Blair Reeves
Opinion | The Future of Work Should Mean Working Less
nytimes · 1 day ago
Salesforce Supports Climate Investments Outlined in U.S. Budget Reconciliation Package
salesforce · 6 days ago
Why You Shouldn’t Pay Remote Workers Based on Where They Live
marker.medium · 10 days ago
Salesforce offers to relocate employees and their families after Texas abortion law goes into effect
cnbc · 14 days ago
Amazon to cover 100% of college tuition for U.S. hourly employees
cnbc · 15 days ago
Michael K. Williams Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Wire' to 'Lovecraft Country' | Vanity Fair
youtube · 17 days ago
Sid Meier's Memoir!
audible · 18 days ago
Caste (Oprah's Book Club)
audible · 20 days ago
Match CEO and Bumble create relief funds for employees affected by Texas abortion law
cnbc · 21 days ago
Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future
theatlantic · 29 days ago
The Current Affair at Current Affairs Is That Everyone Has Been Fired
gawker · 37 days ago
The Cult of We
audible · 39 days ago
Blame the Army, not Biden, for our panicked evacuation from Afghanistan – Kevin Drum
jabberwocking · 40 days ago
Felt raised $4.5 million to get you to ‘think in maps’ – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 45 days ago
The Offspring oust drummer Pete Parada for choosing not to get COVID vaccine
consequence · 52 days ago
No Politics Till the 7th Date? How Journalists Try to Stay Impartial (Published 2020)
nytimes · 55 days ago
I just gave to Young Democrats of North Carolina!
secure.actblue · 56 days ago
Amazon Unbound
audible · 62 days ago
The California Dream Is Dying
theatlantic · 65 days ago
What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?
nytimes · 70 days ago
Broadcom in talks to buy software firm SAS Institute - WSJ
reuters · 74 days ago
A Promised Land
audible · 77 days ago
Chinese Millennials Are ‘Chilling,’ and Beijing Isn’t Happy About It
nytimes · 83 days ago
‘Take the Ship’: Conservatives Aim to Commandeer Southern Baptists
nytimes · 104 days ago
Snowflake relocates executive office from California to Bozeman, Montana, as company goes distributed
cnbc · 121 days ago
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The Costly Pursuit of Self-Driving Cars Continues On. And On. And On.
nytimes · 123 days ago
Klara and the Sun
audible · 123 days ago
Rumble in the jungle: what animals would win in a fight? | YouGov
today.yougov · 133 days ago
The Passage of Power
audible · 149 days ago
Infographic: Workers Want to Stay Put in Home Office
statista · 150 days ago
Mars sucks | Mars Sucks
marssucks · 156 days ago
Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy
nytimes · 158 days ago
Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform
apnews · 355 days ago
Op-Ed: Hey, Liberals—It's Time to Learn to Live With Big Money in Politics
indyweek · 163 days ago
Bernie Madoff, Architect of Largest Ponzi Scheme in History, Is Dead at 82
nytimes · 163 days ago
Once a Backer of Military Force, Biden Nominee Now Embraces Soft Power
nytimes · 164 days ago
The Leisure Agenda ❖ People’s Policy Project
peoplespolicyproject · 689 days ago
Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters’ Towns, Study Finds
nytimes · 171 days ago
Graham says SC people of color can go anywhere in the state but 'need to be conservative, not liberal'
thehill · 172 days ago
John Boehner unloads on Republican "crazy caucus" in new book excerpt
axios · 175 days ago
Detective divorcing wife after she was seen in videos at US Capitol riot with other man
nypost · 185 days ago
NFTs, explained. | Foundation · 185 days ago
Beeple NFT becomes most expensive ever sold at auction after fetching over $60 million
cnbc · 197 days ago
Public Corruption in North Carolina
blog.wataugawatch · 200 days ago
Whig-Clio votes to rescind James Madison Award from Sen. Ted Cruz ’92
dailyprincetonian · 202 days ago
The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed
forbes · 212 days ago
Rural Broadband Is a Bad Joke
blog.wataugawatch · 212 days ago
Bitcoin Plunge Reveals Possible Vulnerabilities In Crazy Imaginary Internet Money
theonion · 213 days ago
Carolina Forward
facebook · 215 days ago
Ted Cruz Abandons Millions of Freezing Texans and His Poodle, Snowflake
nymag · 218 days ago
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