Shivon Zilis
Google's AutoML Project Teaches AI To Write Learning Software
wired · 1933 days ago
Meta-Learning for Wrestling
blog.openai · 1936 days ago
The crooked timber of humanity
1843magazine · 1942 days ago
We’re Waiting for the Peter Drucker of Machine Intelligence · 1952 days ago
Myths and Facts About Superintelligent AI
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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 - Wait But Why
waitbutwhy · 2015 days ago
97 Year Old in a Tesla
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Teaching A.I. Systems to Behave Themselves
nytimes · 1995 days ago
OpenAI + Dota 2
youtube · 1997 days ago
Dota 2
blog.openai · 1997 days ago
OpenAI at The International
openai · 1997 days ago
The evolution of machine learning
techcrunch · 2000 days ago
Technical Introduction to AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
eventbrite · 2020 days ago
Watch a Master Magician Slice an Olive by Throwing a Playing Card
sploid.gizmodo · 2021 days ago
Faster Physics in Python
blog.openai · 2041 days ago
SpaceX is even landing rockets in augmented reality
theverge · 2043 days ago
My Bionic Quest for Boléro
wired · 2044 days ago
Learning from Human Preferences
blog.openai · 2056 days ago
Curiosity could help artificially intelligent machines advance
technologyreview · 2077 days ago
Pressure Doesn’t Have to Turn into Stress
hbr · 2145 days ago
Robots that Learn
blog.openai · 2084 days ago
Findings of Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology · 2084 days ago
Swedish Startup Uses AI to Figure Out What Dolphins Talk About
bloomberg · 2101 days ago
Spam detection in the physical world
blog.openai · 2129 days ago
Vector Institute is just the latest in Canada's AI expansion - BBC News
bbc · 2131 days ago
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Steve Jurvetson LIVE Chat on Product Hunt
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Kaggle Joins Google Cloud
blog.kaggle · 2153 days ago
VC Finder - Product Hunt
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DeepStack: Expert-level artificial intelligence in heads-up no-limit poker | Science
science.sciencemag · 2159 days ago
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