Marvin Liao
The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past
theatlantic · 20 days ago
v3 – Strong Words – Medium
medium · 20 days ago
Lacoste adopts temporary logo to help endangered species
cnn · 21 days ago
Gianluca Vacchi – the silver influencer who dances in his pants for a living · 21 days ago
TSA PreCheck Versus Global Entry: Which Is Best for You?
afar · 21 days ago
revgearsports · 21 days ago
What I learned reading 100 books this year – Nathaniel Dean – Medium
medium · 21 days ago
State of Remote Work 2018 Report: What It’s Like to be a Remote Worker in 2018 - Open
open.buffer · 36 days ago
2017 Annual Survey Finds Workers Are More Productive at Home, And More
flexjobs · 36 days ago
How Exercise Affects Your Brain
scientificamerican · 22 days ago
5 Lessons Books Taught Me in 2018
fromthegreennotebook · 22 days ago
Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Steve Cohen Just Predicted the Start Date of the Next Bear Market
fortune · 22 days ago
Home - José Rosado · 22 days ago
Currencies that can’t be minted – The Startup – Medium
medium · 22 days ago
Liam Wong - Art Director & Photographer
liamwong · 22 days ago
Value Of A Start Up Idea
dilbert · 22 days ago
Ian Bremmer: Why the American dream doesn't exist anymore
businessinsider · 22 days ago
No. 290: On DtC brand defensibility
2pml · 22 days ago
Beth Redbird on Licensing - EconTalk · 22 days ago
I Asked Skin Care Apps to Fix My Face – The New New – Medium
medium · 23 days ago
From governments to refugees, food is now diplomacy
qz · 23 days ago
Here’s What Sleeping Less Than 7 Hours Per Night Does to Your Body and Brain
businessinsider · 23 days ago
This is how much you need to get paid to crack the 1% in each state
marketwatch · 23 days ago
Beyond the Tesla bubble: The future of electric cars is being scripted in China
qz · 23 days ago
Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse – Eudaimonia and Co · 361 days ago
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Amazon Best Sellers: Best Business & Money
amazon · 23 days ago
Horns of a Dilemma: Russia and the Great Power Competition - War on the Rocks
warontherocks · 23 days ago
30 minutes 1-on-1 Web Design Business Consultation with José Rosado - José Rosado · 23 days ago
Top Investor Reveals European Tech Takeaways And Predictions 2018-2019
forbes · 23 days ago
Jason M. Lemkin's answer to What is a good month over month (MoM) growth rate for a SaaS company? - Quora
quora · 23 days ago
Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley
technologyreview · 34 days ago
Book sales are up this year over last year, and physical books are thriving
qz · 24 days ago
Thread by @TuurDemeester: "1/ People often ask me why I’m so “against” Ethereum. Why do I go out of my way to point out flaws or make analogies that put it in a bad li […]"
threadreaderapp · 24 days ago
As a Seed Investor, Do I Want Softbank to Invest In My Best Companies Or Not?
hunterwalk · 69 days ago
Exclusive: Records reveal lucrative business of U.S. Army landlord
reuters · 24 days ago
Why rumination is ruining your health (and how to stop it)
jotform · 24 days ago
Quanta’s Year in Biology (2018) | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 24 days ago
I Tried 10 Extreme Creativity Hacks – Member Feature Stories – Medium
medium · 24 days ago
Climate change is tricking tropical turtles into stranding themselves in winter
qz · 24 days ago
Germany Makes Strides to Become 'Europe's Silicon Valley' for Travel Startups
skift · 24 days ago
Startup Management » Unstoppable P2P Networks: A Key Blockchain Promise We Must Keep
startupmanagement · 24 days ago
Priscilla Chan tells her story in her own words
qz · 24 days ago
Some Frustrations with Advance Rates – Ali Hamed – Medium
medium · 24 days ago
As smartphones and internet connections rise in Africa, so does entertainment streaming
qz · 25 days ago
A Simple Way to Map Out Your Career Ambitions
hbr · 25 days ago
Russia is ready to deploy hypersonic weapons the US can’t defend against
qz · 25 days ago
Trillion Dollar Coach - Eric Schmidt - Hardcover
harpercollins · 25 days ago
If San Francisco Is So Great, Why Is Everyone I Love Leaving?
medium · 25 days ago
A battle royale between vegan burger brands is about to unleash in supermarkets
qz · 25 days ago
The modest lifestyle of one of the world's wealthiest actors
qz · 26 days ago
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