Marvin Liao
After 25 years studying innovation, here is what I have learned
linkedin · 1 hour ago
Marie Kondo’s brilliant interpreter is the unsung hero of the KonMari phenomenon
qz · 1 hour ago
Adopt the Warrior's Mindset!
pathtomanliness · 1 hour ago
Jordan Peterson: 'There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work' · 5 hours ago
Hadi Partovi Was Raised in a Revolution. Today He Teaches Kids to Code.
nytimes · 6 hours ago
Decentralization Is the Solution to the Government Shutdown | Ryan McMaken
mises · 7 hours ago
Avoid Judging an Entrepreneur’s Idea
davidcummings · 7 hours ago
These self-made millionaires did one thing in school that made their fortunes (that had nothing to do with good grades)
marketwatch · 8 hours ago
20 Ways To Reclaim Your Manhood
pathtomanliness · 8 hours ago
Finding Purpose in The Decline of Western Civilization
pathtomanliness · 9 hours ago
Strong and Weak Technologies – cdixon blog
cdixon · 10 days ago
Why Iceland's Tourism Boom May Finally Be Over
skift · 10 hours ago
the sex & cash theory - Gapingvoid
gapingvoid · 10 hours ago
Driverless Cars Tap the Brakes After Years of Hype
wsj · 11 hours ago
The Role of Luck in Life Success Is Far Greater Than We Realized
blogs.scientificamerican · 320 days ago
Woman swims with one of the biggest great white sharks ever recorded
marketwatch · 1 day ago
An Early Facebook Investor Is Creating A Scouting Network For Brilliant Engineers
forbes · 1 day ago
I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening.
time · 2 days ago
Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Are Predicted to Arrive Early Again This Year
afar · 1 day ago
How to Fight the Afternoon Slump
outsideonline · 1 day ago
Why the second season of Punisher feels like such a drag
vox · 1 day ago
The Two Fyre Festival Docs Show Very Different Sides of Poisonous Influencer Culture
esquire · 1 day ago
The Naval Power Shift in the Black Sea
warontherocks · 1 day ago
Two Portfolio Tips for First Time Seed Funds
hunterwalk · 2 days ago
The No. 1 job billionaires and multimillionaires held before they got filthy rich
marketwatch · 2 days ago
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The Gates Foundation has given nearly $10 billion to these four organizations
qz · 2 days ago
The Best New Restaurants in Mexico City Right Now
afar · 2 days ago
A tale of two managers: why top leaders practice the ‘middle way’
jotform · 2 days ago
Keanu Reeves Has a Samurai Sword in the 'John Wick: Chapter 3' Trailer
gq · 2 days ago
Deep Blue, 21ft great white shark, spotted off Hawaii · 2 days ago
Cleaning New York's filthy harbor with one billion oysters
cnn · 2 days ago
The case against personal founder guarantees – Point Nine Land – Medium
medium · 2 days ago
All the startups the PayPal Mafia have invested in since 1995
qz · 3 days ago
The Best Books I Read in 2018 – The Mission – Medium
medium · 3 days ago
Stride.VC — one year in. – Fred Destin – Medium
medium · 3 days ago
We weren’t mad at coffee. Just disappointed. – MUD\WTR – Medium
medium · 4 days ago
No, Evolution Did Not Make Us Into Selfish Capitalists
medium · 5 days ago
A search for Mozambique’s secret $2 billion debt shows how global banking system aids corruption
qz · 5 days ago
Billions Season 4 (2019) Official Trailer | Damian Lewis & Paul Giamatti SHOWTIME Series
youtube · 5 days ago
An air fryer makes eating vegetables easier and more delicious
qz · 6 days ago
Hacked Printers. Fake Emails. Questionable Friends. Fahmi Quadir Was Up 24% Last Year, But It Came at a Price.
institutionalinvestor · 6 days ago
12 Things about Product-Market Fit – Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 698 days ago
Why Being Lazy Is Actually Good For You
time · 6 days ago
Want to transform your life? Stop chasing perfection
theguardian · 7 days ago
The Life-Changing Magic of Having Way Too Much Stuff
gq · 7 days ago
Interesting Markets: 2019 Edition
blog.eladgil · 11 days ago
Is Western Civilization a Thing? - Quillette
quillette · 7 days ago
More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost
nytimes · 8 days ago
How open source software took over the world
techcrunch · 7 days ago
5 facts about crime in the U.S.
pewresearch · 7 days ago
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