Navin Iyengar
Russia, This Time the Victim of a Cyberattack, Voices Outrage
nytimes · 2138 days ago
The need for urgent collective action to keep people safe online: Lessons from last week’s cyberattack - Microsoft on the Issues · 2139 days ago
Popular Pirate Streaming Site Shuts Down, Urges Users To Go Use Netflix Instead
consumerist · 2144 days ago
Candid, Comedic and Macabre YouTube Stars Feel an Advertising Pinch
nytimes · 2145 days ago
Kevin Durant tells Jazz mascot to 'get the f**k off the court'
sbnation · 2146 days ago
SF built homes for new residents twice as fast as rest of state in 2016
sf.curbed · 2148 days ago
It looks like Amazon’s Video app is finally coming to Apple TV this summer
recode · 2148 days ago
Why You Really Need to Stop Using Public Wi-Fi
hbr · 2150 days ago
Sexism, racism and bullying are driving people out of tech, US study finds
theguardian · 2153 days ago
Secret Service: No guns at Trump NRA speech
thehill · 2154 days ago
Dear White People | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 2155 days ago
Video: Man on Crowded Subway Shares Inspiring 'Luke Cage' Brag
complex · 2155 days ago
It's Not Prestige, It's Just TV
esquire · 2156 days ago
Critic’s Notebook: Jonathan Demme Enriched Movies With Diversity, Humanism and Great Music
hollywoodreporter · 2156 days ago
“Mindless Eating,” or how to send an entire life of research into question
arstechnica · 2158 days ago
Pay Attention to Movies Released on Streaming Platforms
newyorker · 2158 days ago
Naked Mole-Rats Use Glucose-Fructose Switch to Survive Suffocating Conditions | GEN Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - Biotech from Bench to Business | GEN
genengnews · 2162 days ago
Trump Isn’t A Do-Nothing President
fivethirtyeight · 2162 days ago
Soon, We May Be Able to Access Our Memories From Early Childhood
futurism · 2162 days ago
‘Unicorn Food’ Is Colorful, Sparkly and Everywhere
nytimes · 2163 days ago
Here's a fun little fact: Fitbit was almost called Fitberry
wareable · 2165 days ago
The Times of London says focus on editions has driven digital growth
niemanlab · 2168 days ago
Married couple struggling to conceive discover they're twins - Times of India
timesofindia.indiatimes · 2166 days ago
From ‘Girls’ to ‘I Love Lucy’: How realistic are New York apartments on TV shows?
washingtonpost · 2169 days ago
With ‘Tramps,’ Netflix Digs Deeper for Original Films
nytimes · 2169 days ago
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10 foods nutritionists say they never eat
mic · 2171 days ago
Maximumble - #739 – Refresh
maximumble.thebookofbiff · 2172 days ago
Netflix, Amazon, and the End of Independent Film As We Know It
theringer · 2173 days ago
California just did what Trump and Republicans in Congress won't
motherjones · 2175 days ago
10 Principles Of Motion Design GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
giphy · 2176 days ago
After Years of Challenges, Foursquare Has Found its Purpose -- and Profits
entrepreneur · 2186 days ago
How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons
nytimes · 2181 days ago
Facebook tests a second News Feed headed by a rocket ship icon
techcrunch · 2185 days ago
The Real Ghostbusters | Netflix
netflix · 2183 days ago
Inside Twitter’s Obsessive Quest To Ditch The Egg | Co.Design
fastcodesign · 2183 days ago
Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results.
nytimes · 2185 days ago
Elon Musk Launches Neuralink to Connect Brains With Computers
wsj · 2187 days ago
‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Review: As One of TV’s Greatest Dramas Evolves, Characters Inch Closer to ‘Breaking Bad’
indiewire · 2187 days ago
NFL owners approve Raiders' move from Oakland to Las Vegas
abc7 · 2187 days ago
Google’s Plan to Engineer the Next Silicon Valleys
backchannel · 2189 days ago
Reality show contestants spend a year living in wild only to find out that show was CANCELLED last summer · 2188 days ago
The Netflix short documentary Extremis looks at the hard questions of end-of-life care
vox · 2189 days ago
A 4-Year-Old Boy Saved His Mum's Life Using Her Thumbprint To Unlock Her iPhone
buzzfeed · 2190 days ago
Apple Says WikiLeaks CIA Documents Are Old and Exploits Have Been Fixed
macrumors · 2190 days ago
Twitter is being unbundled before our eyes
theverge · 2191 days ago
Your Gym Should Either Be Super Close or Super Nice
lifehacker · 2191 days ago
Virgin America will disappear into Alaska Airlines in 2019
latimes · 2191 days ago
Airbnb Rebrands in China to Better Compete With Local Rivals
skift · 2192 days ago
Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot
theverge · 2194 days ago
Introducing Gmail Blue
youtube · 2196 days ago
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