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☑Kerr Multilingual - We speak your language
youtube · 2127 days ago
banners from the early Social Media Crusades
wronghands1 · 2127 days ago
PopBottles - Booze & Baby Mash-Up by Anna Utopia Giordano
imjustcreative · 2128 days ago
Manchester attack: Who were the victims? - BBC News · 2128 days ago
The Pure Storage Logo: Cross-pollinating Storage and Brand Design
blog.purestorage · 2129 days ago
PurePitWall (@PurePitWall) on Twitter
twitter · 2129 days ago
PayPal burns Pandora to the ground in lawsuit over logo similarities
theverge · 2130 days ago
Longest-serving James Bond star Roger Moore dies at 89
apnews · 2130 days ago
Love Wins is Hand-Lettered Free Font For Equal Rights Designed by Resistenza
imjustcreative · 2131 days ago
Movie Spectrums: Sequential Timelines of a Movies Color Palette by Dillon Baker
imjustcreative · 2132 days ago
Killer Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters
youtube · 2132 days ago
The Shit List – A Directory for Creatives
theshitlist · 2134 days ago
Nestle fails to trademark four-fingered KitKat shape - BBC News · 2136 days ago
Optical illusions
i.imgur · 2136 days ago
Slyde Switch Logo Design
dribbble · 2137 days ago
Munich Olympic Stamps 1972
presentandcorrect · 2138 days ago
A website is giving out your email, cell number and address. Are you on it?
abc3340 · 2139 days ago
Web Pioneer Has a New Name and a New Strategy
fortune · 2145 days ago
about · 2198 days ago
Know Your Image Formats - Mega Cheat Sheet Infographic
imjustcreative · 2147 days ago
Drawing the Perfect Cute Character by Vintage Disney: "Fanny Portrudes-Never Bulges"
imjustcreative · 2155 days ago
Colourful Vintage Pepsi Advertisement - "Our Idea of Pop Art"
imjustcreative · 2157 days ago
Imgur GIF
i.imgur · 2158 days ago
The EPA Might Be Doomed, But at Least We Have This Dope Design Manual to Remember It by
wired · 2158 days ago
2017 Colour Trends in Graphic Design - 6 Top Tips to Use Colour Effectively
imjustcreative · 2159 days ago
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Awesome Mix, Vol. 2, a playlist by a.cid on Spotify
open.spotify · 2163 days ago
5 Logo Design Trends You Need to Know About | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe
blogs.adobe · 2163 days ago
Logo Designs for Sale | The Logo Smith | Logo Designer & Brand ID Studio
imjustcreative · 2163 days ago
New Google tool helps developers pick the right colors for their apps
techcrunch · 2173 days ago
Disable WordPress Responsive Images | Perishable Press
perishablepress · 2167 days ago
Chrome and Firefox Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites
wordfence · 2168 days ago
Dial Perpetual Calendar
presentandcorrect · 2169 days ago
Quipsologies: Vol. 124 | No. 28
underconsideration · 2170 days ago
betalist · 2170 days ago
Typecache Font News
typecache · 2171 days ago
Stones are tricky. - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat
gfycat · 2171 days ago
5 ways to accelerate your site, in addition to WP Rocket · 2172 days ago
fontdrop.viktornuebel · 2176 days ago
The Atari logo: behind “the Fuji” | Logo Design Love
logodesignlove · 2180 days ago
Brand New: Logos de México
underconsideration · 2184 days ago
Apple just made a historic and risky change to all iPhones — and you probably didn't even notice
businessinsider · 2184 days ago
Graphic Design Blogs UK Top 10 | Vuelio
vuelio · 2185 days ago
The Pantone Colour References for Star Wars Character Boba Fett
imjustcreative · 2186 days ago
Utah saints-Something good HQ!!
youtube · 2186 days ago
How to Moonwalk
i.imgur · 2186 days ago
Logopalooza! A free digital magazine about logos
thelogofactory · 2188 days ago
Time magazine resurrects iconic type-only cover for latest issue
itsnicethat · 2190 days ago
Logo and Brand Identity Guidelines Template for Download
imjustcreative · 2190 days ago
This footage of the MTS Oceanos sinking is still astounding
boingboing · 2191 days ago
What is a vector? Logo files & formats
thelogofactory · 2191 days ago
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