Shaun Modi
How Gatorade Invented New Products by Revisiting Old Ones
hbr · 2476 days ago
Why Your Face Will Soon Be the Key to All Your Devices
wsj · 2474 days ago
100th Test Flight · 2475 days ago
Be More Than A Bookstore: A Brick-And-Mortar Shop's Key To Success
npr · 2479 days ago
Young Astronaut Hopeful Gets NASA Tour Of His (Space) Dreams
npr · 2480 days ago
Opinion | Will the Blowhard Blow Us Up?
nytimes · 2482 days ago
Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA
wired · 2484 days ago
Today’s Financial Crisis: We Forgot the Financial Crisis of 2007
wsj · 2484 days ago
How The 'Battling' Kellogg Brothers Revolutionized American Breakfast
npr · 2484 days ago
Turning Negative Thinkers Into Positive Ones
nytimes · 2611 days ago
Airbnb is global and growing
airbnbcitizen · 2484 days ago
The Design Revolution in Consumer Tech
wsj · 2487 days ago
Can Buddhist Practices Help Us Overcome The Biological Pull Of Dissatisfaction?
npr · 2487 days ago
Rhode Island just made community college free
money.cnn · 2490 days ago
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
theatlantic · 2491 days ago
Here’s the New ‘Frozen’ Musical Poster (and Seven That Didn’t Make the Cut)
nytimes · 2490 days ago
In an Unused Harlem Church, a Towering Work of a ‘Genius’
nytimes · 2491 days ago
How Hackers Broke Into U.S. Voting Machines in Less Than 2 Hours
fortune · 2492 days ago
Nasa is hiring someone to defend Earth from aliens · 2492 days ago
While you watched "The Emoji Movie," a voting machine got hacked
cnet · 2493 days ago
CHVCK 002 (Work in Progress)
soundcloud · 2493 days ago
Why Cooking Has Become a Lost Art
wsj · 2494 days ago
Some Bitcoin Backers Are Defecting to Create a Rival Currency
nytimes · 2495 days ago
Why Vinyl’s Boom Is Over
wsj · 2503 days ago
Google's DeepMind creates an AI with 'imagination' · 2499 days ago
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Once Google’s youngest employee, this woman just unveiled a new search company that might make Google worried
businessinsider · 2500 days ago
Node raises $10.8 million to find you better sales leads
techcrunch · 2500 days ago
Node takes on AI
cnbc · 2500 days ago
Hackers on the Strip: Synack in Las Vegas - Synack
synack · 2501 days ago
Climate Change Is Here. It’s Time to Talk About Geoengineering
wired · 2505 days ago
Beijing Wants A.I. to Be Made in China by 2030
nytimes · 2505 days ago
The Battle for the Moon Begins
bloomberg · 2505 days ago
'The Defiant Ones' - Charlie Rose
charlierose · 2507 days ago
Millennials, as Seen by Corporate America
graphics.wsj · 2507 days ago
A Microsoft font may have exposed corruption in Pakistan
theverge · 2507 days ago
The Latest in Web Design? Retro Websites Inspired by the ’90s
nytimes · 2507 days ago
Click here to support Help me (George) get car to live in organized by george patrick
gofundme · 2508 days ago
Alex Chilton - 2008 Remastered Version
open.spotify · 2510 days ago
BAE Systems Air @BAESystemsAir · 2511 days ago
Orion: Crew Safety, Even Before Astronauts Take Flight
lockheedmartin · 2512 days ago
Fintech Hacks - Synack
synack · 2512 days ago
Daily Cartoon: Thursday, July 13th
newyorker · 2512 days ago
Facing New Rivals, Amazon May Open Up Alexa Data for Developers
theinformation · 2513 days ago
A Computer Security Start-Up Turns the Tables on Hackers
nytimes · 2513 days ago
Walter Mossberg - Charlie Rose
charlierose · 2516 days ago
Teen Pregnancies Plummet Due To Higher Contraceptive Use - saludmóvil™
saludmovil · 2515 days ago
‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Announces Season 9 Return Date
nytimes · 2515 days ago
Move over millennials, members of Generation Z are ready to work
marketwatch · 2518 days ago
Silicon Valley should think like Spider-Man (Reid Hoffman, partner, Greylock) · 2519 days ago
Original iPod 1000 Songs in your pocket by Steve Jobs
youtube · 2519 days ago
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