Patrick Traughber
Driver plows into people in San Francisco, critically wounding four
reuters · 2074 days ago
Photographer captures the same people on the same NYC street corner many times over 9 years
kottke · 2076 days ago
There is no such thing as a city that has run out of room
washingtonpost · 2078 days ago
ofo announces $866 million funding round led by Alibaba amid cash strain rumors ยท TechNode
technode · 2090 days ago
KaiOS Technologies and Twitter Form Partnership to Bring Leading App to Lite Phones - KaiOS
kaiostech · 2090 days ago
Bike share face-off: JUMP vs GoBike
devonzuegel · 2093 days ago
Director of Research - Social Science
careers.twitter · 2095 days ago
Electric Bikes Want to Take On Everyoneโ€”Even Uber
wired · 2108 days ago
Startup Dogma โ€“ The Frontier โ€“ Medium
medium · 2110 days ago
The Cuttlefish, a Master of Camouflage, Reveals a New Trick
nytimes · 2115 days ago
Fatal school shootings and the epidemiological context of firearm mortality in the United States · 2115 days ago
Time to face reality: We need another bay bridge
sfgate · 2121 days ago
Welcoming Progressive Web Apps to Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge Dev Blog · 2124 days ago
a16z Podcast: All about Bike Sharing
soundcloud · 2125 days ago
How Dockless Bike Shares Could Fix Americaโ€™s Broken Cities
wired · 2129 days ago
Opinion | After Surgery in Germany, I Wanted Vicodin, Not Herbal Tea
nytimes · 2130 days ago
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