M.G. Siegler
Nicholas Evans, Author of ‘The Horse Whisperer,’ Dies at 72
nytimes · 411 days ago
Covid vaccine designed to target two variants approved for use in UK
theguardian · 412 days ago
Saudi Aramco’s Profit Jumps 90 Percent on High Oil Prices
nytimes · 414 days ago
Promotions & Giveaways | San Francisco Giants
mlb · 594 days ago
Why Steve Jobs Chose This Designer’s Turtlenecks
nytimes · 415 days ago
Stunning Image of Supernova Remnant Processed by New Australian Supercomputer
sciencealert · 418 days ago
Instagram Doth Pivot Too Much
500ish · 420 days ago
French Scientist's Photo of ‘Distant Star’ Was Actually Chorizo
vice · 422 days ago
COVID-19 and the End of Plans
jimmaiella.medium · 422 days ago
Bookshop: Buy books online. Support local bookstores.
bookshop · 1199 days ago
The MacBook Airtight
500ish · 430 days ago
Stripe App Marketplace
marketplace.stripe · 496 days ago
Chess robot grabs and breaks finger of seven-year-old opponent
theguardian · 434 days ago
Netflix’s Purge Problem
500ish · 437 days ago
Anyone can take new public Instagram photos and turn them into a Reel
theverge · 437 days ago
Obi-Wan Mostly Lost
500ish · 439 days ago
M.G. × DALL·E | Big Ben melting like a candle digital art
labs.openai · 441 days ago
You’re not hearing things — yes, the Twitter app chirps now
theverge · 443 days ago
New Belgium Brewing Trolls Napa Residents With Highly Implausible Beer-Themed Amusement Park Proposal
sfist · 445 days ago
us.nothing.tech · 447 days ago
Liz Cheney’s Latest Fans: Democratic Donors
nytimes · 449 days ago
How Hemingway Gradually—Then Suddenly—Defined the Zeitgeist
wired · 450 days ago
Elon Musk notifies Twitter he is terminating deal
cnbc · 450 days ago
I’m Out of the Office. Really.
wsj · 456 days ago
Coalition: A new fund meets new economic model – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 460 days ago
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Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Reclassify Women As Service Animals
theonion · 464 days ago
New Siri Remote for Apple TV Seemingly Referenced in iOS 16 Beta
macrumors · 466 days ago
The Crypto Party Is Over
wsj · 469 days ago
The Coin That Could Wreck Crypto
nytimes · 471 days ago
Apple, Major League Soccer Strike 10-Year Streaming Deal for All MLS Games
wsj · 474 days ago
An iPad Weather App. Finally.
500ish · 475 days ago
Meta will pivot the Portal away from consumers
protocol · 480 days ago
Security Fixes Won't Require Full iOS Update in iOS 16, Will Be Installed Automatically
macrumors · 482 days ago
Weather Or Not
mgs.blog · 482 days ago
WWDC 2022 keynote live blog
theverge · 483 days ago
Apple Plans to Make the iPad More Like a Laptop and Less Like a Phone
bloomberg · 486 days ago
NRA-ILA | President Donald J. Trump to Address NRA Members at the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Houston, Texas
nraila · 495 days ago
Concerned NRA Official Rushes Out To Purchase Congressman Following Mass Shooting
theonion · 495 days ago
Niantic moves beyond games with AR platform and Campfire social network
theverge · 496 days ago
Hungover Man Horrified To Learn He Made Dozens Of Plans Last Night
theonion · 504 days ago
500ish · 506 days ago
Stripe Sessions
sessions.stripe · 838 days ago
Italy seizes a superyacht tied to Putin.
nytimes · 513 days ago
Inside Elon Musk’s Big Plans for Twitter
nytimes · 513 days ago
Fed Meeting Latest News: Powell Raises Interest Rates a Half Percentage Point
wsj · 516 days ago
Twitter Molts
500ish · 524 days ago
Elon Musk to Acquire Twitter
prnewswire · 524 days ago
The Right White Knight
500ish · 527 days ago
The Great Okay
500ish · 527 days ago
stripe · 528 days ago
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