Tony Stubblebine
Republicans are stuck in a high-school mindset
businessinsider · 2074 days ago
Carlos unlocked a milestone on · 2074 days ago
How You Can Be An Adult In A World Of Children. – Better Humans · 2075 days ago
Trump used to be more articulate. What could explain the change?
statnews · 2077 days ago
The MAP Model — This Mental Model Explains Politics, Protests and Even Your Job. · 2077 days ago
A GOP congressman from Kentucky wonders: Is ‘this Trump thing’ sustainable?
washingtonpost · 2078 days ago
After 146 Years, Ringling Brothers Circus Takes Its Final Bow
nytimes · 2078 days ago
The Poisoned Generation
theatlantic · 2078 days ago
Trump told aides firing Flynn was a mistake
politico · 2080 days ago
Clinton aide releases debate prep footage
thehill · 2081 days ago
Aztec Pushups
youtube · 2081 days ago
Is Jared Kushner In Too Deep?
nymag · 2081 days ago
Sen. Warren blasts Treasury Sec. Mnuchin for double-speak about wanting '21st-century Glass-Steagall'
cnbc · 2081 days ago
What James Comey Told Me About Donald Trump
lawfareblog · 2081 days ago
Opinion | A David Clarke dossier
washingtonpost · 2081 days ago
Comey prepared extensively for his conversations with Trump
washingtonpost · 2081 days ago
AngelList: Non-Geeks, µCarry, 100 Signatures, Bricks and more…
medium · 2083 days ago
Seven Simple Strategies for Blogging Every Day – Better Humans · 2082 days ago
What Does the President Owe, and to Whom Does He Owe It?
theatlantic · 2082 days ago
Modern Motherhood Has Economists Worried
bloomberg · 2082 days ago
BBC Earth @BBCEarth · 2082 days ago
Trump isn’t a toddler — he’s a product of America’s culture of impunity for the rich
vox · 2082 days ago
Israeli Source Seen as Key to Countering Islamic State Threat
wsj · 2082 days ago
Flynn stopped military plan Turkey opposed – after being paid as its agent
mcclatchydc · 2082 days ago
House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump
washingtonpost · 2082 days ago
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Trump's Advice For Coast Guard Grads: I'm Doing A Tremendous Job As President
huffingtonpost · 2083 days ago
How to Become an Even More Prolific Writer By Blogging Every Day · 2083 days ago
Better Humans · 2083 days ago
Upgrade and become a member of Medium
medium · 2138 days ago
White House on edge: 'We are kind of helpless'
politico · 2083 days ago
Duck Ramps Appear at U.S. Capitol, but Not Everyone Is Pleased
nytimes · 2083 days ago
Story on DNC staffer's murder dominated conservative media -- hours later it fell apart
money.cnn · 2083 days ago
Is Zaza the DIRTIEST Player in the NBA?
youtube · 2083 days ago
4 Reasons Why Biz Stone’s Return Probably Can’t Help Twitter
fastcompany · 2083 days ago
Editor’s note: I’m the editor who finds personal development articles for Medium Members, and I…
medium · 2083 days ago
Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Gave to Russians
nytimes · 2083 days ago
Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador
washingtonpost · 2084 days ago
Unity Was Emerging on Sentencing. Then Came Jeff Sessions.
nytimes · 2085 days ago
Child poverty in the US is a disgrace. Experts are embracing this simple plan to cut it.
vox · 2085 days ago
The Senate Starts to Look at Trump’s Businesses
newyorker · 2086 days ago
In service to Trump, Pence keeps saying things that aren’t true
washingtonpost · 2086 days ago
Analysis | Believe it or not, Senate’s Russia investigation is moving faster than its Watergate counterpart 44 years ago
washingtonpost · 2086 days ago
Between Trump and Putin: The Right-Wing International, a Crisis of Democracy, and the Future of the European Union | Political Research Associates
politicalresearch · 2087 days ago
Editor’s note: I’m the editor who finds personal development articles for Medium Members, and I…
medium · 2087 days ago
Trump’s attempt to fix the Comey crisis made it worse
politico · 2088 days ago
It's Time to Talk About What's Radicalizing White Male Terrorists
teenvogue · 2088 days ago
NYC hotel owner joins lawsuit against Trump alleging violation of emoluments clause
washingtonpost · 2088 days ago
Allow Me, a Simple English Major, to Decode FBI Director Comey’s Goodbye Letter
themarysue · 2088 days ago
Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Amazon’s Echo Show
medium · 2088 days ago
Analysis | Here’s how the Russians might have snuck a recording device into the Oval Office
washingtonpost · 2089 days ago
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