Michael Sayman
Trump is diverting another $7.2 billion in military funds to build his border wall
vox · 1110 days ago
Opinion | Sanders is right: Biden is vulnerable to Trump on Social Security
washingtonpost · 1110 days ago
Bernie Sanders doubles his lead over Donald Trump in hypothetical general election poll
newsweek · 1110 days ago
Bernie Sanders Encourages Cardi B to Enter Politics, 'It Would Be Great'
tmz · 1111 days ago
Bernie Sanders leading in close California presidential primary, new poll finds
mercurynews · 1111 days ago
Super Nintendo World reveals wrist bands, smartphone app, and more - Nintendo Everything
nintendoeverything · 1111 days ago
The coming clash between Bernie and Biden
politico · 1111 days ago
Elizabeth Warren Is Starting a Fake Beef with Bernie Sanders
teenvogue · 1111 days ago
Sunrise Endorsement Adds To Sanders' Momentum In Iowa | Iowa Starting Line
iowastartingline · 1111 days ago
Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win, sources say
cnn · 1112 days ago
Bernie Sanders Says He’d Consider Releasing List of Supreme Court Picks
nytimes · 1112 days ago
Cardi B: 'I think I want to be a politician'
thehill · 1112 days ago
These Kids Are Begging Adults to Care About Climate Change
facebook · 1112 days ago
Events Map | Bernie Sanders
map.berniesanders · 1112 days ago
Sanders campaign assails Biden over Iraq war vote
politico · 1113 days ago
Amy Klobuchar Keeps Voting for Trump’s β€˜Horrific’ Judges
thedailybeast · 1113 days ago
Many millennials are worse off than their parents -- a first in American history
cnn · 1113 days ago
Instagram says it's removing posts supporting Soleimani to comply with US sanctions
cnn · 1114 days ago
Travel to an Early State for Bernie!
act.berniesanders · 1114 days ago
Trump backs out of Sanders debate
bbc · 1114 days ago
Donald Trump Is Starting To Fixate On Bernie Sanders
buzzfeednews · 1114 days ago
Marianne Williamson Drops Out Of Presidential Race
huffpost · 1115 days ago
Dow breaches 29,000 for the first time as investors shake off weak December jobs report
cnbc · 1115 days ago
Biden’s senior Latina adviser quits in frustration
politico · 1115 days ago
Joe Biden warned about 'welfare mothers driving luxury cars' in a 1988 column
businessinsider · 1115 days ago
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Puerto Ricans still without power after earthquake
bbc.co.uk · 1115 days ago
Michael Sayman
facebook · 1115 days ago
Wow. I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders
medium · 1115 days ago
Analysis | The 1% are much more satisfied with their lives than everyone else, survey finds
washingtonpost · 1115 days ago
Jan 2020 Presidential Primary Tracking Poll Toplines and Crosstabs.xlsx
dropbox · 1115 days ago
Michael Sayman
facebook · 1116 days ago
Bernie emerges as growing threat to Biden
politico · 1116 days ago
Bernie Sanders is America's best hope for a sane foreign policy
theweek · 1117 days ago
Joe Biden’s Role in Creating the Student Debt Crisis Stretches Back to the 1970s
theintercept · 1117 days ago
Sanders’ Proposals are the Largest Middle Class Tax-Cuts in US History
medium · 1118 days ago
Mystery Candidate surges to first in new Iowa poll
cnmnews · 1119 days ago
Fact check: Biden again dishonestly suggests he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning
cnn · 1119 days ago
Campaign Bus from Chicago, IL to Canvass in Davenport, IA! Β· Bernie Sanders for Iowa
mobilize.us · 1119 days ago
Catalan separatists give green light to new Socialist government in Spain
elpais · 1119 days ago
Iran 'offers $80million bounty for Donald Trump's head' after death of general
mirror.co.uk · 1119 days ago
It’s Election Year, and Bernie’s Doing Great
slate · 1121 days ago
Trump’s Strike Has Drawn A Sharp Line Between The Democrats Running For President
buzzfeednews · 1122 days ago
Bernie Addresses Trump's Escalation in the Middle East at Anamosa Town Hall
youtube · 1122 days ago
Poll: Biden remains ahead of Sanders by 10 points
thehill · 1123 days ago
How and when to vote for Bernie Sanders (by state)
voteforbernie · 1125 days ago
Medicare For All Savings Calculator
rvby1.gitlab.io · 1125 days ago
Biden Rebounds, Warren Slows, Sanders Rolls: The Latest on the 2020 Money Race
nytimes · 1126 days ago
Where Are Your Favorite Famous Animals From The Decade Now?
huffpost · 1126 days ago
Democratic leadership should be afraid of McKayla Wilkes
theweek · 1127 days ago
Meet the average American millennial, who has an $8,000 net worth, is delaying life milestones because of student-loan debt, and still relies on parents for money
businessinsider · 1127 days ago
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