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SF, summer 2017: A crash course in the humanities for technologists - Airtable
airtable · 2016 days ago
RDV Fellows Application
aleeza591764.typeform · 822 days ago
Story Details - Alumni - Harvard Business School · 822 days ago
Spotlightโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠRDVโ€™s Annabel Strauss
medium · 1031 days ago
Meet the Boston RDV Class of 2020!
medium · 1032 days ago
Meet RDV NYC Class of 2020!
medium · 1037 days ago
Coming Soon: ELEVATE - The Growth Accelerator by General Catalyst and HubSpot for Startups
offers.hubspot · 1330 days ago
AI-Powered Contract Management Platform Evisort Announces $4.5 Million Seed
forbes · 1393 days ago
Welcome RDV Class of 2019 โ€” Announcing the Boston Venture Fellows!
medium · 1532 days ago
Here's What Happens When You Bring 12 MIT Female Founders Together for the Weekend - MIT Innovation Initiative · 1555 days ago
Introducing the Boston RDV Academy Class of 2018 โ€“ Rough Draft Ventures โ€“ Medium
medium · 1625 days ago
How to keep young people with great ideas from leaving Boston - The Boston Globe
bostonglobe · 1641 days ago
uruvideo · 1686 days ago
Summer Accelerator 2018 at HubSpot, Powered by Rough Draft Ventures
hubspot · 1712 days ago
Open Call: A Million-Dollar Search For Blockchain Platform Projects
medium · 1719 days ago
Boltโ€™s Adaptive Learning Platform Increases Access to Education
medium · 1748 days ago
MIT-Born Sigma Ratings Incentivizes Good Corporate Behavior
medium · 1766 days ago
BuroHQ @buro_hq · 1772 days ago
The Student Founder Guide to Making Your First Key Hires
hackernoon · 1779 days ago
Meet John Collison, the 27-year-old Harvard dropout whose tech startup turned him into the youngest self-made billionaire in the world
businessinsider · 1816 days ago
Burrow raises $4.3M for its modularย sofa
techcrunch · 1826 days ago
Students at elite business schools bypass Wall Street for blockchain
cnbc · 1830 days ago
Three Ways The New Tax Bill Could Impact The Housing Market | Virgent Realty
virgentrealty · 1842 days ago
โ€˜Literally Endlessโ€™ Resources Help Support Student Startups
cornellsun · 1852 days ago
Vidrovr raises $1.25M to bring smarter video search toย publishers
techcrunch · 1857 days ago
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How these Founders Pivoted from a Failing Startup at the Last Minute and Created a Million-Dollar Business
inc · 1858 days ago
๐ŸคIntro: NYC Startups <> New Yorkโ€™s Top Tech Students
medium · 1858 days ago
These Students Built The Anti-Bot Algorithm Twitter Desperately Needs
fastcodesign · 1859 days ago
How 3 Startups Took Over NYC with Out-of-Home Marketing
medium · 1863 days ago
MIT and Harvard Graduates to Win the HYPE's Competition on Sports Innovation With ASICS and WeWork
prnewswire · 1865 days ago
Student Founders, Hereโ€™s How to Ace your YC Interview
hackernoon · 1865 days ago
Local Hack Day · 1866 days ago
Nokenโ€™s Travel App Makes Planning a Trip to Iceland A Breeze
medium · 1871 days ago
Palette - Product Hunt
producthunt · 1879 days ago
Eliminate Shoe Odor With Zorpads
ktla · 1883 days ago
Startup Leaders Inspire the Next Generation of Founders Through The RDV Academy
medium · 1884 days ago
Cryptobanking: Brain Dump
dillchen · 1888 days ago
Tiny house rentals launch outside of D.C. for $125 per night
dc.curbed · 1891 days ago
Medinas Wins $500,000 To Facilitate Sales Of Unused Medical Supplies
forbes · 1893 days ago
Unruly Splats: Active STEM Play
kickstarter · 1893 days ago
LA teen who created ridesharing Tesloop is a finalist in $500,000 Forbes contest
dailynews · 1895 days ago
For the startups disrupting home dรฉcor, less is more
nypost · 1896 days ago
From โ€œRough Draftโ€ to Forbes: A Flashback to Forbes Under 30 Honoreesโ€™ First Photos & Products
medium · 1897 days ago
From Mexico To Mississippi: Why This Sofa Startup Is Now โ€œMade In The USAโ€
fastcompany · 1906 days ago
Forbes 30 Under 30 Free ticket
roughdraft.typeform · 1906 days ago
Dataset augmentation with random homographies โ€“ Uru Blog โ€“ Medium
medium · 1907 days ago
Welcome RDV Class of 2018 โ€” Announcing NYC Venture Fellows!
medium · 1913 days ago
Welcome RDV Class of 2018 โ€” Announcing the Boston Venture Fellows!
medium · 1913 days ago
Surface Laptop โ€“ The Most Elegant & Personal Laptop
microsoft · 2045 days ago
The College That Produces Founders at 5 Times the Rate of Stanford
blog.ledwards · 1920 days ago
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