James Mayes #mtpcon
Petition: Scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill
petition.parliament.uk · 1 day ago
My journey from Software Engineer to Product Manager - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2 days ago
Letter from Culture Secretary on HM Government position on contested heritage
gov.uk · 7 days ago
Building extraordinary product teams - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 9 days ago
HEY - Email at its best, new from Basecamp, coming soon.
hey · 462 days ago
How not to deal with the world and work โ€“ Matt Wallaert
mattwallaert · 13 days ago
Product Management Events - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 14 days ago
Designing for Cognitive Bias - David Dylan Thomas - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 15 days ago
Changes at Basecamp
world.hey · 16 days ago
Encourage clicks without shady tricks by Paul Boag - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 17 days ago
NatWest will refuse business customers who accept cryptocurrencies
theguardian · 21 days ago
What product ops can learn from user research - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 23 days ago
ProductTank April - Addressing the dysfunctions in product management
meetup · 27 days ago
#mtpcon Digital APAC Day 2 highlights - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 28 days ago
Leaked phone number of Mark Zuckerberg reveals he is on Signal
indiatoday.in · 37 days ago
The importance of metrics maturity for evidence-driven teams - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 40 days ago
LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn
linkedin · 43 days ago
5 Tips for Product Managers: Members Content Sneak Peek (March) - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 43 days ago
Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Prioritised Panel: Metrics that Matter. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.
mindtheproduct.zoom.us · 43 days ago
80 metre ship stuck at Littlehampton Harbour
littlehamptongazette.co.uk · 44 days ago
Psychology for Designers the Book - Joe Leech
mrjoe.uk · 44 days ago
Pricing Strategy for Product Dummies - Fanni Fejes on The Product Experience - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 46 days ago
Is this ship still stuck?
istheshipstillstuck · 48 days ago
Refreshing the Mind the Product brand for the next decade - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 49 days ago
Five Essential Steps for Getting into IoT Product Management - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 50 days ago
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James Mayes on LinkedIn: #career #techjobs #techcareers
linkedin · 50 days ago
James Mayes on LinkedIn: #product #ProductTank
linkedin · 51 days ago
James Mayes on LinkedIn: Do you need Product Operations?!
linkedin · 54 days ago
James Mayes on LinkedIn: More about the Product Skills Toolkit
linkedin · 55 days ago
How do you build a successful product team? - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 55 days ago
Effective Product Psychology & Design - Jerome Ribot (ProductTank London) - MindTheProduct
mindtheproduct · 1497 days ago
ProductTank Hamburg: AMA with Petra Wille on her book STRONG
youtube · 56 days ago
Communication and Alignment for Product Managers - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 57 days ago
Customer Success Lead, Training - Mind the Product
apply.workable · 59 days ago
r/ape - Gorilla ๐Ÿฆ vs Cold water
reddit · 59 days ago
James Mayes on LinkedIn: #productmanagement #producttank #productleadership
linkedin · 62 days ago
Level up Your Product Function With the Product Leader Map - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 65 days ago
Economics of Software Part 1 - Why Traditional Economics Concepts Don't Apply To Software - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 70 days ago
James Mayes on LinkedIn: https://www.mpg.biz/events/marketing-for-b2b-media-events-webinar-series
linkedin · 70 days ago
Product Manager
forcura.bamboohr · 72 days ago
How am I Doing? Thoughts on Evaluating Product Managers - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 73 days ago
Bipi Cars to raise an additional โ‚ฌ6 million from P101.
nordic9 · 74 days ago
Four causes for โ€˜Zoom fatigueโ€™ and their solutions | Stanford News
news.stanford.edu · 76 days ago
Communicating Pace Layer Mapping by Adrian Howard - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 76 days ago
MPG Strategy Chats: 5th, 12th & 19th March 2021 | MPG
mpg.biz · 77 days ago
How to become a strong product hiring candidate: A Product Coachโ€™s perspective
meetup · 77 days ago
Download library โ€” The Share Theory
thesharetheory · 77 days ago
Why you Should Invest in Relationships With Your Engineering Team - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 78 days ago
Using storytelling to create powerful Product Demos - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 79 days ago
Women in tech statistics: The hard truths of an uphill battle
cio · 82 days ago
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