Barry Eggers
Why even John Deere is getting into the space race
emergingtechbrew · 46 days ago
How solar farms in space might beam electricity to Earth
bbc · 143 days ago
Shark-Human Alliance Uncovers World’s Largest Sea Prairie
bloomberg · 144 days ago
NASA Poised to Break Sound Barrier in New Way · 162 days ago
Scientists discover ancient shark swimming in a really strange place
mashable · 197 days ago
A giant space tarantula has been caught by NASA's Webb telescope
cnn · 198 days ago
Start Spreading the News: Lightspeed has a new home in New York City
medium · 206 days ago
Hubble Gazes at a Star-Studded Skyfield · 234 days ago
7 reasons why emotional leaders are the future
fastcompany · 246 days ago
NASA Reveals Webb Telescope’s First Images of Unseen Universe · 256 days ago
Editorial: California's drought response isn't working. It's time to order cuts in water use.
latimes · 369 days ago
Dremio raises $160M Series E for its data lake platform – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 431 days ago
Excelling As A Great Resignation-Era Entrepreneur
inc · 449 days ago
40 Rising Stars to tap into in 2022 | Venture Capital Journal
venturecapitaljournal · 452 days ago
3 Reasons a Broke LeBron James Turned Away His First Million Dollar Check
inc · 486 days ago
NASA Astronaut to Be First Black Woman to Join Space Station Crew
nytimes · 494 days ago
VC money used to be trapped in Silicon Valley, leaving startups in other parts of the US out in the cold. Work from home is changing that.
businessinsider · 501 days ago
Astronauts grew green chile on the space station and made themselves space tacos
npr · 505 days ago
After 30 days in the ocean, these fibers fully biodegrade
fastcompany · 509 days ago
Orion: Nasa's Moon-ship is attached to SLS megarocket
bbc · 516 days ago
Who Are the World’s Biggest Climate Polluters? Satellites Sweep for Culprits
wsj · 522 days ago
There's Likely Dead Shark In Your Makeup
vice · 530 days ago
17 tips from successful CEOs and founders to starting a successful business
entrepreneur · 549 days ago
College basketball starts in 50 days, so here are 50 things to know about the 2021-22 season
cbssports · 555 days ago
NASA Innovations Will Help US Meet Sustainable Aviation Goals · 561 days ago
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Serverless Cloud: Next-Gen Serverless App Platform
serverless · 575 days ago
Startups in Latin America raise record VC in 2021 | PitchBook
pitchbook · 583 days ago
VCs had an idea of what successful founders looked like, and they didn’t look like me
fastcompany · 592 days ago
It’s Time to Join the No-Copy Movement
dremio · 597 days ago
He’s the Most Interesting Man in Olympic Basketball. And the Most Improbable.
wsj · 603 days ago
Opinion: America needs a startup visa program to aid entrepreneurs
mercurynews · 605 days ago
PledgeLA: Los Angeles tops U.S. funding for startups led by women and people of color
venturebeat · 605 days ago
Barry Eggers on The Power of Trust and Leverage by What's Essential hosted by Greg McKeown · 609 days ago
Iceland tested a 4-day workweek. Employees were productive — and happier, researchers say.
washingtonpost · 625 days ago
Here's How to Tell Within 5 Minutes If Someone Has High Emotional Intelligence
inc · 656 days ago
New coral reef restoration technology aims to reverse climate change damage
nypost · 659 days ago
What makes a great builder? It’s the mission that matters
fastcompany · 674 days ago
Mars and the Wright brothers are connected. Here's how | Popular Science
popsci · 676 days ago
Billy Bosworth on LinkedIn: There’s a War for Your Data
linkedin · 680 days ago
The Most Compelling — And Overlooked — Slide in Fundraising Pitch Decks
medium · 687 days ago
A giant piece of space debris is falling to Earth. It probably won't hit you. | Popular Science
popsci · 688 days ago
Effective data leaders focus on decision-making, sharing, Gartner says
venturebeat · 691 days ago
Linux Foundation launches open source agriculture infrastructure project
venturebeat · 696 days ago
🏒 The NHL's second screen
axios · 697 days ago
The explanation behind warp speed Popular Science
theconversation · 702 days ago
CRN® Recognizes Dremio on Its 2021 Big Data 100 List
businesswire · 704 days ago
Scientists develop a truly recyclable plastic. Is the world ready for it?
fastcompany · 705 days ago
The Cold War Over Hacking McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines
wired · 711 days ago
Why is it so hard to review the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Data.
technologyreview · 711 days ago
Turns Out, Spock Is Kinda Bad at Logic
wired · 712 days ago
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