Josh Wolfe
Photos: Coney Island Joyfully Reopens After 18 Month Shutdown
gothamist · 1 day ago
Ultra-Black Fish, the iMac Processor, and Muons: Lux Recommends #273
lux-capital.medium · 1 day ago
Nike and MSCHF settle Satan Shoe lawsuit, say any ‘confused’ buyers can get a refund
theverge · 2 days ago
Xinjiang cotton: Western brands blurred on China TV
bbc · 3 days ago
A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics
nytimes · 3 days ago
Silicon Valley Revs Up for a ‘Hot Startup’ Summer
wired · 5 days ago
Why Animals Don’t Get Lost
newyorker · 6 days ago
open.spotify · 8 days ago
Shapeways: Tilt Hydrometer Case Study
shapeways · 10 days ago
Pipe-busting waste called 'fatbergs’ are growing in Tampa during the pandemic
tampabay · 11 days ago
France's love affair with nuclear power will continue, but change is afoot
cnbc · 11 days ago
Tesla double-charged some customers for new cars, leaving them desperate for refund details
cnbc · 12 days ago
Mouse Embryos, the Boundaries of Life, and AI-Generated Pickup Lines: Lux Recommends #271
lux-capital.medium · 15 days ago
Josh Wolfe - Inventing The Future (EP.40)
open.spotify · 16 days ago
Mithril dives into chips again with a $55M infusion to Flex Logix – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 16 days ago
Kymeta and Kepler team up to demonstrate satellite connectivity in Arctic deep freeze
geekwire · 16 days ago
Josh Wolfe - Inventing The Future (EP.40) | Infinite Loops
infiniteloopspodcast · 16 days ago
huggingtweets/wolfejosh · Hugging Face · 16 days ago
Shapeways: Kova Case Study
shapeways · 18 days ago
Protect Your Drones: Choose the Right Materials for 3D Printing
shapeways · 18 days ago
Flex Logix Raises $55M Series D Financing As It Accelerates Market Adoption of AI Inference and eFPGA Solutions
prnewswire · 19 days ago
Tesla Crash Suspected of Involving Autopilot Draws Investigation
wsj · 24 days ago
Coloring Book
open.spotify · 27 days ago
The Moon’s Tail, the Game of Life, and a Flying Ship: Lux Recommends #269
lux-capital.medium · 29 days ago
Tesla says its "Full Self-Driving" software doesn't actually mean cars are autonomous
axios · 28 days ago
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Making Sense Podcast #241 - Final Thoughts on Free Will | Sam Harris
samharris · 28 days ago
American Special Ops Forces Are Everywhere
theatlantic · 29 days ago
Congrats Hugging Face on their $40M Series B!
linkedin · 30 days ago
Boot fills Foot’s boots as Shoe Zone finance boss · 33 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Crowd-Safety Company Evolv Going Public in $1.7 Billion SPAC Merger
wsj · 33 days ago
18. Robert Sapolsky: “I Don’t Think We Have Any Free Will Whatsoever.”
open.spotify · 35 days ago
Solar Storms, Isaac Newton, and a Very Old Shark: Lux Recommends #268
lux-capital.medium · 36 days ago
Treasury to Invest $9 Billion in Minority Communities
nytimes · 36 days ago
The Golden Globes Were an Edge-of-Your-Seat Psychological Thriller
vulture · 40 days ago
List of most expensive buildings - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 43 days ago
Nuclear Power, a Martian Helicopter, and Digital Art: Lux Recommends #267
lux-capital.medium · 43 days ago
SPAC Frenzy Emboldens Silicon Valley Startups to Forgo Venture Funding
wsj · 43 days ago
Charlie Munger Renews Robinhood Criticism, Likens App to Racetrack Betting
wsj · 44 days ago
VC firms are launching SPACs, raising billions of dollars to potentially buy startups they're invested in
businessinsider · 46 days ago
The New York Times Tops 7.5 Million Subscriptions as Ads Decline
nytimes · 48 days ago
Matterport is now the newest iPhone and iPad’s most awesome 3D app
slashgear · 50 days ago
Lux Quarterly Letter Q4 2020_Redacted.pdf · 49 days ago
The Butterfly Forest, MetaHuman, and Pigs Playing Videogames: Lux Recommends #266
lux-capital.medium · 50 days ago
Learn About the Rover · 50 days ago
Improved 3D Printing with SLA: Refined Strength, Accuracy & Detail
shapeways · 52 days ago
Physical Bitcoins: Our Hands-On, End-to-End Review of Opendime
bitcoinmagazine · 54 days ago
Current Power Reactor Status Report · 54 days ago
The Strategy of the Fighter Pilot
fastcompany · 54 days ago
Strange Days (film) - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 56 days ago
Miniature Satellites Reveal Cause of Deadly Uttarakhand Flood That Devastated Hydroelectric Dams
scientificamerican · 56 days ago
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