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Smoking is everyone's problem. Here's how to fix it. · 1704 days ago
Vinod Khosla: 70-80% Of VCs Add Negative Value To Startups
techcrunch · 1705 days ago
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change · 1707 days ago
Vinod Khosla: Failure does not matter. Success matters. #success @VKHOSLA - Welcome to !
tv.onopia · 1709 days ago
Is Majoring in Liberal Arts a Mistake for Students?
medium · 1709 days ago
Mesosphere Raises $125 Million Series D - Mesosphere
mesosphere · 1719 days ago
The Intersection of IoT and Blockchain – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1720 days ago
Get started with AIOps tools
searchitoperations.techtarget · 1730 days ago
Martin’s Beach: A Matter of Principle & Property Rights
medium · 1727 days ago
Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology
medium · 1741 days ago
The Media Has A Probability Problem
fivethirtyeight · 1955 days ago
Vicarious Surgical, startup that uses VR and robotics lands $16.8M in funding
mobihealthnews · 1745 days ago
Safety and Driver Attention – comma ai – Medium
medium · 1751 days ago
Toe ointment, a $937 bill, and a hard truth about American health care
vox · 1754 days ago
Income Mobility Charts for Girls, Asian-Americans and Other Groups. Or Make Your Own.
nytimes · 1755 days ago
A cheap, pipette-wielding robot wants to take over the boring bits of research
technologyreview · 1763 days ago
Using CRISPR, scientists encoded this GIF into the genomes of living bacteria
technologyreview · 2027 days ago
The ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ Is Ballooning, 87,000 Tons of Plastic and Counting
nytimes · 1772 days ago
Army standardizes 'thinking outside the box' procedures
duffelblog · 1778 days ago
Survey: Most Docs Optimistic that Digital Tech Will Reduce Provider Burden
healthcare-informatics · 1780 days ago
The Future of Medicine, From a Leader in Venture Capital
medscape · 1780 days ago
Is Majoring in Liberal Arts a Mistake for Students?
medium · 1795 days ago
Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats
cnn · 1802 days ago
For the weary White House, Florida shooting offered a ‘reprieve’ from scandals
washingtonpost · 1804 days ago
Anu Khosla's review of Next Gen Donors
goodreads · 1816 days ago
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Home · 1822 days ago
Why Malcolm Gladwell Matters, and Why That’s Unfortunate
slate · 1822 days ago
M3DICINE's Stethee stethoscope adds connected analytics, ditches the tubes
mobihealthnews · 1826 days ago
Upstart Electron rocket has made it to orbit for the first time | New Scientist
newscientist · 1832 days ago
Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology: The Summary
medium · 1836 days ago
The Conclusion – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1837 days ago
The Silicon Valley Culture – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1838 days ago
Khosla Ventures’ Companies Making A Difference Right Now
medium · 1840 days ago
So much for those rosier global-warming projections, says reality
technologyreview · 1840 days ago
Reinventing Business, Cyber, Defense, Governmental Services
medium · 1840 days ago
Reinventing Education – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1842 days ago
Reinventing Consumer Services: from retailing, entertainment to elder care to delivery
medium · 1843 days ago
Reinventing Energy Services – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1844 days ago
Reinventing Financial, Insurance and Legal Services
medium · 1845 days ago
Reinventing Food & Agriculture – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1845 days ago
Reinventing Health, Disease Diagnosis & Management, Drug Discovery
medium · 1848 days ago
Reinventing Transportation – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1849 days ago
The Technology Soup – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1850 days ago
What Can Be Reimagined and Reinvented? – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1851 days ago
Beyond The Entrepreneur, What Does It Take? – Vinod Khosla – Medium
medium · 1852 days ago
Entrepreneurs, Not Institutions, Drive Big Innovation
medium · 1853 days ago
Opinion | A.I. and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty
nytimes · 1853 days ago
Complexity Explorables · 1855 days ago
2017 Book Recommendations: – Good Audience
blog.goodaudience · 1858 days ago
Insider Reflections on the ICO Bubble, Part II: What it takes to ICO.
hackernoon · 1859 days ago
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