Vijay Pande
16 Minutes on the News This Week: Neuralink & Brain Interfaces, TikTok, FaceApp, iHeartRadio
soundcloud · 1594 days ago
Anish Acharya
a16z · 1605 days ago
Would You Pay $30 a Month to Check Your Email?
nytimes · 1618 days ago
a16z Podcast: AI and Your Doctor, Today and Tomorrow
a16z · 1632 days ago
Creating Differentiable Cell Simulators · 1634 days ago
Rigetti Computing
a16z · 1637 days ago
Pre-training Graph Neural Networks
arxiv · 1647 days ago
How this VC is helping black cultural power brokers like Shonda Rhimes and Chance the Rapper invest in tech
fastcompany · 1654 days ago
An Intro to Deep Learning
blogs.sciencemag · 1662 days ago
a16z Podcast: Health Data — A Feedback Loop for Humanity
a16z · 1665 days ago
Personal Baselines
medium · 1668 days ago
twoXAR & SK Biopharmaceuticals: Discovering and Developing First-In-Class Treatments for Lung…
medium · 1689 days ago
In a test for AI, buzzy startup Insitro inks drug discovery deal with Gilead
statnews · 1690 days ago
Experimental realization of 105-qubit random access quantum memory
nature · 1691 days ago
With $150M and a new NASH discovery deal with Gilead, AI star Daphne Koller has set out to change the drug R&D world
endpts · 1691 days ago
a16z Podcast: Incenting Innovation Inside
a16z · 1707 days ago
a16z Podcast: Incenting Innovation Inside, Loonshots to Moonshots
soundcloud · 1711 days ago
Q · 1729 days ago
PotentialNet for Molecular Property Prediction
pubs.acs · 1730 days ago
David George
a16z · 1733 days ago
Consumer-focused healthcare can save lives by focusing on changing behavior
techcrunch · 1753 days ago
Folding@home’s New Director: Prof. Gregory Bowman – Folding@home
foldingathome · 1754 days ago
A top Silicon Valley VC firm avoided investing in prescription drugs for a decade. Here's why Andreessen Horowitz is changing its mind.
businessinsider · 1782 days ago
Automated detection of moderate and large pneumothorax on frontal chest X-rays using deep convolutional neural networks: A retrospective study
journals.plos · 1833 days ago
Jeffrey Low
forbes · 1844 days ago
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Engineering Biology, For Real?
blogs.sciencemag · 1845 days ago
In the Nucleus, Genes’ Activity Might Depend on Their Location | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 1848 days ago
How to Engineer Biology
blogs.scientificamerican · 1849 days ago
MoleculeNet: a benchmark for molecular machine learning - Chemical Science (RSC Publishing)
pubs.rsc · 1863 days ago
A Few Updates to Free-Wilson
practicalcheminformatics.blogspot · 1900 days ago
Rigetti (and Others) Pursuit of Quantum Advantage
hpcwire · 1906 days ago
Introducing Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services – Rigetti – Medium
medium · 1911 days ago
Predicting Aqueous Solubility - It's Harder Than It Looks
practicalcheminformatics.blogspot · 1913 days ago
Cats Explaining Math In The Most Purrfect Ways!
purrtacular · 1921 days ago
What Is Quantum Computing? The Complete WIRED Guide
wired · 1927 days ago
Introducing the Cultural Leadership Fund
a16z · 1927 days ago
Apeel Sciences Launches Citrus Product
andnowuknow · 1934 days ago
Quantum Computers Today Aren’t Very Useful. That Could Change
bloomberg · 1942 days ago
The Rigetti 128-qubit chip and what it means for quantum
medium · 1941 days ago
axios · 1948 days ago
How Software Can Heal the Mental Health System
a16z · 2140 days ago
All-optical machine learning using diffractive deep neural networks
science.sciencemag · 1953 days ago
Towards simple kinetic models of functional dynamics for a kinase subfamily
nature · 1969 days ago
Quantum open source fund launched · 1982 days ago
Andreessen Horowitz Names Katie Haun as First Female GP, Closes $300 Million Crypto Fund
wsj · 1985 days ago
Katie Haun
a16z · 1985 days ago
Is Multitask Deep Learning Practical for Pharma?
pubs.acs · 1999 days ago
Microsoft Buys GitHub for $7.5 Billion
a16z · 2007 days ago
2018 Disruptor 50: No. 48 Apeel Sciences
cnbc · 2018 days ago
Freenome is Conducting the First Clinical Validation Study of an AI-Genomics Blood Test – and Ramps Up Commercial Hiring
businesswire · 2018 days ago
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