Zachary Bogue
New U.S. Drilling To Unleash 1,000 Coal Plants’ Worth Of Pollution By 2050
huffingtonpost · 5 days ago
Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’
theguardian · 5 days ago
People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds
theverge · 12 days ago
How Quickly Climate Change Is Accelerating, in 167 Maps
wired · 22 days ago
Minneapolis school lunch makeover verdict: It's working
kare11 · 22 days ago
There was no relationship between obesity and poverty — until high-fructose corn syrup
bigthink · 23 days ago
Trump’s EPA To Weaken Rule Limiting Coal Plant Mercury Emissions
huffingtonpost · 24 days ago
The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding
wired · 669 days ago
Doctors are asking Silicon Valley engineers to spend more time in the hospital before building apps
cnbc · 24 days ago
Opinion | This is what we were afraid of
washingtonpost · 28 days ago
Opinion | How the world’s resistance to China caught Xi Jinping off guard
washingtonpost · 28 days ago
A generational failure: As the U.S. fantasizes, the rest of the world builds a new transport system
thetransportpolitic · 30 days ago
London Launches 5-Year Plan To Entice More People To Fall In Love With Cycling
forbes · 35 days ago
At last, divestment is hitting the fossil fuel industry where it hurts | Bill McKibben
theguardian · 35 days ago
The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules
nytimes · 39 days ago
Spotify gives up SF Mid-Market office - and tax breaks - amid safety concerns
sfchronicle · 44 days ago
‘We are in trouble.’ Global carbon emissions reached a record high in 2018.
washingtonpost · 47 days ago
New Archive Reveals How the Food Industry Mimics Big Tobacco to Suppress Science, Shape Public Opinion | Civil Eats
civileats · 48 days ago
Palm Oil Was Supposed to Help Save the Planet. Instead It Unleashed a Catastrophe.
nytimes · 58 days ago
Climate change will shrink US economy and kill thousands, government report warns
cnn · 59 days ago
Major Trump administration climate report says damage is ‘intensifying across the country’
washingtonpost · 59 days ago
How tiny satellites helped California fight fires
qz · 62 days ago
A Republican won the Georgia governor's race, but it was tainted by voter suppression
motherjones · 65 days ago
‘Being silenced is not acceptable’: Doctors express outrage after NRA tells them ‘to stay in their lane’
washingtonpost · 71 days ago
Why We're Taking a Hard Look at Nuclear Power Plant Closures
blog.ucsusa · 74 days ago
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Wait, Have We Really Wiped Out 60 Percent of Animals?
theatlantic · 80 days ago
The day The Chronicle discovered burritos will live in infamy
sfchronicle · 81 days ago
Third of Britons have stopped or reduced eating meat - report
theguardian · 81 days ago
Opinion | Big Oil is sloshing a crude tsunami across the country
washingtonpost · 82 days ago
Pittsburgh suspect echoed talking point that dominated Fox News airwaves
cnn · 83 days ago
The Alternative to Ideology - Niskanen Center
niskanencenter · 83 days ago
Where will the 'water wars' of the future be fought?
bigthink · 90 days ago
Evacuations Begin Before 'Extremely Dangerous' Hurricane Willa Slams Mexico
time · 90 days ago
Who Are My Investors? – AVC
avc · 92 days ago
Climate change and the 75% problem · 96 days ago
Opinion | Republicans may be about to steal an election in Georgia
washingtonpost · 101 days ago
Hurricane Michael is a monster storm and an unnatural disaster
grist · 103 days ago
Freenome Unveils Promising Early Data on Colorectal Cancer Screening Test at American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting
businesswire · 104 days ago
Requiem for the Supreme Court
theatlantic · 106 days ago
The Tenderloin and SoMa: San Francisco's safe sites for drug dealers
sfchronicle · 107 days ago
What a Beetle’s Genital Worms Reveals About the Concept of Individuality
theatlantic · 110 days ago
We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup | George Monbiot
theguardian · 119 days ago
If California wants to go carbon-free, it needs to end its nuclear moratorium
latimes · 119 days ago
State of California and Planet Announce Groundbreaking Initiative to Support Action on Climate Change
planet · 128 days ago
Opinion | Climate change wrought this freak of nature
washingtonpost · 131 days ago
Quickly Reduce the Amount of Plastic You Throw Away
lifehacker · 135 days ago
Hundreds of thousands expected to join global climate marches this weekend
theguardian · 136 days ago
Don Williams If Hollywood don't need you
youtube · 136 days ago
An ocean ‘heat wave’ just drove temperatures off Maine to near-record highs
washingtonpost · 140 days ago
Kids are so busy that doctors are telling parents to schedule playtime
qz · 148 days ago
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