Zachary Bogue
In defense of eco-hypocrisy
blog.usejournal · 5 hours ago
The Biological Revolution In Nitrogen
forbes · 2 days ago
PFAS compounds are the new DDT
qz · 2 days ago
Opinion | Who Do Jared and Ivanka Think They Are?
nytimes · 3 days ago
Facebook Wants to Feed Users More Local News. There Just Isn’t Enough of It.
wsj · 3 days ago
AI Algorithms Are Now Shockingly Good at Doing Science
quantamagazine · 4 days ago
One More Time, With Big Data: Measles Vaccine Doesn’t Cause Autism
nytimes · 12 days ago
Our planet just set a scary new carbon dioxide record
grist · 15 days ago
We need to talk about productivity debt. – Bruno Sánchez-A Nuño – Medium
medium · 18 days ago
The Overprotected American Child
wsj · 32 days ago
A Troubling Discovery in the Deepest Ocean Trenches
theatlantic · 20 days ago
Climate Change Is Here—and It Looks Like Starvation
thenation · 21 days ago
Norway's wealth fund ditches 33 palm oil firms over deforestation
reuters · 22 days ago
Colorado governor will sign bill aimed at bypassing Electoral College
thehill · 24 days ago
Open Letter From New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica Regarding Amazon · 27 days ago
How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis
gizmodo · 27 days ago
The Lab Discovering DNA in Old Books
theatlantic · 29 days ago
It’s time for California to let some of its thirsty farmland go
grist · 28 days ago
Senators Not Backing Green New Deal Received On Average 7 Times As Much Fossil Fuel Cash
huffpost · 29 days ago
Opinion | Time to Panic
nytimes · 33 days ago
Joining DCVC – Data Collective – Medium
medium · 38 days ago
To cut carbon emissions, the nuclear option isn't optional
thehill · 38 days ago
Trump’s Military Response To Migrant Caravan Foreshadows A Dark Long-Term Climate Policy
huffingtonpost · 44 days ago
A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report
theguardian · 45 days ago
Cory Booker — and his full-throated support of nuclear energy — enters the presidential race
grist · 49 days ago
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America colonisation ‘cooled climate’
bbc · 50 days ago
Dropbox snares HelloSign for $230M, gets workflow and eSignature
techcrunch · 53 days ago
The 500-Year-Long Science Experiment
theatlantic · 53 days ago
Private company launches "largest fleet of satellites in human history" to photograph Earth
cbsnews · 54 days ago
A coalition of giant brands is about to change how we shop forever, with a new zero-waste platform
fastcompany · 55 days ago
'I want you to panic': 16-year-old issues climate warning at Davos – video
theguardian · 56 days ago
Microsoft acquires Citus Data
techcrunch · 56 days ago
Pesticides Are Harming Bees in Literally Every Possible Way
wired · 56 days ago
People tend to have strong opinions about nuclear power. Meet a few who changed their minds.
grist · 59 days ago
New U.S. Drilling To Unleash 1,000 Coal Plants’ Worth Of Pollution By 2050
huffingtonpost · 65 days ago
Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’
theguardian · 65 days ago
People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds
theverge · 72 days ago
How Quickly Climate Change Is Accelerating, in 167 Maps
wired · 82 days ago
Minneapolis school lunch makeover verdict: It's working
kare11 · 82 days ago
There was no relationship between obesity and poverty — until high-fructose corn syrup
bigthink · 83 days ago
Trump’s EPA To Weaken Rule Limiting Coal Plant Mercury Emissions
huffingtonpost · 84 days ago
The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding
wired · 729 days ago
Doctors are asking Silicon Valley engineers to spend more time in the hospital before building apps
cnbc · 84 days ago
Opinion | This is what we were afraid of
washingtonpost · 88 days ago
Opinion | How the world’s resistance to China caught Xi Jinping off guard
washingtonpost · 88 days ago
A generational failure: As the U.S. fantasizes, the rest of the world builds a new transport system
thetransportpolitic · 90 days ago
London Launches 5-Year Plan To Entice More People To Fall In Love With Cycling
forbes · 95 days ago
At last, divestment is hitting the fossil fuel industry where it hurts | Bill McKibben
theguardian · 95 days ago
The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules
nytimes · 99 days ago
Spotify gives up SF Mid-Market office - and tax breaks - amid safety concerns
sfchronicle · 104 days ago
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