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Francis Gooding · From Its Myriad Tips: Mushroom Brain · LRB 20 May 2021 · 36 days ago
Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42
nytimes · 56 days ago
Hooray, Hooray the first of May!
caterina · 58 days ago
Fraudulent reviews on, with an assist from Indeed itself
caterina · 67 days ago
Job Search | Indeed
indeed · 67 days ago
The Seed 25: The best female early-stage investors
businessinsider · 81 days ago
Is the Music Over at Mills College?
nytimes · 84 days ago
Japon : la floraison des cerisiers n’a jamais été aussi précoce depuis 812 · 84 days ago
RAPE IS RAPE: Add your name if you believe that every act of non-consensual sex should be treated the same under the law.
actionnetwork · 92 days ago
Rita Payés – Nunca vas a comprender
caterina · 108 days ago
Rita Payés - Nunca vas a comprender
youtube · 108 days ago
Fellini, Scorsese and Me
caterina · 126 days ago
Our 25 Most Anticipated Documentaries of 2021
nonfics · 144 days ago
Woody: It's easy to overlook what matters the most
richmond · 144 days ago
Even more Trump family members are reportedly moving to Florida
businessinsider · 159 days ago
Opinion | Eric Schneiderman and the Meaning of Strangulation (Published 2018)
nytimes · 161 days ago
Justice News · 163 days ago
Statement on Misinformation on Social Media Regarding the Office of the Pardon Attorney · 163 days ago
Autocratic Capture Threatens Democracy - Protect Democracy
protectdemocracy · 163 days ago
I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now
indica.medium · 165 days ago
Google removes Parler, popular with Trump supporters, from app store for Android
cnbc · 165 days ago
Recommendations for Migri
caterina · 185 days ago
Online services - Maahanmuuttovirasto · 186 days ago
Race Relief
caterina · 195 days ago
Don't Be Weird About Cast Iron
foodandwine · 195 days ago
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When Black Women Go From Office Pet to Office Threat
zora.medium · 376 days ago
Dr. Timnit Gebru, Joy Buolamwini, Deborah Raji — an Enduring Sisterhood of Face Queens
onezero.medium · 200 days ago
Donald Trump’s Spotify 2020 Wrapped
mcsweeneys · 200 days ago
Trump raises more than $207 million since Election Day as he pushes baseless election fraud claims
cnn · 201 days ago
Go Inside the Most Iconic Nightclubs in History | Architectural Digest
architecturaldigest · 206 days ago
Clemency Recipients · 209 days ago
‎Should This Exist?: A world without our devices on Apple Podcasts · 209 days ago
Take Action - Warnock for Georgia
warnockforgeorgia · 226 days ago
Run Your Ossoff Daily Phone Banks · Jon Ossoff for Senate · 226 days ago
Ethical Explorer Pack – Tools to help manage the future impact of today’s tech
ethicalexplorer · 342 days ago
Biden-Harris Transition Team Official Website
buildbackbetter · 230 days ago
Forget the Exit Polls, Watch Florida, Ignore Pennsylvania
theatlantic · 231 days ago
The people trying to get in Biden's head on holding tech accountable
axios · 239 days ago
Astronauts to Vote in Space · 243 days ago
Social Peacocking and the Shadow
caterina · 243 days ago
Photoshop’s AI neural filters can tweak age and expression with a few clicks
theverge · 243 days ago
Watch Obama Absolutely Torch Trump During His Debut Campaign Event for Biden
rollingstone · 244 days ago
New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin After Zoom Incident
nytimes · 246 days ago
Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform
apnews · 261 days ago
A shadowy AI service has transformed thousands of women’s photos into fake nudes: ‘Make fantasy a reality’
washingtonpost · 245 days ago
‎Should This Exist? on Apple Podcasts · 251 days ago
The ugly scandal that cancelled the Nobel prize
theguardian · 257 days ago
A Kingdom from Dust
story.californiasunday · 1233 days ago
September Reading
caterina · 261 days ago
2016 Election Forecast: Who Will Be President?
web.archive · 262 days ago
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