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Lux Capital has raised $1.5 billion more to invest in — and create — new startups – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 114 days ago
The Billionaire Space Race Launches A New Venture Capital Solar System
forbes · 11 days ago
Privacy is an illusion
nydailynews · 13 days ago
Hugging Face – The AI community building the future. · 13 days ago
Artificial Cells, Gene Therapy, and Ancient Roman Humor: Lux Recommends #294
lux-capital.medium · 17 days ago
SALT New York: Main Stage
youtube · 14 days ago
Why this startup is trying to sail into the eye of the next hurricane - CNN Video
cnn · 17 days ago
Galileo Acquisition Corp. Announces Effectiveness of Registration Statement and Special Meeting Date for Proposed Business Combination with Shapeways - Shapeways
shapeways · 18 days ago
Foundation Medicine, Science 37 Partner to Develop Home-Based Clinical Trial Model
precisiononcologynews · 19 days ago
Michael K. Williams, Omar From ‘The Wire,’ Is Dead at 54
nytimes · 21 days ago
Wyndham Hotels: Loyalty Matters
joincolossus · 24 days ago
Present Future – Guy Perelmuter
presentfuturebook · 223 days ago
Pendant American Football Ball by dean08 on Shapeways
shapeways · 24 days ago
This Lidar Maker Could Win Big—and It Doesn't Involve Self-Driving Cars
barrons · 24 days ago
Supply Chains, Pluto, and Rare-Book Thieves: Lux Recommends #293
lux-capital.medium · 24 days ago
Benchling Names Salesforce Executive Lindsey Irvine as Chief Marketing Officer
prnewswire · 26 days ago
Eikon Therapeutics Appoints Alfred Bowie Jr, PhD as Chief Financial Officer
businesswire · 26 days ago
New hurricane-hunting drones deployed to help warn of intensifying storms: "This could be transformational"
cbsnews · 28 days ago
Rent-a-robot: Silicon Valley’s new answer to the labor shortage in smaller U.S. factories
reuters · 31 days ago
Disney Robots, Magic Windows, and Earth’s Biomass: Lux Recommends #292
lux-capital.medium · 31 days ago
Ramp raises $300M at a $3.9B valuation, makes its first acquisition – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 34 days ago
Animal PTSD, a Book Thief, and Twin Shipwrecks: Lux Recommends #291
lux-capital.medium · 38 days ago
The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library
matterport · 38 days ago
A Skeptical Stock Analyst Wins Big by Seeking Out Frauds
nytimes · 41 days ago
Breakthrough cases aren’t the cause of the US Covid-19 surge
vox · 45 days ago
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Circadian Diets, the Adirondack Chair, and a LEGO Space Computer: Lux Recommends #290
lux-capital.medium · 45 days ago
1 out of every 153 American workers is an Amazon employee
businessinsider · 56 days ago
Target Announces It Will Pay For Its Employees’ College Education
forbes · 48 days ago
Emerging Technologies and China’s Crackdown on Tech — with Josh Wolfe - The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway · 52 days ago
‎The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway: Emerging Technologies and China’s Crackdown on Tech — with Josh Wolfe on Apple Podcasts · 52 days ago
Saildrone Voyager: A Unique Solution for 24/7/365 Maritime Domain Awareness - Seapower
seapowermagazine · 56 days ago
Soil Science, Simulating Worlds, and English Spelling: Lux Recommends #288
lux-capital.medium · 59 days ago
Space start-up Varda, founded by SpaceX and Founders Fund veterans, aims to build factories in orbit
cnbc · 60 days ago
New exotic matter particle, a tetraquark, discovered
phys · 59 days ago
A 2nd New Nuclear Missile Base for China, and Many Questions About Strategy
nytimes · 62 days ago
China Is Building A Second Nuclear Missile Silo Field
fas · 62 days ago
Opinion | How Science Lost the Public’s Trust
wsj · 62 days ago
U.S. Population Growth, an Economic Driver, Grinds to a Halt
wsj · 62 days ago
Intel to build Qualcomm chips, aims to catch foundry rivals by 2025
reuters · 62 days ago
The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration - Kindle edition by Everts, Sarah. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @
amazon · 67 days ago
Olympics Spanish swimmer had to leave breastfeeding son at home
reuters · 67 days ago
China is pumping money out of the US with Bitcoin
cointelegraph · 69 days ago
Damage Control: Elon Musk Admits Cybertruck Could "Flop", Writes Off Summon Feature As Just A "Fun Trick"
zerohedge · 71 days ago
Strateos Closes $56 Million Series B Financing to Accelerate the Roll-Out of its SmartLab of the Future Platform · 111 days ago
Dead Startup Toys
deadstartuptoys · 77 days ago
Opinion | Big Tech and Big Finance Breed Hubris
wsj · 79 days ago
Protein Degradation, Social Mitochondria, and Multiparty Democracy: Lux Recommends #285
lux-capital.medium · 80 days ago
Planet Panic: Why I Quit Being A Professional Astrologer
refinery29 · 81 days ago
Radio Waves, Asteroids, and Fake Humans: Lux Recommends #284
lux-capital.medium · 87 days ago
America Is Running Low On Minivans
jalopnik · 86 days ago
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