Barry Eggers
A giant piece of space debris is falling to Earth. It probably won't hit you. | Popular Science
popsci · 2 hours ago
Effective data leaders focus on decision-making, sharing, Gartner says
venturebeat · 3 days ago
Linux Foundation launches open source agriculture infrastructure project
venturebeat · 8 days ago
🏒 The NHL's second screen
axios · 9 days ago
The explanation behind warp speed Popular Science
theconversation · 14 days ago
CRN® Recognizes Dremio on Its 2021 Big Data 100 List
businesswire · 15 days ago
Scientists develop a truly recyclable plastic. Is the world ready for it?
fastcompany · 17 days ago
The Cold War Over Hacking McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines
wired · 23 days ago
Why is it so hard to review the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Data.
technologyreview · 23 days ago
Turns Out, Spock Is Kinda Bad at Logic
wired · 24 days ago
How to Survive a Killer Asteroid
wired · 30 days ago
What happened to a case of top-notch Bordeaux when it went into space?
euronews · 48 days ago
How many robot helpers are too many?
venturebeat · 48 days ago
Man Says He Lived in Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium for Years
nytimes · 51 days ago
Protecting 30 percent of the oceans would benefit the entire planet
popsci · 55 days ago
Nike and Adidas are locked in a digital arms race
qz · 63 days ago
How to use storytelling strategies to get your emails answered
fastcompany · 66 days ago
Why Startups Fail | Lessons From 150 Founders
wilburlabs · 71 days ago
Sci-fi carbon coins could actually save our planet
popsci · 72 days ago
So Long, Fry’s. I Learned Everything About Gadgets From You
wired · 77 days ago
We’re Just Rediscovering a 19th-Century Pandemic Strategy
theatlantic · 78 days ago
Man with cerebral palsy reflects on letter that helped inspire Nike’s hands-free shoe
today · 80 days ago
Adam Grant: How the Best Leaders Rethink and Unlearn What They Know
inc · 84 days ago
The New England Patriots’ 7-Word Tweet to Tom Brady Is a Powerful Lesson in Emotional Intelligence
inc · 91 days ago
AI holds the key to even better AI
venturebeat · 99 days ago
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Opinion | ‘They’re lost.’ The pandemic is taking a silent toll on athletes young and old
thestar · 101 days ago
Why remote work may render the 5-day workweek obsolete
fastcompany · 104 days ago
Want to Be a Data Scientist? Don’t Start With Machine Learning - KDnuggets
kdnuggets · 106 days ago
Working from home isn’t the same as collaborating from home
cio · 107 days ago
Lightspeed Scouts - Lightspeed Venture Partners
lsvp · 113 days ago
Why a free afternoon each week can boost employees’ sense of autonomy
fastcompany · 112 days ago
NASA Is Training an AI to Detect Fresh Craters on Mars
wired · 113 days ago
Researchers propose using the game Overcooked to benchmark collaborative AI systems
venturebeat · 114 days ago
7 Leadership Strategies that Build Trust with Your Remote Team
calendar · 119 days ago
A Timeout for the N.B.A.’s Halftime Performers Is Costing Them Big
nytimes · 125 days ago
Why I'm feeling hopeful about the environment in 2021
bbc · 125 days ago
Dremio Officially a ‘Unicorn’ As it Reaches $1B Valuation
datanami · 126 days ago
Commentary: After 2020, we all need a gap year
fortune · 136 days ago
The enduring bond between Jackie Robinson and the man who guided him to the majors
espn · 129 days ago
Forbes Favorites 2020: The Year’s Best Dining Stories
forbes · 134 days ago
Secrets of 10 of the World’s Most Productive People
fastcompany · 142 days ago
The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction—and Other Stuff in the Night Sky
wired · 146 days ago
New research finds if you grow a beard, you can grow your sales
fastcompany · 147 days ago
Days of Yore: On the Discovery of Abandoned Soviet-era Computers · 148 days ago
Crystal Ball 2021: Predictions for the economy, politics, technology, and more
fortune · 149 days ago
10 good-news stories for wildlife in 2020
nationalgeographic · 149 days ago
13 discoveries in the last year have fundamentally altered our understanding of human history
businessinsider · 150 days ago
The Most Loved Brands, by Generation
visualcapitalist · 153 days ago
Just a Bunch of Stunning Award-Winning Photos of Spaces Reclaimed by Nature
vice · 156 days ago
The 3 steps to making tough decisions—bold advice from an ex-Marine officer
fastcompany · 160 days ago
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