A Green New Deal would be a boon for construction jobs, says report
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Green Infrastructure: Can a Green New Deal Save Us?
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When local newspapers shrink, fewer people bother to run for mayor
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The law or the President: The Trump appointees' dilemma
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Duke University’s Homme Hellinga Scandal
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It took 46 years for Aretha Franklin’s concert doc to come out. The wait was worth it.
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Is Pete Buttigieg a Transformational Candidate?
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Where civic tech gets inspired & rejuvenated
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Amazon.com: Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World (9780735220560): Clive Thompson: Books
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What Mueller will tell us, and what he won’t: Trump and Trumpism remain a clear and present danger to America
nydailynews · 1147 days ago
Create Your Own Crystal Ball
dancalamai · 1153 days ago
The European Copyright Directive: What Is It, and Why Has It Drawn More Controversy Than Any Other Directive In EU History?
eff · 1153 days ago
The Adult Brain Does Grow New Neurons After All, Study Says - Slashdot
science.slashdot · 1154 days ago
Apply for California Food Stamps Online | GetCalFresh.org
getcalfresh · 1156 days ago
California Public Technology Roundtable – Medium
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I'm going out on tour with my new science fiction book RADICALIZED and I hope to see you!
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When We Eat, or Don’t Eat, May Be Critical for Health
nytimes · 1161 days ago
Opinion | Elizabeth Warren Actually Wants to Fix Capitalism
nytimes · 1164 days ago
How does the quality of the U.S. healthcare system compare to other countries? - Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker
healthsystemtracker · 1165 days ago
PG&E and the future of U.S. utilities
pv-magazine-usa · 1166 days ago
Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Moderate “Meh” Policies: “We View Cynicism as an Intellectually Superior Attitude”
slate · 1169 days ago
Will John Bolton Bring on Armageddon—Or Stave It Off?
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We're bringing 2020 to Texas. Watch Conversations About America’s Future at SXSW.
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Opinion | Only One Roadblock on the Road to Reform: Mitch McConnell
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Speakers - Code for America
codeforamerica · 1172 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
Get 2019 health coverage. Health Insurance Marketplace
hc.gov · 1173 days ago
The Good News About a Green New Deal
newyorker · 1175 days ago
Climate Change Is Here—and It Looks Like Starvation
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Apply — Indie.vc
indie.vc · 1183 days ago
Our five biggest delusions about climate change
latimes · 1180 days ago
GSB CMIS Download Auth
gsb.stanford.edu · 1186 days ago
Opinion | A Better Path to Universal Health Care
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Making Learning a Part of Everyday Work
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The original blitzscaler? What the public sector can teach high-growth startups | Apolitical
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Russia to China: Together we can rule the world
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The 10 Best Business Books of 2018
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Rise of the Independents
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The fundamental problem with Silicon Valley’s favorite growth strategy
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A letter to Steven Pinker (and Bill Gates, for that matter) about global poverty
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Why are Machine Learning Projects so Hard to Manage?
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Review: ‘Twilight of the Elites’ Looks at a France, and a World, Divided
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The Divide Between Silicon Valley and Washington Is a National-Security Threat
theatlantic · 1256 days ago
Need to remember something? Draw it
fastcompany · 1258 days ago
Humble Book Bundle: Product Management & Design by O'Reilly
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Facial recognition: It’s time for action - Microsoft on the Issues
blogs.microsoft · 1260 days ago
Paul Ryan’s long con
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U.S. Finally Legalizes Modern, European-Style Train Cars
usa.streetsblog · 1260 days ago
Debate: "Does AI Need More Innate Machinery?" (Yann LeCun, Gary Marcus)
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The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn't a Technology
blogs.scientificamerican · 1264 days ago
WTF is Schumer doing?
thinkprogress · 1272 days ago
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