Population Pyramids of the World from 1950 to 2100
populationpyramid · 964 days ago
Groups Search for Consensus, Individuals Search for Truth · 965 days ago
ImmuneCorps - An army of the young and the low-risk helping people in need | Product Hunt
producthunt · 971 days ago
What Hong Kong has done right
medium · 971 days ago
Как стать богатым (даже без везения) — тезисы Наваля Равиканта | One Philosopher
onephilosopher · 974 days ago
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur aCovid-19 had us all fooled, but now we -
pastebin · 975 days ago
A choir decided to go ahead with rehearsal. Now dozens of members have COVID-19 and two are dead
latimes · 978 days ago
The Path to Peace Is Truth · 979 days ago
COVID-19 visualizer by US county · 979 days ago
medium · 982 days ago
The Closer You Are to the Truth, the More Silent You Become Inside · 981 days ago
MIT Will Post Free Plans Online for an Emergency Ventilator That Can Be Built for $100
scitechdaily · 982 days ago
Corporate Socialism: The Government is Bailing Out Investors & Managers Not You
medium · 985 days ago
Opinion | Fourteen Days. That’s the Most Time We Have to Defeat Coronavirus.
nytimes · 988 days ago
Happiness Is Peace in Motion · 987 days ago
The 2 coronavirus metrics you should care about
pandemic.substack · 987 days ago
Modeling the Effectiveness of Respiratory Protective Devices in Reducing Influenza Outbreak - PubMed · 987 days ago
Covid-19: Measuring the Urgency to Act
medium · 989 days ago
'Trump is right about the coronavirus. The WHO is wrong,' says Israeli expert
haaretz · 990 days ago
Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance
medium · 991 days ago
We need an immediate five-week national lockdown to defeat coronavirus in America
usatoday · 990 days ago
Coronavirus: Why it’s so deadly in Italy
medium · 997 days ago
Finding Peace from Mind · 1000 days ago
Episode 840 Scott Adams: Conversation With Naval Ravikant About Coronavirus
youtube · 1006 days ago
Breaking Addiction Is Socially Unacceptable · 1007 days ago
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The Modern Struggle Is Fighting Weaponized Addiction · 1009 days ago
How to Get Rich: Every Episode + Extras
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Work the Least for It · 1019 days ago
If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? · 1022 days ago
Desire Is a Contract You Make to Be Unhappy · 1026 days ago
Commentary: Looks like containment of novel coronavirus not as effective as we had hoped
channelnewsasia · 1027 days ago
Happiness Is a Skill You Can Develop · 1033 days ago
Happiness Is Not Science or Math · 1034 days ago
Introducing Rolling Venture Funds · 1035 days ago
Happiness Without Material Comfort Is Playing on Hard Mode · 1035 days ago
Live Long Enough and You’ll Become a Philosopher · 1041 days ago
We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously | The Spectator · 1080 days ago
The Naval Podcast | How to Get Rich: Every Episode (Lessons in Life, Entrepreneurship, and Building Wealth from Naval Ravikant) - Podcast Notes
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North Korea says it’s up to US to choose ‘Christmas gift’
abcnews.go · 1095 days ago
Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta on Hard Work
almanack.substack · 1099 days ago
how naval reads a book
innermonolog.substack · 1104 days ago
AngelList No Longer Charges Carry on Your Own LPs · 1119 days ago
Be Non-Consensus Right - Spearhead · 1124 days ago
Newsletter · 1395 days ago
3 Heuristics for Decision Making — Naval Ravikant
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Q&A With AngelList Co-founder Naval Ravikant · 1130 days ago
Y Combinator, Not Lambda School, Is Unbundling Education
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Spearhead Opens Applications for $1M Angel Funds - Spearhead · 1148 days ago
The cosmic war between monotony and creativity
ted · 1149 days ago
We're in a permanent coup
taibbi.substack · 1150 days ago
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