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Shyness cannot be ‘cured’. It is part of being human – Joe Moran | Aeon Essays · 1 day ago
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See Dylan Dreyer’s baby Calvin greet the day with a huge smile
today · 5 days ago
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Silicon Valley and Immortality, Buying the ISS, and Knights Fighting Snails: Lux Recommends #74
medium · 23 days ago
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Hi, we're Josh, Peter, and Sam. Josh and Peter are co-founders of Lux Capital and Sam is Lux's Scientist in Residence. We are devoted to bridging the gap between science fiction and science fact, investing in people inventing the future. Ask us anything! • r/IAmA
reddit · 27 days ago
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Silicon Valley Would Rather Cure Death Than Make Life Worth Living
wired · 30 days ago
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Linoleum Floors & Fluorescent Lights: Where Your Paper Records Go To Die
medium · 31 days ago
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Mythic Launches AI Platform and Announces $9M Funding Round to Enable Datacenter-Scale Local AI in the Smallest Form Factor on Any Device · 31 days ago
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New Alzheimer's test can predict age when disease will appear
theguardian · 31 days ago
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I’m joining Lux Capital as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence! – jeevans-thoughts
medium · 37 days ago
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The “Radical Novelty” of Being a CEO
medium · 39 days ago
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Evolv: Company on a mission to keep people safe from terrorists – BZ Notes
medium · 40 days ago
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Scientists Have Found a Way to Reverse the Signs of Aging
futurism · 40 days ago
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I Am a New Mom Who Is Less Sleep-Deprived Thanks to This Motorized Bassinet
nymag · 43 days ago
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The funding is female: 18 founders and VCs changing the tech landscape | PitchBook News
pitchbook · 46 days ago
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What is better – a happy life or a meaningful one? – Roy F Baumeister | Aeon Essays · 47 days ago
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How the Computer Beat the Go Master
scientificamerican · 50 days ago
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As Lux Capital raises $400M fund, partner answers question: What areas of healthcare interest you? - MedCity News
medcitynews · 53 days ago
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Into the Light
medium · 54 days ago
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Where are all the new diabetes drugs?
statnews · 62 days ago
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