Total Recall: The Woman Who Can’t Forget
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Artificial intelligence better than scientists at choosing successful IVF embryos · 2027 days ago
When Will the Planet Be Too Hot For Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine.
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Girls Go Geek... Again!
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For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less – Hacker Noon
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Google Home Breaks Up Domestic Dispute By Calling the Police
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Uber’s AI-driven customer support spirals into insanity
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Amazon AI Designed To Create Phone Cases Goes Hilariously Wrong
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I need terrible female engineers – Amy Nguyen – Medium
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Don Norman and Mick McManus on "Design in the Age of AI: A design debate"
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White males are disproportionately successful on Twitter, say researchers studying inequality
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If You Can Use a Fork, You’re “Technical” – April Wensel – Medium
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Benchmarking TensorFlow on Cloud CPUs: Cheaper Deep Learning than Cloud GPUs
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Larochelle - Neural Networks 2 - DLSS 2017.pdf · 2030 days ago
Can this computer-generated art pass the Turing test?
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Where Machine Learning meets rule-based verification
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When not to use deep learning · 2032 days ago
Summary Statistics Tell You Little About the Big Picture
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The New Normal – Marc Canter – Medium
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When People Don’t Trust Algorithms · 2032 days ago
Two Final Fantasy XIV Players Buy Dozens Of Homes, Spark Debate Over Housing Shortage
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Privacy-preserving generative deep neural networks support clinical data sharing | bioRxiv
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Quirky Couple Travels Around the World to Playfully Interact with Architecture
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Can Reading Make You Happier?
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The Angst of Endangered CEOs: ‘How Much Time Do I Have?’
wsj · 2033 days ago
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How NASA Uses Telemedicine to Care for Astronauts in Space
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I was an investor, she was a founder… · 2045 days ago
Identification Of Animal Behavioral Strategy By Inverse Reinforcement Learning ~ Its Application To Thermotaxis In C. elegans ~ | bioRxiv
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Meow Generator
ajolicoeur.wordpress · 2033 days ago
vqa.cloudcv · 2033 days ago
A Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms
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Ian Goodfellow's answer to Is there any biological basis for generative adversarial networks? - Quora
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Word Embeddings, Bias in ML, Why You Don't Like Math, & Why AI Needs You
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Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors at $1 a Share
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Hot Dog Legend Kobayashi Answers the Big Question: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?
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So this one time at a journalism conference… – Heather Bryant – Medium
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Evidence for Human Lifespan Limit Contested | The Scientist Magazine®
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Inclusion 101: Tech’s Future Founders Get Schooled on Diversity
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Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs — and It Affects How Much Funding They Get
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Will I Get A Ticket? | Vestoj
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The South Park Commons Fills a Hole in the Tech Landscape
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DeepMind’s Relational Networks — Demystified – Hacker Noon
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Using RuleFit Ensemble Models Is About to Become Very Important
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Understand PyTorch code in 10 minutes · 2035 days ago
In Stargoon’s Car
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A Backlash Builds Against Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley
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The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Chief A.I. Officer - TOPBOTS
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Opinion | What Cookies and Meth Have in Common
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Shedding Light on the “Black Box of Inappropriateness”
cherylyeoh · 2035 days ago
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