gonzocons 2.0, Icon Font containing 100 line icons
gonzodesign.nl · 2579 days ago
Reddit's Terrible Volume Controls Teach Good Design
lifehacker · 2579 days ago
Summer Solstice Flash Sale - All Book Packs!
abookapart · 2580 days ago
Prodigy, Rapper Who Helped Forge the Sound of New York Hip-Hop, Dies at 42
nytimes · 2580 days ago
The iPhone Is 10 Years Old. Here’s the Story of Its Birth.
nytimes · 2580 days ago
Free icons for product design
invisionapp · 2580 days ago
Silicon Valley S04E07: Erlich Bachman Mansplaining
youtube · 2581 days ago
An Event Apart Boston 2017, Wrap-Up Edition
six03 · 2581 days ago
The Best Part Of Any Movie Is When Someone Says The Title, So Here’s 5 Minutes Of That
fastcompany · 2582 days ago
Opinion | Only Mass Deportation Can Save America
nytimes · 2584 days ago
Is Lyft really the 'woke' alternative to Uber?
theguardian · 2664 days ago
Amazon’s Move Signals End of Line for Many Cashiers
nytimes · 2583 days ago
Stipend | Macktez
macktez · 2584 days ago
Report: Secret Apple team is working to make your iPhone a medical record hub
macworld · 2584 days ago
Big Web Show № 159: If You Can’t Stand the Heatmaps, Stay Out of the Conversion, with @nickd - Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design
zeldman · 2584 days ago
Revealed: Facebook exposed identities of moderators to suspected terrorists
theguardian · 2585 days ago
Results of the Ultimate CSS Survey 2017 — SitePoint
sitepoint · 2586 days ago
Design and Vulnerability – Meagan Fisher – Medium
medium · 2585 days ago
Jen Simmons: The Tools I Use
aneventapart · 2586 days ago
Release Day! June 13th, 2017 – Creative Culture – Medium
medium · 2587 days ago
'This needs to stop': Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs' statement to court
theguardian · 2588 days ago
How to Read a Message in iMessage for iPhone without the Sender Knowing You Saw it - Apple, Tips and Tricks
tips.applenws · 2589 days ago
John McCain: Obama was a better world leader than Trump | Raw Story
rawstory · 2589 days ago
Trump’s lawyer in Russia probe has clients with Kremlin ties
washingtonpost · 2591 days ago
A Photo of James Comey Takes the Internet by Storm
nytimes · 2591 days ago
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Opinion | James Comey and the Predator in Chief
nytimes · 2592 days ago
Jeffrey Zeldman Shares His Advice for Aspiring Freelance Web Designers – Shopify
shopify · 2591 days ago
Left to our own devices. — ethanmarcotte.com
ethanmarcotte · 2592 days ago
Celebrate the web by using another browser than Google’s Chrome
m.signalvnoise · 2592 days ago
Episode 7 of The UIE Podcast: Spirits, Claws, and Analytics — A study in superstition and science — UIE.fm — The UX Podcast Network
uie.fm · 2614 days ago
Fred Gates by rolanddubois - 3D model
sketchfab · 2592 days ago
List: Excerpts from James Comey’s Opening Statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee or from Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day?
mcsweeneys · 2593 days ago
A day without Javascript | sonniesedge
sonniesedge.co.uk · 2593 days ago
Jeffrey Zeldman: The Tools I Use
aneventapart · 2593 days ago
A Love Letter to CSS
developer.telerik · 2600 days ago
Analysis | The Persian Gulf crisis over Qatar, explained
washingtonpost · 2594 days ago
Want to Be Creative on Purpose? Schedule It
nytimes · 2594 days ago
New data on the types of ads internet users hate the most
medium.freecodecamp · 2594 days ago
Morley Safer 7 - The New Yorker
newyorker · 2594 days ago
Opinion | The Lawless Presidency
nytimes · 2594 days ago
Color Accessibility Workflows: Available Now!
abookapart · 2595 days ago
Color Accessibility Workflows
alistapart · 2595 days ago
Getting Systematic About Design Systems | Viget
viget · 2595 days ago
Fun with Viewport Units | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 2595 days ago
Jean Sammet, Co-Designer of a Pioneering Computer Language, Dies at 89
nytimes · 2596 days ago
Trump lashes out at Sadiq Khan again in wake of London attack
theguardian · 2595 days ago
Ask Dr. Web—Live
alistapart · 2596 days ago
Dissecting Marissa Mayer’s $900,000-a-Week Yahoo Paycheck
nytimes · 2597 days ago
Opinion | Trump, the caricature of the ugly American, demeans us all
washingtonpost · 2596 days ago
Opinion | With his London tweets, Trump embarrasses himself — and America — once again
washingtonpost · 2597 days ago
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