Ryan Sholin
“As a user” needs to stop. – prototypr
blog.prototypr.io · 2315 days ago
What Product Teams Can Learn From Disney’s “Moana” – Brian Crofts – Medium
medium · 2301 days ago
The Kids in the Hall - Meeting of the Ontario Dental Association
youtube · 2301 days ago
The Tenets of A/B Testing from Duolingo’s Master Growth Hacker
bit.ly · 2335 days ago
Landing the hardest trick after 2 years of trying
kottke · 2320 days ago
The Product Manager vs. the Technical Product Manager | Aha! Blog
blog.aha.io · 2320 days ago
UX brutalism
uxbrutalism · 2322 days ago
50 corporate cliches you secretly love – Textio Word Nerd
textio.ai · 2327 days ago
Critics of vouchers say they’re marred by racism and exacerbate segregation. Are they right?
chalkbeat · 2329 days ago
Want to reduce racial segregation? Elect a Democrat to school board, study says
chalkbeat · 2332 days ago
Guns N' Roses' 'Appetite for Destruction' Turns 30: An Oral History of the Feral Rock Classic
billboard · 2332 days ago
Guns N' Roses - Live in Chicago 1992 [Full Concert]
youtube · 2332 days ago
The Trace Is Looking For a Senior Editor to Lead Our Efforts in Engagement, News, and Growth
thetrace · 2332 days ago
Prioritizing Health and Happiness as a Remote Worker - Authentic.co
authentic.co · 2333 days ago
Come work for Nieman Lab
niemanlab · 2333 days ago
Six hours, eight buses: The extreme sacrifice Detroit parents make to access better schools
chalkbeat · 2334 days ago
This fourth-grade teacher doesn’t take away recess or use points to manage the class. Instead she’s built a culture of respect.
chalkbeat · 2334 days ago
First study of Indiana’s voucher program — the country’s largest — finds it hurts kids’ math skills at first, but not over time
chalkbeat · 2334 days ago
City to eliminate high school admissions method that favored families with time and resources
chalkbeat · 2334 days ago
Digital Producer
jobs.chalkbeat · 2334 days ago
High-stakes testing may push struggling teachers to younger grades, hurting students
chalkbeat · 2336 days ago
Agile Content Strategy - Enterprise Knowledge
enterprise-knowledge · 2339 days ago
132 - Less Talk More Rock II
audioboom · 2340 days ago
131 - Workin' at Record Stores
audioboom · 2341 days ago
Five Things I’ve Learned As A New Manager At Google
fastcompany · 2342 days ago
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Meet Bene Cipolla, who’s inaugurating a new Chalkbeat chapter as our first-ever executive editor
chalkbeat · 2343 days ago
When Will the Planet Be Too Hot For Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine.
nymag · 2344 days ago
USA Begin Gold Cup Quest With Tricky Panama: TYAC Preview | TYAC
yanksarecoming · 2345 days ago
Migos Llama Llama Red Pajama Freestyle
youtube · 2347 days ago
The Customer Letter | Silicon Valley Product Group
svpg · 2360 days ago
Chance The Rapper: Tiny Desk Concert
npr · 2348 days ago
Alive Since The 1600s, An Oak Tree Is Taken Down In Washington, D.C.
npr · 2354 days ago
6 Must-Haves For The Perfect Remote Job Posting - Authentic.co
authentic.co · 2354 days ago
The New York Times is now charging for its cooking site
niemanlab · 2354 days ago
A Tech Executive’s Latest Start-Up Has Cleats, Jerseys and Goals
nytimes · 2355 days ago
An Education U-Turn
chalkbeat · 2361 days ago
Carmen Fariña wants to help New York City teachers get better at teaching. But some of her own reforms are getting in the way
chalkbeat · 2361 days ago
Shut out but scraping by: Inside the struggling schools excluded from New York City’s biggest improvement efforts
chalkbeat · 2362 days ago
Mayor Bill de Blasio has made many education promises. Here’s what he’s delivered so far — and what he hasn’t
chalkbeat · 2363 days ago
youtube · 2363 days ago
Visualize data instantly with machine learning in Google Sheets
blog.google · 2364 days ago
Officials: 17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque
washingtonpost · 2364 days ago
Focus on the important things with Highlights in Slack
slackhq · 2368 days ago
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shop.howlermagazine · 2369 days ago
This Soccer Club Has Everything You’d Want Except ...
nytimes · 2369 days ago
The Media Moments That Aren’t – David Cohn – Medium
medium · 2369 days ago
Jam Jockeyed – The Awl
theawl · 2371 days ago
'Men Need to Step Up': Readers and Experts Reflect on Raising Feminist Boys
nytimes · 2374 days ago
Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
pudding.cool · 2402 days ago
Sporting Kansas City's Cameron Porter pulling double duty with two MLS jobs
mlssoccer · 2375 days ago
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