Steve Schlafman ๐ŸŒŽ
Introducing Huddle: Peer-to-Peer Support Groups for the Masses
medium · 891 days ago
How Iโ€˜m Embracing Radical Candor to Overcome My Worst Habits at Work
medium · 895 days ago
#90 โ€” Living With Violence · 898 days ago
Venture Investments Are Not Bets - AlleyWatch
alleywatch · 898 days ago
Betting your Beliefs
reactionwheel · 901 days ago
Venture Investments Are Not Bets โ€“ Steve Schlafman โ€“ Medium
medium · 902 days ago
Booster raises $20 million to fill your car atย work
techcrunch · 904 days ago
Why the Hudson Valley is on Foursquareโ€™s Shortlist โ€“ Foursquare Direct โ€“ Medium
medium · 910 days ago
Opinion | How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down
nytimes · 913 days ago
Chance The Rapper: Tiny Desk Concert
npr · 932 days ago
Transitions โ€“ Steve Schlafman โ€“ Medium
medium · 918 days ago
Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia, the first psychologist to run a jail · 919 days ago
Itโ€™s not the money
bijansabet · 920 days ago
Silver Palate Brownies
theorangebee.wordpress · 922 days ago
Care/of raises $12 million in Series A for its home-delivered customized nutrition packs
techcrunch · 925 days ago
The Deployment Age, Power Laws, and Venture Capital, with Jerry Neumann โ€“ [Invest Like the Best, EP.45]
investorfieldguide · 926 days ago
$3 Goodness: Meet Brandless โ€“ Tina Sharkey โ€“ Medium
medium · 926 days ago
Readymag โ€” Design anything on the web
readymag · 926 days ago
Free Fallin' - Live at the Nokia Theatre
open.spotify · 927 days ago
Crypto โ‚ฟits: Ethereum Sinks, Fidelity Embraces, ICO Madness & Harlem Shake of Currency
medium · 930 days ago
The Last Of The Mohicans (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
open.spotify · 930 days ago
My wife is a founder. Hereโ€™s how she has helped me become a better investor.
medium · 931 days ago
The CEO of Automattic on Holding โ€œAuditionsโ€ to Build a Strong Team
hbr · 931 days ago
The Tail End - Wait But Why
waitbutwhy · 934 days ago
Principles by Ray Dalio
principles · 935 days ago
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Netflix's Reed Hastings in Culture Shock · 937 days ago
#249: How to Make a Difference and Find Your Purpose -- Blake Mycoskie · 937 days ago
Lee-Gardner Amendment would reduce supersonic fuel burn by 20 percent or more
blog.boomsupersonic · 939 days ago
Strategy as Simple Rules
hbr · 939 days ago
A Tech Executiveโ€™s Latest Start-Up Has Cleats, Jerseys and Goals
nytimes · 939 days ago
Electric Objects
electricobjects · 940 days ago
Ludlow Ventures has closed its second fund with $45ย million
techcrunch · 940 days ago
Ben Folds Composes a Song LIVE for Orchestra In Only 10 Minutes
youtube · 940 days ago
What I Look for in Cryptocoins · 943 days ago
Former NFL tackle Ryan Oโ€™Callaghan comes out as gay
outsports · 944 days ago
Binary Capital's Justin Caldbeck accused of unwanted sexual advances towards female founders. Where's the outrage?
pando · 945 days ago
Managed by Q Marketplace Launches
fortune · 947 days ago
Baby genome sequencing is now for sale in China
technologyreview · 947 days ago
A Netflix Show Asks Viewers to Sit in the Directorโ€™s Chair
nytimes · 947 days ago
Proposed Bill Requires Travelers to Declare Bitcoin at US Border
investopedia · 947 days ago
Amazonโ€™s New Customer
stratechery · 948 days ago
Jobs at brightwheel · 955 days ago
New funding to grow food for a better future โ€“ Bowery Farming
news.boweryfarming · 953 days ago
Hacking Heroin Home
group17a · 958 days ago
Magpie: the smartest, truly global GPS tracker around
kickstarter · 962 days ago
Why I find flying so moving โ€“ Blake Scholl โ€“ Medium
medium · 963 days ago
Inside the GIF factory: How Giphy plans to build a real business by animating the internet
businessinsider · 968 days ago
Tom Brady: 'I Have The Answers to The Test Now' · 966 days ago
Episode 116 โ€” Blockchain Beauty Contest [FINAL FIXED] · 967 days ago
Classical Music Composed by Computer: Experiments in Musical Intelligence
open.spotify · 970 days ago
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