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How going silent turned into the idea I can't stop talking about
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Don’t lose the human touch
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How Roelof Botha became one of VC's most powerful people
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Sequoia leads $13M investment in Aalto, an online marketplace that lets homeowners sell directly to buyers – TechCrunch
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Retool, Self-Hosted - A low code platform to build internal tools | Product Hunt
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Joro: Climate action that matters. · 953 days ago
Sequoia Capital’s Jess Lee On Working With Young Startups As Firm Raises New $195M Seed Fund
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Charity giving: how to do good in 2021 while social distancing
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Retool: Building Software with Software
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Data: Exactly how hard COVID-19 is hitting local services – Thumbtack Journal
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Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030 - The Official Microsoft Blog · 1414 days ago
Expanding Front with a new office in Phoenix, Arizona - The Front Blog
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Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2019
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How to Grow an Already Big Business
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10-Steps to a Friction-Free App.
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Front | The all-new Front is coming soon
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dominodatalab · 2010 days ago
New from Clever: Goals - Clever Blog
blog.clever · 2143 days ago
Girl Scouts Announce First National Computer Science Program for Young Women · 2186 days ago
Qualtrics Hires Barracuda Networks IPO Veteran as First CFO
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This Tiny Video Camera Makes Every Shot Look Amazing
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As ‘Unicorns’ Emerge, Utah Makes a Case for Tech Entrepreneurs
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#93 Behind Silicon Valley's Top VC Firm With Sequoia's Pat Grady
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Dropbox: The world needs your creative energy
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How Thumbtack Plans To Become The Amazon For Home Services
fastcompany · 2256 days ago
Why Dropbox decided to drop AWS and build its own infrastructure and network
techcrunch · 2267 days ago
Welcome Meg Whitman to our Board of Directors!
blogs.dropbox · 2272 days ago
Universities rush to add data science majors as demand explodes
sfchronicle · 2277 days ago
Outsider Insight: Marco Zappacosta
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Zūm raises $5.5 million to pick your kids up from school
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Women Entrepreneurs on Thumbtack are Breaking Stereotypes and Making Hundreds of Millions of Dollars - Thumbtack Journal
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Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!
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Manage Every Experience That Matters: Why X-Data Is the New Imperative | Qualtrics
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Survey: Small Business Optimism Dips in July - Thumbtack Journal
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Quick Tips for Getting A Data Science Team Off the Ground
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Inspiring Women: Thumbtack's VP of Marketing Talks Motherhood and Making It in Tech
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Chobani tastes success with experience management platform · 2347 days ago
AI Predicts Heart Attacks and Strokes More Accurately Than Standard Doctor's Method · 2402 days ago
A Bereaved Father and His Team of Microsoft Data Scientists Combat Infant Deaths
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Creating a Better Economy with Data Science (SSIR)
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Dropbox founder reveals how he built a $10 billion company in his 20s — even though Steve Jobs told him Apple would destroy it
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Podcast Episode 21: More Time Hiring = Less Time Firing | Radical Candor
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Empower - Product Hunt
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Dropbox Reaches Key Profit Milestone, CEO Says
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Hedge Fund Coatue Bets on Data Science With Investment in Domino Data Lab
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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide: Drains, Cutting Boards, Light Switches | TODAY
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Qualtrics Raises Funds at $2.5 Billion Valuation
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Where to Look for the Next Billion Dollar Startup, According to the VC Who Backed Dropbox and TuneIn
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