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The Illiquidity Discount?
aqr · 554 days ago
Confluent Raises $250M and Kicks Off Project Metamorphosis
confluent.io · 1319 days ago
After a wild 8 years, Facebook’s former VP of communications is switching to venture capital investments
vox · 1487 days ago
Why books don't work
andymatuschak · 1665 days ago
In Ambitious Gamble, Hedge Fund Coatue Launches $700 Million Early-Stage Venture Fund
theinformation · 1583 days ago
Owl Labs raises $15 million for its 360-degree meeting room camera
venturebeat · 1689 days ago
Afterpay in the red to expand in the United States
afr · 1738 days ago
Style Finder | Forever 21
forever21 · 1753 days ago
Foot Locker Invests $100 Million In Secondary Sneaker Platform GOAT
forbes · 1758 days ago
LoTR for work, a playlist by Jared Sleeper on Spotify
open.spotify · 1774 days ago
The Chinese Lesson: Online learning has no inherent churn problem
viewpoints.matrixpartners · 1814 days ago
Charting Unusual Late-Cycle Fiscal Stimulus in the U.S. | PIMCO
pimco · 1834 days ago
A framework for modeling product development | Jared Sleeper | Matrix Partners
sleeperthoughts · 1844 days ago
Zero to 100: Matrix Growth Academy
eventbrite · 1908 days ago
Smartcat nabs $7 million for translation automation platform
venturebeat · 1911 days ago
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to pay for making unsubstantiated claims about vaginal Jade eggs
techcrunch · 1913 days ago
The Share Of Americans Holding A Passport Has Increased Dramatically In Recent Years [Infographic]
forbes · 1915 days ago
Acceleration and Expansion: Announcing our $43 Million Series D Funding
salsify · 1943 days ago
Thanos subreddit successfully bans half its community
theverge · 1970 days ago
Ctrl-labs’ armband lets you control computer cursors with your mind
venturebeat · 1992 days ago
What I Learn by Going 'Undercover' at My Company
entrepreneur · 1997 days ago
Is surfing the internet dead? - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 2011 days ago
Google Bans Bail Bond Ads, Invites Regulation - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 2034 days ago
All of the World's Stock Exchanges by Size
money.visualcapitalist · 2066 days ago
Should you take small checks from deep pockets?
christophjanz.blogspot · 2407 days ago
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Jared Sleeper | Matrix Partners
sleeperthoughts · 2106 days ago
Face Recognition Glasses Augment China’s Railway Cops
sixthtone · 2124 days ago
Glass Elephant Nearly Shattered After Sen. Collins Makes Shutdown Negotiators Use 'Talking Stick'
insider.foxnews · 2139 days ago
joininteract · 2151 days ago
The Rise of FinTech: Introducing the Matrix FinTech Index
viewpoints.matrixpartners · 2162 days ago
Frontend in 2017: The important parts – LogRocket
blog.logrocket · 2173 days ago
The Christmas cookie competition at my office sparked a heated debate about what IS a cookie, so I decided to analyze recipes of baked goods. [OC] • r/dataisbeautiful
reddit · 2175 days ago
Jared Sleeper | Matrix Partners
sleeperthoughts · 2177 days ago
Why the World's Top Equity Hedge Funds Are Trailing the Market
bloomberg · 2178 days ago
At least they care. • r/MadeMeSmile
reddit · 2180 days ago
Jared Sleeper | Matrix Partners
sleeperthoughts · 2185 days ago
Building a Repeatable, Scalable & Profitable Growth Process
forentrepreneurs · 2188 days ago
Stocks tank on report Flynn will flip on Trump
axios · 2191 days ago
$1 Billion Sold: The Collective Power of Shopify Merchants – Shopify
shopify · 2195 days ago
Jared Sleeper | Matrix Partners
sleeperthoughts · 2195 days ago
How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways
nytimes · 2204 days ago
What's new, Atlas?
youtube · 2206 days ago
LogRocket - GitHub Marketplace
github · 2213 days ago
Why and how the Cryptobubble will burst – DK – Medium
medium · 2218 days ago
Would You Blame the Phone for Russian Interference?
bloomberg · 2221 days ago
Oakmark Ousts Manager Sanborn
articles.latimes · 2228 days ago
Money 2020: 12 lessons from this year’s conference
allenkmiller · 2228 days ago
Sorting Algorithms Visualized
imgur · 2229 days ago
Performance Trends in AI
srconstantin.wordpress · 2230 days ago
Jared Sleeper | Matrix Partners
sleeperthoughts · 2231 days ago
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