Zavain Dar
Sources: Martin Shkreli Thrown In Solitary Confinement After Claims He Ran Company From Prison
forbes · 1702 days ago
Advertising Pics
advertisingpics.tumblr · 1703 days ago
San Francisco’s black population dwindling
seattletimes · 1710 days ago
Myspace, Once the King of Social Networks, Lost Years of Data From Its Heyday
nytimes · 1714 days ago
Developer Success: Highlights Q1 2019
blog.blockstack · 1715 days ago
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs
theatlantic · 1720 days ago
Man who scared away gunman at Christchurch mosque hailed a hero · 1717 days ago
The Future Is Now: Drone Racing
medium · 1726 days ago
Recursion Pharmaceuticals accelerates drug discovery with Google Cloud | Google Cloud Blog · 1732 days ago
A billion-dollar empire made from mobile homes
latimes · 1743 days ago
Penny Stock Auris Medical Spikes On Case Of Mistaken Identity (NASDAQ:EARS)
benzinga · 1749 days ago
Auris Health: Seeing the Future and Making It – Lux Capital – Medium
medium · 1749 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg
facebook · 1758 days ago
Zymergen 101
youtube · 1760 days ago
PG&E Votes To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
sanfrancisco.cbslocal · 1765 days ago
17-year-old Biggie Smalls freestyling
kottke · 1782 days ago
Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Two: Blockstack and the Great Pendulum of History
hackernoon · 1786 days ago
Apple’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Earnings Warning
daringfireball · 1791 days ago
Outrage after Netflix pulls comedy show criticising Saudi Arabia
theguardian · 1792 days ago
Reading Into Albert Einstein’s God Letter
newyorker · 1797 days ago
Learn to Build Decentralized Applications In an Hour: Introducing ‘Zero-to-Dapp’
blog.blockstack · 1810 days ago
Rocky Bergen's Retro Computer Papercraft –
waxy · 1814 days ago
Runway: Artificial Intelligence for Augmented Creativity. · 1818 days ago
Harvard professor suggests healthy portion of fries contains only 6
news.meredithlmg · 1820 days ago
Careers Home (landing) - Recursion Pharmaceuticals
recursionpharma · 1820 days ago
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Goldman Sachs to Buy $200 Million Stake in General Catalyst
wsj · 1820 days ago
Machine Learning, Empiricism, and Epistemology in Tech
medium · 1821 days ago
Ep. 11: Zavain Dar, Lux Capital from The Boost VC Podcast
stitcher · 1821 days ago
Auris Health Announces $220 Million Growth Financing
businesswire · 1826 days ago
TURF FEINZ RIP RichD Dancing in the Rain Oakland Street | YAK FILMS
youtube · 1828 days ago
Unpacking Alpha in Venture Capital — Chapter 1: Setting the Context
medium · 1833 days ago
Quantum Computing, Playing Tetris, and an Earth Puzzle: Lux Recommends #157
medium · 1838 days ago
CogX 2018 - Machine Learning and New Radical Empiricism
youtube · 1839 days ago
The 14 Features of Eternal Fascism
kottke · 1849 days ago
The History of Philosophy
denizcemonduygu · 1850 days ago
How a Woman Becomes a Lake
newyorker · 1851 days ago
Juul Offered Schools As Much As $20,000 To Roll Out A Vaping Curriculum It Developed
buzzfeednews · 1855 days ago
Browsing the Stacks: A Photo Appreciation of Libraries
theatlantic · 1860 days ago
I’m very sorry, but you’re going to have to learn to love the blockchain
techcrunch · 1877 days ago
Slavoj Zizek explains Ideology as seen through the sunglasses
youtube · 1877 days ago
Control Panel
control--panel · 1889 days ago
Med School Robots, A Driveable LEGO Car, and the Web Design Museum: Lux Recommends #147
medium · 1908 days ago
Harvard Business School professor: Half of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years
cnbc · 1911 days ago
It's Story Time | By Joel Embiid
theplayerstribune · 1915 days ago
Blockstack - A New Internet for Decentralized Apps
youtube · 1933 days ago
github · 1933 days ago
Artificial intelligence can now help write Wikipedia pages for overlooked scientists
popsci · 1938 days ago
Please ask me for money. – Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 1940 days ago
Machine-Generated Knowledge Bases · 1940 days ago
The Exosome, Fortnite, and American Land Usage: Lux Recommends #142
medium · 1943 days ago
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