Tanner Christensen
4 Secrets to Living a Bold, Creative Life
artsy · 1730 days ago
Why are X, Y and Z axes represented by Red, Green, and Blue?
ux.stackexchange · 1740 days ago
The Wall Street Journal tells us why it's launched a design-led glimpse into the newsroom
itsnicethat · 1746 days ago
Prompts app icons
dribbble · 1747 days ago
Prompts Dark mode
dribbble · 1752 days ago
What self-driving cars mean for you
thehub.lyft · 1753 days ago
An interview with Facebook product designer Debashish Paul
tannerchristensen · 1754 days ago
Intentionally building team culture with Molly Stevens of Uber
medium · 1758 days ago
Working through design challenges in Product Design job interviews
tannerchristensen · 1768 days ago
Most everything you need to know about creativity
creativesomething · 1769 days ago
Friday Link Pack
swiss-miss · 1771 days ago
Building a more mindful meditation app
tannerchristensen · 1774 days ago
Contrast for UI
usecontrast · 2328 days ago
How product design decisions get made
tannerchristensen · 1793 days ago
The Case Against Geniuses - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus
nautil.us · 1793 days ago
Tanner Christensen
tannerchristensen · 1794 days ago
How Design Thinking Improves the Creative Process
gsb.stanford.edu · 2153 days ago
What you should work on now
creativesomething · 1805 days ago
Lyft’s plan to win the transportation wars: Put designers in charge
fastcompany · 1810 days ago
Everyday creativity is your warm-up creativity
creativesomething · 1813 days ago
How Do You Know When It’s Done?
99u.adobe · 1814 days ago
How to give and get better advice - Sasha Dichter's Blog
sashadichter · 1823 days ago
How 10,000 Creative People Find Their Best Ideas
artsy · 1824 days ago
Bats can swim in water and you can do anything you put your mind to
qz · 1826 days ago
Why regular rituals matter when it comes to creativity
creativesomething · 1830 days ago
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How to unlock writer’s block – Dropbox Design – Medium
medium · 1970 days ago
Everyone is totally just winging it, all the time
theguardian · 1832 days ago
And Introducing: A Journey to the End of the Cast List
kickstarter · 1843 days ago
Thick Strokes of Paint Create Featureless Portraits in Abstracted Paintings by Joseph Lee
thisiscolossal · 1856 days ago
Ideo breaks its silence on design thinking’s critics
fastcompany · 1858 days ago
Your perception of time influences your creativity
creativesomething · 1860 days ago
Home - In/Visible Talks | A Creative Process Design Conference
invisibletalks · 2200 days ago
Ingrid Fetell Lee: Our Surroundings Have a Profound Influence On Our Well-Being
99u.adobe · 1866 days ago
Designing Adobe’s Brand Illustration Style – Emma Zhang – Medium
medium · 1869 days ago
A New Three-Dimensional Installation by Chris Engman Invites the Viewer to Step Inside a Photograph
thisiscolossal · 1893 days ago
Design Leadership Summit
designleadership.io · 1900 days ago
Chuck Close on Creativity, Work Ethic, and Problem-Solving vs. Problem-Creating
brainpickings · 1905 days ago
Atlassian Sketch Color Picker
dribbble · 1906 days ago
How to put your ideas into action
creativesomething · 1922 days ago
Nike's Tinker Hatfield on designing Air Jordans, Nike MAGs & creative inspiration
youtube · 1929 days ago
Design Talks Mountain View - Udacity Design System Team
eventbrite · 1940 days ago
You don’t need confidence, just contribution. | Derek Sivers
sivers · 1943 days ago
You don't create a culture
signalvnoise · 1949 days ago
Destroy your work in order to fully explore it
creativesomething · 1953 days ago
Tanner Christensen's answer to I'm 19 and I have completely no idea what to do in life, I also have little understanding of who I am as a person, what should I do? - Quora
quora · 1954 days ago
Design Talks Mountain View - Designer/Author Jez Burrows
eventbrite · 1954 days ago
How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling
99u.adobe · 1961 days ago
Here’s an exercise for thinking creatively
creativesomething · 1963 days ago
But are you doing your work?
seths.blog · 1971 days ago
What we don’t talk about when we talk about design tools
uxdesign.cc · 1975 days ago
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