Dylan Jones
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine - Story Trailer
youtube · 2298 days ago
Save 10% on West of Loathing on Steam
store.steampowered · 2304 days ago
John McCain's 'No' Vote Sinks Republicans' 'Skinny Repeal' Plan
theatlantic · 2318 days ago
A train you ride in Fallout 3 is actually an NPC wearing a train hat - Geek.com
geek · 2320 days ago
Stargate returns with Stargate Origins series, an MGM streaming exclusive
techcrunch · 2324 days ago
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Becomes World’s Largest Open-source Blockchain Initiative - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
entethalliance · 2327 days ago
X-Wing Miniatures devs on marrying simulationism, gameism, and narrativism
gamasutra · 2327 days ago
Samurai Jack - Tomb Scene Soundtrack [Extended]
youtube · 2328 days ago
Predicting your app’s monetization future – Google Play Apps & Games – Medium
medium · 2333 days ago
Jump Strives to Be 'Netflix for Games' While Still Benefiting Indie Game Developers - IGN
ign · 2335 days ago
Scientists manipulate light to make flat surfaces appear as 3-D objects
phys · 2338 days ago
HumbleNet is a new, free cross-platform browser game networking library
gamasutra · 2346 days ago
How To Give Helpful Product Design Feedback » Mike Industries
mikeindustries · 2359 days ago
Empowering Creators – Community Summit 2017 – Unity Blog
blogs.unity3d · 2353 days ago
Dylan Jones
facebook · 2357 days ago
The Last Night on Xbox One - 4K Trailer
youtube · 2364 days ago
Bosslady Blog: Be Seeing You - GDC News
gdconf · 2375 days ago
Can Digital Products Be “Timeless?” – Startup Grind – Medium
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Our Lady of Complicity | Laurie Penny
thebaffler · 2396 days ago
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Gets New Trailer
dualshockers · 2398 days ago
Twitter shares up 4% after billionaire investor Cuban buys shares as AI play
cnbc · 2404 days ago
Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition - Announcement Trailer
youtube · 2411 days ago
RAW - Official Red Band Trailer (2017) Garance Marillier Horror Movie HD
youtube · 2420 days ago
Your Name - Trailer [English dubbed]
youtube · 2423 days ago
Influencing redesign – Dropbox Design
medium · 2432 days ago
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When Pixels Collide: How a million strangers on the Internet turned a blank canvas into art
sudoscript · 2429 days ago
Mathew Groves is creating PixiJS | Patreon
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Goodbye, fellow traveler. – Astroneer Blog
blog.astroneer.space · 2439 days ago
An Insider Look into the World of Competitive Bullet Hells - Waypoint
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You Should Play These Games About Political Resistance
kotaku · 2452 days ago
No budget? No excuse. Here’s a practical guide to UX on the cheap.
medium.freecodecamp · 2461 days ago
Russians Engineer a Brilliant Slot Machine Cheat—And Casinos Have No Fix
wired · 2457 days ago
that.party · 2466 days ago
itch.rl II
eventbrite · 2472 days ago
How to Communicate Errors Well
latenightcoding.co · 2474 days ago