Renata Quintini
Where are all the new diabetes drugs?
statnews · 3 days ago
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New AI Can Write and Rewrite Its Own Code to Increase Its Intelligence
futurism · 6 days ago
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2016-11-8 AV Drive (SF)
youtube · 35 days ago
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Burn After Reading
medium · 41 days ago
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Poker may be the latest game to fold against artificial intelligence
technologyreview · 42 days ago
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Reid Hoffman Creates $27 Million Fund to Research for Social Good
inc · 43 days ago
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Researchers Just 3-D Printed the Strongest Lightweight Material Ever
inc · 44 days ago
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Technology and Happiness: It Doesn’t Have to Be Either/Or
medium · 44 days ago
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Illumina says it can deliver a $100 genome — soon
statnews · 44 days ago
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Thanks to AI, Computers Can Now See Your Health Problems
wired · 44 days ago
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Swift Navigation Co-Founders Colin Beighley and Fergus Noble Make Forbes 30 Under 30 Consumer Tech List | SwiftNav
swiftnav · 44 days ago
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CBRE Group, Inc. Acquires Floored, Inc., a Leading Producer of Advanced Technology for Commercial Real Estate
cbre · 51 days ago
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CRISPR is stirring hope for individual cures
technologyreview · 59 days ago
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This tech empowers the visually impaired to explore the world
video.cnbc · 62 days ago
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The Dangers of Giving Tech an Ethical Blank Check
medium · 70 days ago
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VR game studio Survios nabs MGM as investor in fundings totaling $50 million
venturebeat · 72 days ago
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Porpoises plan their dives and can set their heart rate to match
newscientist · 93 days ago
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New Bionic Eye That Connects to The Brain Successfully Restores a Woman's Sight
futurism · 98 days ago
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Scientists have discovered a brand-new aspect of our immune system
sciencealert · 118 days ago
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All you ever wanted to know about all-hands (but were afraid to ask)
medium · 136 days ago
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What Driverless Cars Mean for Today’s Automakers
hbr · 118 days ago
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How to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Presentation
hbr · 119 days ago
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Surprisingly few new parents enlist in study to have baby’s genome sequenced
sciencemag · 119 days ago
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Robot learns to play with Lego by watching human teachers
newscientist · 119 days ago
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AI predicts outcome of human rights cases - BBC News
bbc · 119 days ago
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John Borthwick on Twitter
twitter · 119 days ago
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Fighting cancer with the power of immunity · 120 days ago
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MIT Technology Review Events Videos - A.I.'s Next Leap Forward - Artificial Intelligence At Work
events.technologyreview · 124 days ago
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Who Should a Startup Hire First? · 127 days ago
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New study links protein in wheat to the inflammation of chronic health conditions
medicalxpress · 128 days ago
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The $1,200 Snoo Robo-Cradle Will Rock Your Baby to Sleep For You
wired · 128 days ago
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Watch this MIT-engineered crib put crying babies to sleep in minutes
businessinsider · 128 days ago
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Google's AI can now learn from its own memory independently
sciencealert · 131 days ago
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Breasts have their own microbiome - and it could influence your cancer risk
sciencealert · 133 days ago
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Wear No Doubts ft. Jimmy Butler
youtube · 176 days ago
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