Marvin “Polymath but really Just Generalist” Liao
The Killing of Australia
bitchute · 6 hours ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads Sept 26th, 2021
hardfork.substack · 1 day ago
Private Jet Attendants Tell All About Flying the Super-Rich
thedailybeast · 1 day ago
E48: The role of decentralization, China/US break down & more with Bestie Guestie Balaji Srinivasan
youtube · 2 days ago
Self Sovereignty Versus Growing Government: Why You Need Citizenship Insurance
hardfork.substack · 2 days ago
COVID is becoming the Afghanistan of pandemics | Opinion
newsweek · 4 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads Sept 12th, 2021
marvinliao.medium · 4 days ago
Resetting venture capital return expectations: is 10x the new 3x? - Version One · 5 days ago
Lessons, Not Regrets: Missing Life Changing Wealth Multiple times
hardfork.substack · 5 days ago
Opinion | The Middle-Aged Sadness Behind the Cancel Culture Panic
nytimes · 6 days ago
Blake Masters - JML #071
youtube · 6 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads Sept 5th, 2021
marvinliao.medium · 6 days ago
NFTs as financial assets, status, identity, community and fun
tanay.substack · 6 days ago
Meet a real-life Indiana Jones in Lost Cities – AsAmNews
asamnews · 7 days ago
For a Combat Cameraman, Life in Uniform Is Art | SOFREP
sofrep · 7 days ago
✦ The Forecast: The end of Chinese unicorns?
qz · 7 days ago
Launching Trento Remote: a curated batch for remote mountain living
medium · 7 days ago
Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield
youtube · 8 days ago
The secrets of Jeff Bezos' success · 8 days ago
Jim Rogers: Own Commodities, Get Rich | Gold, Silver, Oil, Uranium, Sugar, Copper, Agriculture (PT2)
youtube · 8 days ago
Jim Rogers: The ‘Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime’ Is Nearing Fast | Debt, Inflation & Crisis (PT1)
youtube · 8 days ago
Gas price rise: Food firms warn increase will hit supplies
bbc · 8 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads Sept 19th, 2021
hardfork.substack · 8 days ago
The Dangers of Hedonic Adoption to Your Personal Finances
hardfork.substack · 9 days ago
OraSure reaches a seven-month high as Raymond James points to federal contract
seekingalpha · 10 days ago
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Insight Partners, Venture Capital’s ‘Sleeping Giant,’ Wakes Up
theinformation · 10 days ago
inevitablepodcast · 10 days ago
Inevitable Podcast #15 - Cameron Sepah (Maximus)
youtube · 11 days ago
[No. 4] Track Records
ckthoms.substack · 12 days ago
The Future of Work & the inevitable Rise of Entrepreneurship
hardfork.substack · 12 days ago
Canva Raises At $40 Billion Valuation — Its Founders Are Pledging Away Most Of Their Wealth
forbes · 13 days ago
Audit: California should track homeless spending, set policy
apnews · 13 days ago
Human Terrain
fortisanalysis.substack · 14 days ago
What the former CEO of Reddit learned from Silicon Valley about planting trees
fastcompany · 14 days ago
El Salvador to Exempt Foreigner Investors from Tax on Bitcoin Price Gains
bitcoinmagazine · 14 days ago
Nomad List
nomadlist · 14 days ago
Coatue: The cub on the prowl
akashbajwa.substack · 14 days ago
The 9/11 Era is over. Good.
noahpinion.substack · 15 days ago
Biden 'seriously considering' Taiwan office name change | Taiwan News | 2021-09-11 12:43:00 · 15 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads Sept 12th, 2021
hardfork.substack · 15 days ago
Japan’s Paradise Island is Rife With Poverty
vice · 15 days ago
Group of business people meeting together
istockphoto · 16 days ago
Ukraine is the latest country to legalize bitcoin as the cryptocurrency slowly goes global
cnbc · 17 days ago
Supply Chains, Pluto, and Rare-Book Thieves: Lux Recommends #293
lux-capital.medium · 24 days ago
Make your Life an Adventure: Lessons from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
hardfork.substack · 16 days ago
People Are Spending Millions of Dollars on Loot for Games That Don't Exist
vice · 17 days ago
youtube · 18 days ago
Yields Can Remain High and Quick Market Opportunity Maths
defieducation.substack · 18 days ago
10T Raises $750 Million of Capital to Power the Growth of the Digital Asset Ecosystem
businesswire · 19 days ago
Reid Hoffman’s latest book gives us 10 ways to rethink entrepreneurship – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 19 days ago
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