Keith Rabois
It’s (semi) official: Dez caught it
bloggingtheboys · 1334 days ago
Coca-Cola Classic ad: Mean Joe Green [Full Version] (1979)
youtube · 1357 days ago
How to raise money before launch – Delian Asparouhov – Medium
medium · 1359 days ago
New Ads Policy: Improving Integrity and Security of Financial Product and Services Ads
facebook · 1362 days ago
An education startup you've never heard of is now in 70% of US school districts
businessinsider · 1370 days ago | Opening Remarks at the Securities Regulation Institute · 1370 days ago
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Cuban Consume 50 Books a Year (More or Less). Here Are 8 You Need to Read in 2018
inc · 1384 days ago
Longevity FAQ
ldeming · 1391 days ago
Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Spreads His Gospel of ‘Radical Transparency’
nytimes · 1498 days ago
Carmelo’s ‘bittersweet’ homecoming is just sweet for Knicks
nypost · 1406 days ago
Walmart, Criticized for Low Wages, Will Let Workers Take Pay Before Payday
nytimes · 1410 days ago
Some well-known PayPal veterans just invested in the world's first crypto index fund
cnbc · 1411 days ago
Investments led @ Khosla Ventures – Keith Rabois – Medium
medium · 1412 days ago
The Serial-Killer Detector
newyorker · 1421 days ago
Clerk Case Study: Google Pay Discrimination – Judicata
blog.judicata · 1422 days ago
The Future is Local – Max Rhodes – Medium
medium · 1424 days ago
Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting.
nytimes · 1429 days ago
A Silicon Valley startup is quietly taking over U.S. classrooms
axios · 1431 days ago
This AI can spot art forgeries by looking at one brushstroke
technologyreview · 1432 days ago
51 enterprise startups to bet your career on in 2018
businessinsider · 1433 days ago
How Much Traction Do You Really Need to Raise a Seed or Series A Round? · 1437 days ago
Forward brings its personalized healthcare service to Los Angeles
techcrunch · 1438 days ago
Jack Dorsey's Square is letting some people buy and sell bitcoin on its Cash app
cnbc · 1438 days ago
Forget the Robots You Might Just Need a Clerk. Judicata’s Clerk: Algorithms and Analytics that "Grades" and Recommends Edits to Briefs. | Dewey B Strategic
deweybstrategic · 1443 days ago
Tech Goes to Washington
stratechery · 1452 days ago
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Trump and Clinton spent $81M on US election Facebook ads, Russian agency $46K
techcrunch · 1452 days ago
Apple says iPhone X pre-orders are 'off the charts'
reuters · 1457 days ago
Lifestyle changes, not a magic pill, can reverse Alzheimer's
futurism · 1460 days ago
Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier
washingtonpost · 1460 days ago
Introducing Sequence – Chain
blog.chain · 1461 days ago
M.B.A. programs consider closing as students lose interest
axios · 1464 days ago
Marbury v. Madison, Professor v. Protégé - Harvard Law Today · 1464 days ago
Opendoor sales top $100 million per month
axios · 1467 days ago
Google Maps Stopped Showing Distance As Calories And Cupcakes Because People Haaaated It
buzzfeed · 1468 days ago
As U.S. Confronts Internet’s Disruptions, China Feels Vindicated
nytimes · 1467 days ago
Episode 13: Keith Rabois, General Partner at Khosla Ventures and Former COO at Square
medium · 1469 days ago
Machines Thinking Fast And Slow – Judicata
blog.judicata · 1469 days ago
Keith Rabois on OFF RCRD with Cory Levy Take 1: Interview Transcript
medium · 1472 days ago
Judicata Readies Release of Powerful Tool to Analyze Briefs, Like Moneyball for Motions
lawsitesblog · 1482 days ago
Startup Traction (by NextView) – Medium
medium · 1487 days ago
The Statistics of Winning (Motions in Litigation) – Judicata
blog.judicata · 1488 days ago
Ever takes on Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and others with AI facial recognition service
venturebeat · 1494 days ago
Didi passes Jeter with 25th HR
mlb · 1494 days ago
Review: Ken Burns’s ‘Vietnam War’ Will Break Your Heart and Win Your Mind
nytimes · 1499 days ago
Is New York’s Best Pizza in New Jersey?
nytimes · 1501 days ago
Full transcript: Forward CEO Adrian Aoun answers health care questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask
recode · 1507 days ago
Meet Hoot, the Debit Card Just for Millennials
fortune · 1507 days ago
The World's Best Workplaces
fortune · 1689 days ago
The Fall of Juicero and ICO Fever
bloomberg · 1508 days ago
Workers: Fear Not the Robot Apocalypse
wsj · 1509 days ago
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