Dan Saffer is looking for a new job
Monster List of UX Books - Airtable Universe
airtable · 676 days ago
cydharrell · 677 days ago
Freaks And Geeks is coming to Hulu with its original soundtrack intact
news.avclub · 679 days ago
1776 Commission Takes Historic and Scholarly Step to Restore Understanding of the Greatness of the American Founding | The White House
whitehouse.gov · 680 days ago
In 'nasty parting shot,' HHS finalizes rule axing LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections
nbcnews · 678 days ago
Biden Has a Peloton Bike. That Raises Issues at the White House.
nytimes · 679 days ago
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Serpentine Prison
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Introduction, Presence
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Women In Music Pt. III
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Fake It Flowers
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Flower of Devotion
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Best of 2020, a playlist by Dan Saffer on Spotify
open.spotify · 680 days ago
Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard to set up Covid vaccine clinics across the U.S.
cnbc · 683 days ago
Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform
apnews · 785 days ago
Razer has created a concept N95 mask with RGB and voice projection
theverge · 686 days ago
Bruce Willis asked to leave store for ‘refusing’ to wear a mask
pagesix · 686 days ago
Parler CEO says even his lawyers are abandoning him
theverge · 687 days ago
Earth's rotation sped up in 2020, we may need a "negative leap second" | Boing Boing
boingboing · 688 days ago
Tanya Roberts Is Still Alive, Despite Her Rep Having Said She Was Dead
tmz · 694 days ago
Harvard Professor Says Alien Technology Visited Earth in 2017
complex · 695 days ago
New Leather-Bound Notebook To Really Unleash Area Woman's Creativity
local.theonion · 696 days ago
Sock Drum - A kick drum for your live performances In your sock! | Product Hunt
producthunt · 704 days ago
Definition of EBRIOSITY
merriam-webster · 708 days ago
Scott Stapp Playing Frank Sinatra In Ronald Reagan Biopic
stereogum · 713 days ago
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Chicago: Ann Reinking & Bebe Neuwirth (1997)
youtube · 715 days ago
Twitter Confirms Trump Could Be Banned After Inauguration Day For Repeated Violations
forbes · 715 days ago
John le Carré, Master Spy Novelist Embraced by Hollywood, Dies at 89
variety · 716 days ago
Pipe Dream Dragon
pipedreamdragon.tumblr · 716 days ago
Manhattan DA interviews Deutsche Bank employees in Trump investigation: NYT
thehill · 718 days ago
Justin Simien developing Lando Calrissian 'Star Wars' series for Disney+
ew · 719 days ago
Melania Trump 'just wants to go home'
cnn · 720 days ago
'Spider-Man 3': Alfred Molina Returning as Doctor Octopus | Hollywood Reporter
hollywoodreporter · 721 days ago
My Favorite Design Articles of 2020
odannyboy.medium · 721 days ago
Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready
jpost · 722 days ago
Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial
nytimes · 724 days ago
#dayofdisability Accommodating disability isn’t about fixing a person - it’s about making society more inclusive.
tiktok · 726 days ago
Mysterious Monolith Update: New Mysterious Monolith Appears in Romania
vice · 729 days ago
Rock Legend Eric Clapton Speaks Out Against Lockdown in Bold New Song
westernjournal · 729 days ago
New York City SantaCon canceled due to COVID pandemic
abc7ny · 732 days ago
A growing number of Americans are going hungry
washingtonpost · 734 days ago
Metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert
bbc · 735 days ago
Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for coronavirus
cnn · 739 days ago
PH Experiment Creates Small Batches of Category-Crushing Drinks, From Hard Chai to Pickle Juice Gose
wweek · 740 days ago
Democrats need to bring retirement back to politics
theweek · 741 days ago
House Speaker Pelosi reelected as Democratic leader
cnn · 741 days ago
LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: Design
linkedin · 742 days ago
Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes: The Complete Listing (So Far): Atrocities 1- 978
mcsweeneys · 743 days ago
linkedin · 743 days ago
Sweet Talker
open.spotify · 743 days ago
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