Dan Saffer
In-N-Out blasts S.F. over vaccine mandate shutdown: 'We refuse to become the vaccination police'
sfchronicle · 772 days ago
This Powerful Democrat Linked to Fossil Fuels Will Craft the U.S. Climate Plan
nytimes · 775 days ago
‘We were all sworn to secrecy’: Ex-employees say SF venue The Chapel's ghost girl is no hoax
sfgate · 777 days ago
The secret of the Stradivari violin's unique sound identified for the first time
thebrighterside.news · 780 days ago
Still Life with Algorithms
odannyboy.medium · 784 days ago
Dave Chappelle’s Endless Feedback Loop
vulture · 785 days ago
Examining how Fox News has changed America as it turns 25 years old
cnn · 785 days ago
Beck Bennett Leaves ‘SNL’ as Cast Veterans Set to Return, Three New Featured Players Join for Season 47
variety · 795 days ago
open.spotify · 801 days ago
Manchin wants to pause voting on Biden’s social-spending package until 2022
axios · 802 days ago
Absolutely Filthy's Indiegogo Intro
youtube · 805 days ago
Home computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81
theguardian · 806 days ago
Norm Macdonald, Comedian and ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star, Dies at 61
variety · 808 days ago
Cold Opening: Robert De Niro - Saturday Night Live
youtube · 808 days ago
SF is Getting a New Giant 61-Story Skyscraper in 2026
sf.funcheap · 809 days ago
Justice Department sues Texas over six-week abortion ban
cnn · 813 days ago
Manchin privately warns he won’t support more than $1.5T of Biden’s $3.5T plan
axios · 814 days ago
Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks
mcsweeneys · 819 days ago
Flipboard’s new system for identifying your interests isn’t AI: It’s you
fastcompany · 822 days ago
Flipboard Gives People Tools to Prevent 'Doomscrolling'
macobserver · 822 days ago
LinkedIn tells advertisers it is shutting down Stories videos
adage · 822 days ago
Why Charlie Watts Once Punched Mick Jagger In The Face
grunge · 829 days ago
Fitbit Charge 5 Tracker Design and Features Leaked in New Video
macrumors · 829 days ago
Monsoon Rains Just Washed Away Trump's 'Impenetrable' Border Wall
vice · 829 days ago
Woman Not in the Mood for a Whole Movie Watches Five Hours of TV Show
reductress · 836 days ago
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The Vaccine Cards Are the Wrong Size
theatlantic · 842 days ago
Counting Happiness and Where it Comes From
flowingdata · 848 days ago
Esther Perel Is Fighting the “Tyranny of Positivity”
gq · 848 days ago
Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs
theguardian · 870 days ago
Glowing antlers failed, so Finns try app to save reindeer
phys · 871 days ago
Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson successfully rockets to outer space
cnn · 872 days ago
‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off
wsj · 876 days ago
Trump sues Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Google's Sundar Pichai
axios · 877 days ago
Richard Branson will attempt to beat Jeff Bezos to space
cnn · 880 days ago
I'm addicted to this iPhone app, and today's big update makes it even better
bgr · 882 days ago
‎Brickit: Rebuild your Lego
apps.apple · 883 days ago
How Rumsfeld Deserves to Be Remembered
theatlantic · 883 days ago
We Just Got Our Clearest Picture Yet Of How Biden Won In 2020
npr · 883 days ago
Dan Saffer
dribbble · 885 days ago
Designing Flipboard’s New Paywall Indicator - Flipboard
about.flipboard · 885 days ago
Quentin Tarantino Wants to Remind You He's Still Quitting The Business
gizmodo · 885 days ago
California to pay off all past due rent accrued during COVID, giving renters clean slate
newsweek · 892 days ago
Douglas Coupland on Generation X at 30: ‘Generational trashing is eternal’
theguardian · 895 days ago
Biden's dog Champ has died, White House says
cbsnews · 895 days ago
Why I’m Joining Flipboard
odannyboy.medium · 900 days ago
The untold origin story of SF's love affair with Fernet-Branca
sfgate · 903 days ago
UX Theatre: Are You Just Acting Like You're Doing User-Centered Design?
spydergrrl · 910 days ago
San Francisco on track to be 1st CA metro city to reach full herd immunity, UCSF doctors say
abc7news · 906 days ago
SCOTT GALLOWAY: The US is a country that rewards genius, but our misplaced admiration and lack of empathy for others is vulgar. It's time we do better.
profgalloway · 908 days ago
about.flipboard · 913 days ago
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