Sharon Wienbar
How Twitter lost the celebs
washingtonpost · 261 days ago
Mattel unveils new inclusive toys, including Barbie with hearing aids
axios · 262 days ago
Open Ocean Regatta - Racing
row2k · 264 days ago
Why Women Do the Household Worrying (Published 2021)
nytimes · 268 days ago
The Major Findings of Harvard’s Report on Its Ties to Slavery
nytimes · 277 days ago
Firearms overtook auto accidents as the leading cause of death in children
npr · 281 days ago
A YouTuber Purposely Crashed His Plane in California, F.A.A. Says
nytimes · 283 days ago
The Tech Bubble That Never Burst
nytimes · 285 days ago
Elon Musk takes a swipe at Mark Zuckerberg's ironclad control of Meta and says it's set up so even 'Mark Zuckerberg the 14th' will be in charge of Facebook and Instagram
businessinsider · 288 days ago
Fast, the Troubled Fintech Startup, Is Shutting Down
theinformation · 299 days ago
Meta can’t buy TikTok, so it hired GOP operatives to run a smear campaign
arstechnica · 304 days ago
Keep Getting Lost? Maybe You Grew Up on the Grid.
nytimes · 304 days ago
Twitter rolls back its decision to force you into the out-of-order timeline
theverge · 320 days ago
Durian, avocado and pineapple lattes? This new S.F. cafe is betting on the rise of fruit in coffee
sfchronicle · 324 days ago
How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal?
theatlantic · 325 days ago
How the 18th Century Version of an X Prize Changed the World
davidepstein.bulletin · 326 days ago
Kyiv academic uses books to barricade his apartment window against Russian attacks.
lithub · 331 days ago
China Asked Russia to Delay Ukraine War Until After Olympics, U.S. Officials Say
nytimes · 332 days ago
U.S. Soccer and women's players settle equal pay lawsuit for $24 million
axios · 340 days ago
Ian McDonald, of the Bands King Crimson and Foreigner, Dies at 75
nytimes · 343 days ago
How Swiss watchmaker Omega measures Olympic greatness
axios · 345 days ago
Women's U.S. board seat gains are middle of the pack globally
cfodive · 346 days ago
George Clinton on Painting, P-Funk and His Artistic Legacy
nytimes · 346 days ago
Need a Life Coach? This 5-Year-Old Can Help.
nytimes · 347 days ago
N.F.L. was ‘aware’ Eminem planned to kneel during halftime performance.
nytimes · 349 days ago
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February 13, 2022
heathercoxrichardson.substack · 349 days ago
The DOJ’s $3.6B Seizure Shows How Hard It Is to Launder Crypto
wired · 353 days ago
The Olympics Have an Integrity Problem. Here's How to Fix It.
davidepstein.bulletin · 354 days ago
FarmVille Once Took Over Facebook. Now Everything Is FarmVille.
nytimes · 759 days ago
How Factories Make Pasta
theawesomer · 358 days ago
Cornichons Are the Best Not-Very-Fancy Fancy Snack
epicurious · 359 days ago
When biology influences technology: using bread to desalinate water · 359 days ago
Macy Gray - I Try (Official Video)
youtube · 366 days ago
tnholler · 367 days ago
Japan’s Monkey Queen Faces Challenge to Her Reign: Mating Season
nytimes · 372 days ago
Aretha Franklin "Nessun Dorma" Liveᴴᴰ (Grammy Awards)
youtube · 377 days ago
Graphic Designer Creates Typographic City Logos Based On Their Famous Landmarks
digitalsynopsis · 380 days ago
How Reliable Are Covid-19 Rapid Tests for Detecting Omicron?
wsj · 382 days ago
Tesla setting lets you drive like a jerk
axios · 383 days ago
He Has a Plan for Your Plan to Stop Him From Stopping You
nytimes · 384 days ago
My first impressions of web3
moxie · 386 days ago
Women finally getting equal treatment in NCAA Final Four branding
19thnews · 387 days ago
Brené on the Anatomy of Trust
brenebrown · 389 days ago
Amanda Gorman's end-of-year poem, 'New Day's Lyric' | AP News
apnews · 394 days ago
Of Mouth Molds and Michelin Stars: Chef Finds Fame After Epic Takedown
nytimes · 401 days ago
youtube · 401 days ago
Former McDonald’s CEO pays back $105 million to settle lawsuit alleging he concealed sexual relationships with employees
fortune · 408 days ago
FMWC – Financial Modeling World Cup | $20,000 Prize Fund
fmworldcup · 411 days ago
The Art of Disability Culture
cityofpaloalto · 413 days ago
Honey Butter Potato Chip Tower With Crispy Salami
epicurious · 414 days ago
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