steve blank
Steve Blank on Rebuilding the Department of Defense
spreaker · 493 days ago
The Future of Entrepreneurship: A conversation with Steve Blank | Saïd Business School · 538 days ago
5 consigli di Alex Osterwalder per innovare il business model · 542 days ago
Wie zukünftige Entrepreneure lernen, mit Widerstand umzugehen · 563 days ago
A chat with Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas · 570 days ago
To Boost Your Eye For Details, Apply The Tools Of Military Leaders
investors · 605 days ago
The Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation · 618 days ago
It's the Autonomy, Stupid!
humanelementbook · 632 days ago
The People Roadmap for Startups by @ttunguz
tomtunguz · 641 days ago
Getting proactive about reactance
strategy-business · 676 days ago
Alex Osterwalder on Building an Invincible Company at CMU CSL 2021 Forum
youtube · 682 days ago
What people get wrong about innovation | Driving Innovation Ep. 2
youtube · 704 days ago
161. Alex Osterwalder: The Invincible Company – Whitney Johnson
whitneyjohnson · 718 days ago
Everyone needs to be an innovator - REALLY? #Shorts
youtube · 743 days ago
2021 PitchBook university rankings: Top 50 colleges for founders | PitchBook
pitchbook · 750 days ago
Can you innovate while turning around a company? with Hubert Joly (former CEO of Best Buy)
youtube · 753 days ago
Is your company ready to innovate at scale?
strategyzer · 757 days ago
Is your organisation ready to innovate?
youtube · 765 days ago
Oslo Business Forum on LinkedIn: Alex Osterwalder: The Three Pillars of Business Model Innovation
linkedin · 796 days ago
Steve Blank Technology, Innovation and Great Power Competition
steveblank · 811 days ago
Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Ecosystem
hbr · 811 days ago
Digital transformation, the discovery-driven way
linkedin · 816 days ago
The Changing Venture Landscape
bothsidesofthetable · 822 days ago
Common understanding about business efficiency was a casualty of the pandemic - Dialogue Review
dialoguereview · 830 days ago
Steve Blank Lead and Disrupt
steveblank · 831 days ago
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Why Our Instincts About Innovation and Change Are Working Against Us
humanelementbook · 832 days ago
The Discipline that Turns Vision into Reality
linkedin · 836 days ago
Steve Blank Why Innovation Heroes are a Sign of a Dysfunctional Organization
steveblank · 838 days ago
Not Buying It: When your biggest challenge is non-consumption
linkedin · 845 days ago
3 Ways to Completely Mess Up Customer Surveys
linkedin · 857 days ago
Every Company Needs an Entrepreneur in the C-Suite
hbr · 873 days ago
The Lean Startup Method | SEJ Video Abstract
youtube · 877 days ago
A blueprint for entrepreneurship
ted · 880 days ago
Steve Blank The Class That Changed the Way Entrepreneurship is Taught
steveblank · 881 days ago
A new student’s guide to Stanford’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, part 1 | The Stanford Daily
stanforddaily · 893 days ago
Steve Blank Lean LaunchPad – For Deep Science and Technology
steveblank · 901 days ago
Eric Schurenberg on LinkedIn: The Human Factor - #22 with Steve Blank, Founder, E.piphany, Adjunct
linkedin · 902 days ago
Steve Blank Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2021 Lessons Learned Presentations
steveblank · 916 days ago
Steve BlankYou Don’t Need Permission
steveblank · 919 days ago
Steve BlankYour Product is Not Their Problem
steveblank · 923 days ago
Steve BlankBack to the Classroom – The Educators Summit
steveblank · 931 days ago
Steve BlankThese Five Principles Will Accelerate Innovation
steveblank · 936 days ago
Steve BlankWhy Defense Could Now Be a Market for Startups
steveblank · 944 days ago
Steve BlankA Path to the Minimum Viable Product
steveblank · 965 days ago
Steve BlankE Pluribus Unum – A Rallying Cry for National Service
steveblank · 972 days ago
COVID Accelerated the Future: Now Seize It
medium · 997 days ago
Steve BlankSoftware Once Led Us to the Precipice of Nuclear War. What Will AI Do?
steveblank · 1007 days ago
Discovery Sprint: A Free 12-week program for Startups
strategyzer · 1010 days ago
youtube · 1014 days ago
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