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RECENTLY SHARED’s Soroush Ghodsi the youngest Canadian entrepreneur to join Y Combinator
betakit · 1440 days ago
Data Landing Page |
humanprogress · 1576 days ago
Can we cure the British disease? - CapX · 1442 days ago
Fisker’s EMotion Tesla competitor will make its official debut at CES 2018
techcrunch · 1442 days ago
One of Silicon Valley's biggest CEOs just backed a universal basic income · 1442 days ago
Tools of Modern JavaScript Projects
youtube · 1443 days ago
Tools of modern JavaScript projects by Kent C. Dodds
slides · 1443 days ago
Lambda School Reviews | Course Report
coursereport · 1443 days ago
Artemis Health Secures $16 Million Series B Round to Equip Employers with Actionable Employment Benefits Data
marketwired · 1445 days ago
why selection bias is the most powerful force in education
fredrikdeboer · 1447 days ago
Fact check: Has the UN begun relief efforts in Tabqa, Syria? • Grasswire
grasswire · 1451 days ago
Paul Manafort Spends Afternoon Making House Look Presentable For Next FBI Raid
theonion · 1452 days ago
Another tech titan joins Mark Zuckerberg in supporting free cash handouts for Americans
cnbc · 1452 days ago
Lambda School - Product Hunt
producthunt · 1453 days ago
Lambda School aims to cash in by upskilling untapped talent
techcrunch · 1454 days ago
College Is Trade School for the Elite
wsj · 1454 days ago
Martin Shkreli Live Stream
youtube · 1457 days ago
It's not just Zuckerberg — Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield is a big fan of universal basic income
businessinsider · 1457 days ago
Jobs in U.S. Haven’t Been This Hard to Fill Since 2000
bloomberg · 1457 days ago
Struggling Americans Once Sought Greener Pastures—Now They’re Stuck
wsj · 1458 days ago
Outback Steakhouse Denies Illuminati Ties
foodandwine · 1461 days ago
Reddit raised $200 million in funding and is now valued at $1.8 billion
recode · 1461 days ago
How New Technology Could Threaten a Woman's Right to Abortion
gizmodo · 1463 days ago
Tesla Model 3 can now officially cost only ~$25,000 in California after incentives · 1466 days ago
Demand Utah
demandutah · 1466 days ago
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Stop Focusing on Profitability and Go for Growth
hbr · 1552 days ago
The word “natural” helps sell $40 billion worth of food in the U.S. every year—and the label means nothing
washingtonpost · 1469 days ago
Say Goodbye To X+Y: Should Community Colleges Abolish Algebra?
npr · 1472 days ago
Contact Austen Allred for $5 · 1474 days ago
As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away
nytimes · 1474 days ago
Click here to support Apartment for Vladimir & Millichka organized by Austen Allred
gofundme · 1474 days ago
Will SpaceX become the world’s biggest telecoms provider? Probably.
hackernoon · 1476 days ago
Bitcoin Price Index - Real-time Bitcoin Price Charts
coindesk · 1556 days ago
I Lived in My Car to Save Money for My Startup. Here's How It Went.
slate · 1478 days ago
Comcast Supports Net Neutrality on the Internet Day of Action · 1479 days ago
Image Augmentation for Deep Learning using Keras and Histogram Equalization
medium · 1482 days ago
Jurisdictional Competition – AVC
avc · 1482 days ago
Up to 14% of community college students are homeless, new study says
college.usatoday · 1482 days ago
Umbrella-sharing startup loses nearly all of its 300,000 umbrellas in a matter of weeks
shanghaiist · 1482 days ago
Here's why the average millionaire's college GPA is 2.9
youtube · 1483 days ago
Thiel Fellows Program Is “Most Misdirected Piece Of Philanthropy,” Says Larry Summers
techcrunch · 1502 days ago
Controversial U of T professor making nearly $50,000 a month through crowdfunding | Toronto Star
thestar · 1485 days ago
Go Long Chicken Wings If You're Bullish on Driverless Cars
bloomberg · 1487 days ago
Analysis | The amount of work that once bought an hour of light now buys 51 years of it
washingtonpost · 1490 days ago
The U.S. fertility rate just hit a historic low. Why some demographers are freaking out.
washingtonpost · 1490 days ago
RV dwellers in Palo Alto neighborhood forced to motor on
sfgate · 1491 days ago
I ask 100 information questions to four digital assistants. All of them fail at least half.
vlad.d2dx · 1492 days ago
LendUp gets strategic investment from PayPal and adds to its executive team
techcrunch · 1494 days ago
A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree
nytimes · 1494 days ago
The 1930s 'Pedestrian Catcher' That Promised to End Jaywalking Deaths
atlasobscura · 1495 days ago
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