Marvin Liao
No, Evolution Did Not Make Us Into Selfish Capitalists
medium · 7 days ago
A search for Mozambique’s secret $2 billion debt shows how global banking system aids corruption
qz · 7 days ago
Billions Season 4 (2019) Official Trailer | Damian Lewis & Paul Giamatti SHOWTIME Series
youtube · 7 days ago
An air fryer makes eating vegetables easier and more delicious
qz · 8 days ago
Hacked Printers. Fake Emails. Questionable Friends. Fahmi Quadir Was Up 24% Last Year, But It Came at a Price.
institutionalinvestor · 8 days ago
12 Things about Product-Market Fit – Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 700 days ago
Why Being Lazy Is Actually Good For You
time · 9 days ago
Want to transform your life? Stop chasing perfection
theguardian · 9 days ago
The Life-Changing Magic of Having Way Too Much Stuff
gq · 9 days ago
Interesting Markets: 2019 Edition
blog.eladgil · 13 days ago
Is Western Civilization a Thing? - Quillette
quillette · 9 days ago
More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost
nytimes · 10 days ago
How open source software took over the world
techcrunch · 9 days ago
5 facts about crime in the U.S.
pewresearch · 9 days ago
More success by doing less: The art of delegation – The Startup – Medium
jotform · 9 days ago
Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.
techcrunch · 10 days ago
Thread by @stevesi: "1/ If you’re company already has a successful product that is maturing and you offer a new product as part of a bundle or upsell, there’s a […]"
threadreaderapp · 10 days ago
Amazon Is Becoming More Powerful Than You Realize – 2069 – Medium
medium · 10 days ago
Featured Individuals & Topics
25iq · 10 days ago
Drones are the Latest Tech Powering Canada's Mining Industry
techvibes · 10 days ago
European Cigarettes Are Healthy, or Something - This Is Trouble
thisistrouble · 11 days ago
Why learning more isn’t always better – The Startup – Medium
jotform · 11 days ago
A Millenial's Refresher Course On Dune, The '80s Sci-Fi Reboot Everyone's Talking About · 11 days ago
When free societies copy Russian media tactics, there’s only one winner | James Ball
theguardian · 11 days ago
Why Rest Is the Secret to Entrepreneurial Success
entrepreneur · 11 days ago
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Sales isn’t about closing anymore — What the next generation looks like
insights.nextworldcap · 12 days ago
The inside story of the Coinbase crypto OG and Wall Street guard power struggle - The Block
theblockcrypto · 12 days ago
richardkoch · 12 days ago
A top investor at Barry Silbert's bitcoin investment firm shares his top crypto trends for 2019
businessinsider · 12 days ago
Greenspring Pulls in $999 Million for Global Venture Fund of Funds
wsj · 13 days ago
Cynicism kills progress · 14 days ago
What History Teaches Us About Walls
nytimes · 14 days ago
Never mind killer robots—here are six real AI dangers to watch out for in 2019
technologyreview · 14 days ago
10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Internationalize
independentspeculator · 14 days ago
I'm Behance Founder Scott Belsky, and This Is How I Work
lifehacker · 14 days ago
Capital Efficient Vs. Equity Efficient – Ali Hamed – Medium
medium · 14 days ago
Fiji Water Girl helps earn company over $12 million in ad impressions at the Golden Globes · 14 days ago
'Polar' Gives Mads Mikkelsen, Danish Frost Lord, the 'John Wick' Movie He Deserves
gq · 14 days ago
Vermont is now taking applications from remote workers who want $5,000 to move there
qz · 14 days ago
Pierogi: a Polish comfort food
1843magazine · 14 days ago
Crypto Theses for 2019 – Arjun Balaji – Medium
medium · 20 days ago
ML in 2019: some quick predictions – Point Nine Land – Medium
medium · 14 days ago
Spending LOTS and LOTS of time alone is a key ingredient for massive success
summation · 14 days ago
David Beckham on Retirement and Protecting Son Brooklyn: "He's Going to Make His Mistakes"
gq · 15 days ago
Is It Time to Rethink Freemium?
appcues · 175 days ago
The Foolproof Guide to Staying in Shape While Traveling
nomadicmatt · 15 days ago
Fuck The “Million Dollar Mindset” – The Startup – Medium
medium · 15 days ago
John Battelle's Search Blog Predictions 2019: Stay Stoney, My Friends.
battellemedia · 19 days ago
Warby Parker's David Gilboa: 'Every retailer is facing increasing consumer expectations' - Digiday
digiday · 15 days ago
Salesforce's Marc Benioff unplugged for 2 weeks, and had a revelation that could change his industry
cnbc · 15 days ago
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