Erika Hall
William B. Davis: The X-Files’ Cigarette Smoking Man, Champion Water Skier
themarysue · 96 days ago
Programmers say Uber Eats is systematically underpaying their workers
salon · 97 days ago
Quarantine Book Club goes to Milk Barn Farm
eventbrite · 98 days ago
Razmo | Cameo
cameo · 98 days ago
How the US Stole Hawaii
youtube · 100 days ago
More Than Mere Stripes and Crosses: The Hawaiian Flag at 200 Years - Ke Ola Magazine
keolamagazine · 100 days ago
Rolling Blackouts Coming to Bay Area - SF Weekly
sfweekly · 101 days ago
The Legend of A-N-N-A: Revisiting an American Town Where Black People Weren’t Welcome After Dark
features.propublica · 102 days ago
Hero worship Taxidermy RATS. Free shipping adult theme and | Etsy
etsy · 103 days ago
Welcome Squid Overlords by Mule Design
cottonbureau · 106 days ago
betsystreeter · 107 days ago
As Demolition Transforms LACMA, a Look Back at Its Glory Days
lamag · 108 days ago
North Paulding High to go online for 2 days after COVID cases
ajc · 108 days ago
This tiny SoCal island, full of carnage and shrieking, should be your next day trip
latimes · 109 days ago
Design for Cognitive Bias Launch Party!
eventbrite · 111 days ago
Eurovision signs deal to create US version of song contest
theguardian · 111 days ago
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg joins centibillionaire club
theguardian · 111 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Lisa Maria Marquis
eventbrite · 113 days ago
Amazing Women Developers by Todd Libby
cottonbureau · 507 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Marieke Hardy
eventbrite · 113 days ago
Alexa Ruxpin - Raspberry Pi & Alexa Powered Teddy Bear
youtube · 113 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Stephen Graham Jones
eventbrite · 114 days ago
Grief And Guilt Spawn Horrors In 'The Only Good Indians'
npr · 114 days ago
Greater Roadrunner
audubon · 114 days ago
America needs a bar and restaurant bailout
vox · 114 days ago
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Quarantine Book Club with Jennifer Mercieca
eventbrite · 115 days ago
As cruising resumes in some parts of world, multiple cruise ships affected by new COVID-19 cases
usatoday · 115 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Erika Hall
eventbrite · 116 days ago
Face Masks Against COVID-19: An Evidence Review
preprints · 198 days ago
Support These Black-Owned Coffee Companies [Updating]
sprudge · 118 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Pat Blashill
eventbrite · 119 days ago
The Tiny MBA Book - Alex Hillman
stackingthebricks · 120 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Alex Hillman
eventbrite · 120 days ago
'The Color Of Law' Details How U.S. Housing Policies Created Segregation
npr · 120 days ago
Intense bone fluorescence reveals hidden patterns in pumpkin toadlets
nature · 120 days ago
Meet Australia's desert-dwelling frogs - Australian Geographic · 120 days ago
Meet The Black Rain Frogs That Look Like Grumpy Avocados And Sound Like Squeaky Toys
apsari · 120 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Erika Wurth
eventbrite · 121 days ago
Stock Photos for Vaccines Are Notoriously Bad So We Created Our Own
self · 121 days ago
15 Sci-fi Spaceships Ranked by Scientific Viability · 122 days ago
What's In A 'Karen'? : Code Switch
npr · 122 days ago
Albert Einstein Told Marie Curie To Ignore The Haters
iflscience · 123 days ago
Covid-19: Reports of New Surges from Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and UCSF
youtube · 126 days ago
'I don’t believe it': Huntington Beach a symbol of mask resistance as doubters abound
latimes · 127 days ago
Intersectionality: A Special Report on "Karen"
intersectionality.substack · 126 days ago
Quarantine Book Club — Vali Chandrasekaran & Jun-Pierre Shiozawa
eventbrite · 126 days ago
Quarantine Book Club — David Dylan Thomas
eventbrite · 127 days ago
Sierra Club calls out the racism of John Muir
latimes · 127 days ago
NYC subway zoetrope
youtube · 127 days ago
Genius Animals?
geniusanimals · 128 days ago
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