Shawn Carolan
Unagi Model Eleven: The Smartest Scooter On Earth
indiegogo · 50 days ago
How Roku used the Netflix playbook to beat bigger players and rule streaming video
cnbc · 167 days ago
John Morgridge - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 188 days ago
These are the 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies
cnbc · 192 days ago
OpenSpace is growing (fast)
jeevank.medium · 216 days ago
Facebook's chief revenue officer David Fischer announces departure
cnbc · 248 days ago
The Secret to Cracking the Minimum Viable Product? Pick a leaf from your MVP Tree. — Menlo Ventures
menlovc · 252 days ago
Riva Health wants to turn your smartphone into a blood pressure monitor – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 261 days ago
The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done
newyorker · 263 days ago
Lessons from Nearpod
reachcapital.medium · 265 days ago
Reading Platform Epic Had An Epic Year
forbes · 310 days ago
Opinion | Gig Workers Are Employees. Start Treating Them That Way.
nytimes · 316 days ago
forbes · 366 days ago
What Proposition 22 Now Makes Possible
theinformation · 388 days ago
RISING STARS: Meet the 16 up-and-coming investors changing the face of healthcare in the US
businessinsider · 423 days ago
Pods, Gigs, Tutors , Schools— The Coming Fight for Teacher Talent
medium · 466 days ago
Reach Capital’s 2020 Impact Report
medium · 489 days ago
The enormous opportunity in fintech
venturebeat · 508 days ago
mmhmm beta preview
youtube · 514 days ago
25. Chime
cnbc · 535 days ago
Black Lives Matter | Chime
chime · 541 days ago
Paperwork automation platform Anvil raises $5 million from Google’s Gradient Ventures – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 542 days ago
Why M&A can still Thrive in this Recession
linkedin · 570 days ago
Siri - The Personal Assistant on your Phone
youtube · 666 days ago
The U.S.'s Next Aircraft Carrier Named After Doris Miller, Hero of Pearl Harbor
popularmechanics · 681 days ago
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Why Productivity Isn't About Time Management, It's About Attention Management
thelowdownblog · 696 days ago
Indio: Insurance Digital Forms and Modern Client Experience
useindio · 729 days ago
Unagi is the iPhone of scooters you actually buy – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 794 days ago
Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up · 816 days ago
Let There Be Variance: Individual Differences in Consecutive Self‐control in a Laboratory Setting and Daily Life - Wenzel - 2019 - European Journal of Personality - Wiley Online Library
onlinelibrary.wiley · 851 days ago
Benchling’s software for managing biotech research nabs $34.5 million – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 863 days ago
My Humble Request for AI: Help Me Focus!
forbes · 907 days ago
Orro Light Switch review: This savvy smart switch bristles with sensors
techhive · 946 days ago
Possession is nine-tenths of the law - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 950 days ago
One of Uber's earliest investors explains why he invested in the first place, and how the company is going to keep growing past its IPO
businessinsider · 960 days ago
Funny, silent or creepy ride? Uber driver offers ‘menu’ for passengers
wmcactionnews5 · 999 days ago
Paraplegic Uber Eats Courier Has Impressive Track Record
nbclosangeles · 1006 days ago
Big Tech Needs to Treat Our Children Better – Reach Capital – Medium
medium · 1008 days ago
Aging Americans are a big market for tech investors, who also want to track their parents
cnbc · 1018 days ago
Nobody Cares About Your Big Idea
forbes · 1022 days ago
Amazon to Acquire eero to Help Customers Better Connect Smart Home Devices |, Inc. - Press Room
press.aboutamazon · 1025 days ago
Menlo Ventures Adds Houman Haghighi as Business Development Partner | Menlo Ventures
menlovc · 1040 days ago
Skip unveils scooters with cameras and locks
techcrunch · 1080 days ago
A Long-Term Solution For Scooter Sharing
theatlantic · 1144 days ago
ShipBob brings in $40M to help e-commerce businesses compete with Amazon
techcrunch · 1184 days ago
Eric Ries
fortune · 1220 days ago
Disrupt SF 2018
techcrunch · 1263 days ago
Follow The Money: Meet The Investors Of Conversational AI
buzzfeed · 1236 days ago
Venky Ganesan on LinkedIn: “Proud to be an investor…
linkedin · 1311 days ago
Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Accompany · 1311 days ago
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