Zachary Bogue
Trout's mom: If Mike can wear a mask while running bases, so can you
thescore · 5 days ago
The quiet campaign to make clean energy racist · 7 days ago
Perspective | The data is in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously
washingtonpost · 12 days ago
Countries where everyone wore masks saw COVID death rates 100 times lower than projected
fastcompany · 16 days ago
Barr Abruptly Seeks to Fire U.S. Attorney Who Investigated Trump Associates
nytimes · 21 days ago
Ban fishing supertrawlers
theecologist · 22 days ago
Opinion: We need better data about the environmental persistence of plastic goods
pnas · 24 days ago
A ‘misclassification error’ made the May unemployment rate look better than it is. Here’s what happened.
washingtonpost · 35 days ago
Opinion | Other countries are winning against the virus. We are quitting.
washingtonpost · 63 days ago
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Phenom (Official Music Video)
youtube · 83 days ago
Locusts and coronavirus: A Biblical nightmare strikes the horn of Africa
grist · 87 days ago
That Dog Has a Problem
inlander · 87 days ago
Governors on East and West coasts form pacts to decide when to reopen economies
cnn · 88 days ago
Opinion | Why the coronavirus models aren’t totally accurate
washingtonpost · 91 days ago
Save Lives, Ready Shovels
thenewatlantis · 107 days ago
If We’re Bailing Out Corporations, They Should Bail Out the Planet
newyorker · 110 days ago
Obesity now affects 42 percent of U.S. adults, CDC says
washingtonpost · 119 days ago
We're running out of wilderness
treehugger · 122 days ago
The 15 foods I most frequently freeze
treehugger · 127 days ago
Leather’s Carbon Footprint Is Immense, But This Plant-Based Alternative Could Be the Way Forward
vogue · 136 days ago
Global Financial Giants Swear Off Funding an Especially Dirty Fuel
nytimes · 149 days ago
Willie Nelson - Me and Paul (live @ later)
youtube · 149 days ago
How the oil industry pumped Americans full of fake news
grist · 154 days ago
Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record with a reading of 18.3C
theguardian · 154 days ago
Georgetown University Announces Fossil Fuel Divestment
ignatiansolidarity · 154 days ago
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Rand Paul reads alleged whistleblower's name and Republicans 'fine' with it
politico · 157 days ago
medium · 157 days ago
Harvard alumni are turning up the heat on fossil fuel divestment
grist · 157 days ago
Japan Races to Build New Coal-Burning Power Plants, Despite the Climate Risks
nytimes · 157 days ago
Opinion | How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder?
nytimes · 166 days ago
Stop saying Biden is the 'most electable'. Trump will run rings round him | Nathan Robinson
theguardian · 186 days ago
Opinion | Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide
nytimes · 189 days ago
This Was the Decade We Knew We Were Right
blogs.scientificamerican · 193 days ago
These corals could survive climate change — and help save the world’s reefs
nature · 198 days ago
We are really excited to launch the Oklo Medium blog. Why now?
medium · 212 days ago
Inside Intel’s billion-dollar transformation in the age of AI
fastcompany · 216 days ago
Coal Knew, Too
huffpost · 231 days ago
Two of America’s biggest coal plants closed this month
qz · 234 days ago
To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic
nytimes · 237 days ago
Robust evidence of declines in insect abundance and biodiversity
nature · 252 days ago
Climate emissions from tropical forest damage 'underestimated by a factor of six'
theguardian · 253 days ago
Rex Tillerson Testifies in Exxon Climate Change Case
nytimes · 253 days ago
Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows
nytimes · 255 days ago
Feds blow door off safe, issue subpoenas as probe into Giuliani associates escalates
cnn · 259 days ago
Kincade Fire: The Age of Flames Is Consuming California
wired · 260 days ago
This Is What Adapting to Climate Change Looks Like
theatlantic · 262 days ago
Opinion | Did Exxon Deceive Its Investors on Climate Change?
nytimes · 262 days ago
Oklo Fabricates Fuel Prototypes at Idaho National Laboratory
morningconsult · 266 days ago
Planet Announces More Spectral Bands, 50cm Resolution, Global Analytics, and Change Detection
planet · 269 days ago
Pixel Movers & Makers
pixelmoversandmakers · 271 days ago
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