Josh Wolfe
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Star Trek Deepfake
youtube · 21 hours ago
r/IAmA - Hello reddit, this is Matt Ridley—newspaper columnist, biologist, Tory peer, and author of The Rational Optimist, as well as the upcoming How Innovation Works. Please ask me (nearly) anything!
reddit · 22 hours ago
10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech: 2020
thefire · 23 hours ago
A thread written by @trengriffin · 1 day ago
Synthetic Biology, Hacking Google Maps, and the Science of Friendship: Lux Recommends #216
medium · 6 days ago
Learning How to Invest in the Future: Passion, Randomness, and Optionality | Josh Wolfe · 6 days ago
The Original Renegade
nytimes · 6 days ago
It's time to stop listening to Ray Dalio on China
businessinsider · 7 days ago
Runnin' Down a Dream: How to Succeed and Thrive in a Career You Love - Bill Gurley 9/14/2018
youtube · 347 days ago
Revolutionary cryo-EM is taking over structural biology
nature · 7 days ago
SoftBank profit wiped out by Vision Fund losses, second fund scaled back
reuters · 8 days ago
The coming IP war over facts derived from books · 8 days ago
Gut Microbiome, Fire and Forests, and KC Fireworks: Lux Recommends #215
medium · 12 days ago
Genome Editing: My Speech in the House of Lords
youtube · 16 days ago
Florence high schools receive new security screening system
scnow · 14 days ago
An artist wheeled 99 smartphones around in a wagon to create fake traffic jams on Google Maps
businessinsider · 15 days ago
Tesla directors settle, isolating Musk as SolarCity trial looms
reuters · 18 days ago
What Happens When "Dry Powder" Meets Liquid Markets? | Real Vision
realvision · 20 days ago
Tesla posts first annual profit
cnn · 21 days ago
Chips for Education | Bonfire
bonfire · 22 days ago
The Exceptional People of Nepal
medium · 36 days ago
Lux Capital's Zack Schildhorn on the Power of Narrative for Entrepreneurs
youtube · 28 days ago
Martian Radiation, Silicon Valley, and The Next Decade in Science: Lux Recommends #213
medium · 26 days ago
Episode 1: The Magic of Your Mind; CTRL-labs’ Neural Interface Unlocks Human Potential
medium · 29 days ago
DNC announces new criteria for New Hampshire debate
thehill · 33 days ago
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Big Calculator, Artificial Trees, and Pharma: Lux Recommends #212
medium · 34 days ago
New Tesla registrations in California nearly halved in the fourth quarter
cnbc · 35 days ago
On suing the Times
medium · 37 days ago
Away’s Former C.E.O. Is Returning as Co-Chief
nytimes · 38 days ago
Party like a spy: Spookstock is intel world’s hush-hush bash
apnews · 82 days ago
Medical AI, Lightsaber Duels, and Private Weather Predictions: Lux Recommends #211
medium · 41 days ago
Introducing Variant Bio: People-Driven Therapeutics
medium · 41 days ago
Demand For Fed Liquidity Rises, New York Fed Injects Nearly $100 Billion
wsj · 41 days ago
Evolv raises $30 million to expedite security screenings with AI
venturebeat · 42 days ago
Looking Glass is targeting enterprises and eventually gamers with 8K holographic display – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 43 days ago
FRNTIER: VC: The Rules of the Game
frntier.substack · 43 days ago
Lux Capital on Instagram: “We're sharing the full talk here from Lux Capital's 2019 Annual LP Meeting Dinner. Tell us what you think in the comments! Words +…”
instagram · 43 days ago
A sheep in wolf’s clothing: levels of deceit and detection in the evolution of cue-mimicry | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
royalsocietypublishing · 45 days ago
Al-Shabab attacks military base used by US forces in Kenya · 45 days ago
ISIS Affiliate in Nigeria Releases a Video Showing 11 Executions
nytimes · 53 days ago
It looks like a smartwatch, but this new device is helping people with tremors
khou · 61 days ago
Ancient Gum, Running Shoes, and Avatar: Lux Recommends #210
medium · 61 days ago
Hugging Face, l'intelligence artificielle en open source · 64 days ago
Hugging Face raises $15 million to build the definitive natural language processing library – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 64 days ago
Hugging Face raises $15 million to build open source community for cutting-edge conversational AI
venturebeat · 65 days ago
Our Investment in Hugging Face
medium · 65 days ago
If you like bad words, anti-heroes, and nudity on your favorite TV shows you can thank 'NYPD Blue'
businessinsider · 66 days ago
Variant Bio - People-Driven Therapeutics
variantbio · 70 days ago
5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Pitch, According to Experts
fortune · 70 days ago
Ex-Apple engineers cook up cheaper, more powerful tech for self-driving cars, and Volkswagen is interested
cnbc · 71 days ago
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