Josh Felser
Morning Joe on TikTok
tiktok · 46 days ago
Major Rivers Across Europe Are Drying Up at the Worst Possible Moment
bloomberg · 48 days ago
California could lend PG&E $1.4 billion to save Diablo Canyon nuclear plant
latimes · 48 days ago
Man arrested in California for allegedly smuggling nearly $3.7 million of fentanyl in his car tire and gas tank
cnn · 74 days ago
Patagonia will bail out employees arrested in abortion protests
axios · 99 days ago
Opinion | What’s Worse: Climate Denial or Climate Hypocrisy?
nytimes · 101 days ago
A passenger with no flying experience landed a plane at a Florida airport after the pilot became incapacitated
cnn · 143 days ago
Lithuania designates Russia as a terrorist country, a global first
npr · 144 days ago
India Finds Russian Oil an Irresistible Deal, No Matter the Diplomatic Pressure
nytimes · 146 days ago
Will Smith Did a Bad, Bad Thing
kareem.substack · 186 days ago
Ukraine’s Three-to-One Advantage
theatlantic · 187 days ago
Round Up and Donate | Lyft
lyft · 194 days ago
Russia bombards a Kyiv TV tower and the Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial site
npr · 214 days ago
How One of the World’s Biggest Carbon Emitters Got a Factory to Zero Emissions
wsj · 230 days ago
All the Beijing snow is human-made -- a resource-intensive, 'dangerous' trend as planet warms
cnn · 237 days ago
The Utility of White-Hot Rage
theatlantic · 247 days ago
The Daily Show on TikTok
tiktok · 264 days ago
The Kinks - Father Christmas (Official HD Video)
youtube · 282 days ago
Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: New Mercedes -
nbc · 321 days ago
Blackrock CEO Larry Fink: The next 1,000 billion-dollar start-ups will be in climate tech
cnbc · 339 days ago
Britain has ambitious climate-change plans—and two problems
economist · 343 days ago
The global supply chain nightmare is about to get worse
cnn · 354 days ago
On Joy and Sorrow
api.poets · 366 days ago
Stepping back at Spark Capital
bijansabet · 373 days ago
California Megafires Are Solvable
gabekleinman.medium · 414 days ago
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Kitty-Corner or Catty-Corner?
quickanddirtytips · 379 days ago
Here are some ways to help victims of the storm in Louisiana.
nytimes · 385 days ago
Column: If Larry Elder is elected, life will get harder for Black and Latino Californians
latimes · 402 days ago
Small Towns Grow Desperate for Water in California
nytimes · 413 days ago
Cash Cools Everything Around Me. - Lowercarbon Capital
lowercarboncapital · 416 days ago
‎Fireside · 428 days ago
Paket RIPEcast Exclusive Mix
soundcloud · 441 days ago
Brace for flooding. A moon 'wobble' is coming, NASA warns
usatoday · 444 days ago
Naftali Bennett pushes Binyamin Netanyahu out of power in Israel
economist · 474 days ago
LGBT Pride
twibbon · 476 days ago
Basecamp | Travel Trailers | Airstream
airstream · 492 days ago
Industry Meltdown: Is the Era of Nuclear Power Coming to an End? · 518 days ago
The Slander Industry
nytimes · 524 days ago
Your Diet Is Cooking the Planet
theatlantic · 542 days ago
Unboxed Market
unboxedmarket · 546 days ago
Chris Sacca Unretired: The Billionaire Investor On Biden, Crypto, NFTs And Why He’s Back Investing In Climate Startups
forbes · 570 days ago
Dr. B – Standby list for leftover COVID vaccines
hidrb · 571 days ago
COVID-vaccine designer tackles hesitancy — in churches and on Twitter
nature · 573 days ago
The Most Important Invention for Combating Climate Change: The Digital Rate Case — Power & Context
powerandcontext · 580 days ago
We Trying to Stay Alive (feat. Refugee All Stars)
open.spotify · 584 days ago
♻️ Sustainability Pros || Silent Room || Connect via Bios
joinclubhouse · 588 days ago
Take Out Wine | La Ginestra
laginestramv · 594 days ago
Watch Shame | Prime Video
amazon · 595 days ago
We broke CH ♣️🏠
joinclubhouse · 598 days ago
Package Lockers by Luxer One | The Future of Package Delivery
luxeronewp.wpengine · 601 days ago
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