Erika Hall
EPA Finds Rolling Coal Is Making Pollution Worse in America
thedrive · 123 days ago
SFPD seek help identifying driver who hit pedestrian and fled
sfgate · 123 days ago
Ending the uncivil war · 123 days ago
When an Eel Climbs a Ramp to Eat Squid From a Clamp, That’s a Moray
nytimes · 123 days ago
California to pay off all past due rent accrued during COVID, giving renters clean slate
newsweek · 124 days ago
Zombies and Ghosts
placesjournal · 127 days ago
The History of San Francisco Place Names
sfstreets.noahveltman · 1308 days ago
‘We’re Going to Publish’: An Oral History of the Pentagon Papers
nytimes · 132 days ago
What is to be done about the enclosures of the academic publishing oligopoly?*
academic.oup · 135 days ago
Voice Content and Usability by Preston So
abookapart · 136 days ago
Cute Socialist Rainbow Camping Mug | Etsy
etsy · 136 days ago
The Golden Gate Bridge's first draft: 1922 design was an industrial mess
sfchronicle · 138 days ago
An Italian Artist Auctioned Off an ‘Invisible Sculpture’ for $18,300. It’s Made Literally of Nothing | Artnet News
news.artnet · 140 days ago
Why You Need “White Space” in Your Daily Routine
jkglei · 140 days ago
ProPublica Seeks New Applicants for Its Local Reporting Network
propublica · 142 days ago
Episode 1232 - Danny Elfman — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast
wtfpod · 142 days ago
Dense Discovery
densediscovery · 1134 days ago
America Has a Drinking Problem
theatlantic · 143 days ago
The Fast and the Furious: Electric Bikers and Cyclists Compete for Trail Space
wsj · 143 days ago
We’re Going To Enjoy This Cocaine-Fueled Mason Jar Rocket Ride For As Long As It Lasts
theonion · 146 days ago
Get on your e-bike: scheme may let people try them out in England
theguardian · 146 days ago
HmntyCntrd | Challenging the Status Quo in UX
hmntycntrd · 148 days ago
Bosses are acting like the pandemic never happened
vox · 148 days ago
Tannerite® Gender Reveal Target » Tannerite®
tannerite · 149 days ago
Even a Dystopia Would Wince at Amazon’s ‘ZenBooth’
nymag · 149 days ago
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Safe Routes Info
saferoutesinfo · 149 days ago
How urban planners' preference for male trees has made your hay fever worse
theguardian · 149 days ago
Kevin Clark, ‘School of Rock’ Kid Actor, Dies in Bicycle Accident at 32
hollywoodreporter · 150 days ago
Howard University renames College of Fine Arts after alum, actor Chadwick Boseman
washingtonpost · 150 days ago
Former employees of famed GOP pollster Frank Luntz say his work is a "scam"
salon · 153 days ago
Season 2 Episode 2 - Elinor Ostrom
open.spotify · 156 days ago
AUTHORS ON THE STREET: a live, in-person outdoor reading!
eventbrite · 157 days ago
Nikole Hannah-Jones Denied Tenure at University of North Carolina
nytimes · 157 days ago
The Grove's newest restaurant is a $1,000 trolley ride with sushi and wine. Yes, really
latimes · 158 days ago
Mountain lion spotted in S.F.'s Bernal Heights
sfchronicle · 158 days ago
List of lap pools in San Francisco - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 160 days ago
Episode 69: Let's Obsess Over the Politics of Dune! — our opinions are correct
ouropinionsarecorrect · 162 days ago
r/IAmA - I am Antonio Garcia Martinez, a tech entrepreneur who lied to my investors. AMA.
reddit · 163 days ago
Go ahead, dream about the future
ted · 164 days ago
Making Jokes During a Presentation Helps Men But Hurts Women
hbr · 927 days ago
Release 130 - YES PLZ · 165 days ago
Better Onboarding by Krystal Higgins
abookapart · 165 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Charlie Jane Anders
eventbrite · 165 days ago
Manhattan Beach land seized from Black family may be returned to descendants nearly a century later
abc7 · 165 days ago
Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death (Wondermark Vol. 2)
store.wondermark · 166 days ago
newscientist · 166 days ago
The Roast in the Fridge
medium · 167 days ago
The Anti-consumption Weirdos of 'Nomadland'
theatlantic · 168 days ago
Has the Golden State lost its luster? California population shrinks for the first time ever
latimes · 168 days ago
Gas Leaks Are Designed To Attract Turkey Vultures
popsci · 170 days ago
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