 days ago
Forget “hygge.” The most useful Danish word is about stress
qz · 5 days ago
Coming of age: 1 in 8 new adults in Tokyo are not Japanese, ward figures show | The Japan Times · 5 days ago
5 places emerging as America’s new tech hot spots
marketwatch · 5 days ago
Single-Payer Healthcare Is The Worst Kind Of Universal Healthcare
zerohedge · 5 days ago
Walmart store managers make $175,000 a year, while other full-time workers make $14.26 an hour
marketwatch · 5 days ago
How Silicon Valley’s successes are fueled by an underclass of "ghost workers"
theverge · 6 days ago
What It's Like for Blue-Collar Guys Who Become White-Collar Later in Life - MEL Magazine
melmagazine · 6 days ago
Teamstack - Teams as a Service platform to build & hire freelance teams | Product Hunt
producthunt · 6 days ago
I.M. Pei, World-Renowned Architect, Is Dead at 102
nytimes · 7 days ago
Half of Americans are just one paycheck away from financial disaster
marketwatch · 7 days ago
'The Bay Area is broken': Why Silicon Valley startups are hiring elsewhere
phys · 7 days ago
Taco Bell Will Open a Boutique Hotel This Summer
skift · 7 days ago
Will Kyiv become a unicorn factory?
medium · 7 days ago
Meet Clora
clora · 531 days ago
British people get drunk more often than anyone else, survey finds
cnn · 7 days ago
cybercultural · 7 days ago
Why Emergence Capital Is Comparing This Retail SaaS Startup to Zoom
news.crunchbase · 8 days ago
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