Matt Ocko
It's time to begin a national wastewater testing program for Covid-19
statnews · 444 days ago
Scientists discover protective Alzheimer's gene and develop rapid drug-testing platform
medicalxpress · 444 days ago
Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms
theguardian · 446 days ago
Increase in delirium, rare brain inflammation and stroke linked to COVID-19
medicalxpress · 447 days ago
Room-temperature optomechanical squeezing
nature · 447 days ago
Experiments confirm light-squeezing 2-D exciton-polaritons can exist
phys · 447 days ago
Astronomers have found the source of life in the universe
inverse · 447 days ago
Bus driver left brain dead after 'mask attack'
bbc · 448 days ago
Scotland’s Watershed Is So Wild That Only 6 People Have Managed To...
brilliantmaps · 449 days ago
Air conditioning may be factor in COVID-19 spread in the South · 454 days ago
YouTube bans Stefan Molyneux, David Duke, Richard Spencer, and more for hate speech
theverge · 455 days ago
An experiment suggested by a Ph.D. student may rewrite chemistry textbooks > News > USC Dornsife · 457 days ago
California passes landmark mandate for zero emission trucks
reuters · 457 days ago
Coronavirus expert Peter Hotez: 'We have to intervene now.'
houstonchronicle · 458 days ago
Bronze Age Boat
atlasobscura · 458 days ago
EXCLUSIVE: Feds About To Bail On Supporting COVID Testing Sites In Texas And Other States
talkingpointsmemo · 461 days ago
Mini organs reveal how the coronavirus ravages the body
nature · 461 days ago
Ultimate physical limits to computation
nature · 462 days ago
‘Zombie Gene’ Could Be Why so Few Elephants Die of Cancer
popsci · 465 days ago
Plastic Rain Is the New Acid Rain
wired · 471 days ago
Bacteria Found in Nuclear Reactors Could Be the Secret to Faster, Cheaper Vaccines
gizmodo · 466 days ago
The American Soviet Mentality
tabletmag · 466 days ago
Low-Background Metal
xkcd · 467 days ago
New Zealand Is No Longer Coronavirus-Free
time · 468 days ago
New Study Reveals COVID-19 Causes Serious Neurological Symptoms Shockingly Often
businessinsider · 469 days ago
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When Silicon Valley Goes Dark This Time, There Will Be No Refuge · 470 days ago
Beijing Cancels Plans To Reopen Movie Theaters, Nixes Sports Events After New COVID-19 Cases Emerge
deadline · 471 days ago
A Guy Named Craig May Soon Have Control Over a Large Swath of Utah
newyorker · 471 days ago
Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots
technologyreview · 471 days ago
Scientists detect unexpected widespread structures near Earth's core
phys · 471 days ago
The hidden cost of the electric car boom – child labour
weforum · 472 days ago
New discovery of giant bipedal crocodile footprints in the cretaceous of Korea
eurekalert · 472 days ago
Researchers discover skyrmions can split like biological cells
phys · 473 days ago
Surprising features of mitochondrial protein synthesis uncovered
phys · 473 days ago
Mubadala's 2019 income surges more than four-fold as assets grow · 473 days ago
Since You Asked: Here are the Ways to Get Involved with HBCUvc and to Advance Racial Equity in VC… · 473 days ago
Remembering the Groundbreaking Life of the First Black Astronaut
atlasobscura · 474 days ago
What a White-Supremacist Coup Looks Like
newyorker · 475 days ago
After 6 Months, Important Mysteries About Coronavirus Endure
nytimes · 477 days ago
Opinion | The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It.
nytimes · 477 days ago
Goldfein: ‘Every American should be outraged’ at police conduct in death of George Floyd
airforcetimes · 479 days ago
Making matter out of light: high-power laser simulations point the way
phys · 482 days ago
New study shows how ketamine combats depression
medicalxpress · 482 days ago
What’s the risk that animals will spread the coronavirus?
nature · 483 days ago
The Unexpected Reason Why The Smallest Black Holes Bend Space The Most
medium · 484 days ago
This New ‘Ion Drive’ Airplane Flew Straight out of Science Fiction
popsci · 485 days ago
Matt Ocko posted on LinkedIn
linkedin · 487 days ago
Short-term tests validate long-term estimates of climate change
nature · 488 days ago
The British Jews who fought postwar fascism on London's streets
theguardian · 488 days ago
Scientists create jet engine powered by only electricity
futurism · 489 days ago
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