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ResizeObserver: It’s Like document.onresize for Elements  |  Web  |  Google Developers
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Apple is about to do something their programmers definitely don’t want.
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Careers | Visual Studio Team Services
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Seattle is the fastest growing market for software developers, according to LinkedIn data
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Trump sign removed from downtown Toronto hotel - The Globe and Mail
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Microsoft announces AI for Earth, to help "solve global environmental challenges"
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Crafting Faster Themes: How the Shopify Themes Team Tackled Narrative's Web Performance – Shopify
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Screen Recording 2017-07-07 at 09.23 AM.gif
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How a Sobering Walk Through a Cemetery Can Help Reinvigorate Your Life
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You do not need a CSS Grid based Grid System
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The CSS :focus-within Pseudo-Class
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Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging – Ten Timezones
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Snap sinks to IPO price for first time since market debut
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Divide and conquer: How Microsoft researchers used AI to master Ms. Pac-Man - Next at Microsoft
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This leaked memo sent by Uber’s Travis Kalanick set guidelines on having sex with employees
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Microsoft’s AI will describe images in Word and PowerPoint for blind users
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Easily share your WiFi with friends on iOS 11, automatically sends passwords to nearby devices
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Atomic Design Can Speed up Enterprise Application Development
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Job Monogamy
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Think there aren't qualified women in tech? Here are 1,000 names. No more excuses.
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Let There Be Peace On CSS
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Merged code belongs to the team, not the individual. Our language should reflect that.
dev.to · 2078 days ago
github · 2079 days ago
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Surface Deep – BREAKGROUND MAGAZINE – Medium
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Local Segoe UI Semilight Issue
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Fabric Core 6.0.0 Font Test (Overlapping)
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Segoe UI Semilight in CSS not working on Chrome
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Fabric Core 6.0.0 Font Test
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MakeWhatsNext - International Women’s Day 2017
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Apple SSAFE Project.pdf
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Microsoft calls for 'digital Geneva Convention'
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Am I a Real Developer
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Microsoft's Satya Nadella is counting on culture shock to drive growth
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