Azeem Azhar
The Failure of Government's Post-COVID Imagination
govexec · 3 hours ago
ChinAI #157: Resistance in an Algorithmic Society
chinai.substack · 13 hours ago
Home or office? Survey shows opinions about work after COVID-19
weforum · 1 day ago
๐Ÿ’ก Dematerialisation [corrected] · 2 days ago
Most brutal Military test Ever - I tried to join the Norwegian LRRP SQN
youtube · 4 days ago
Climate change ETFs found to be undermining war on global warming
ft · 6 days ago
Andrew Keen @ajkeen · 6 days ago
Post-pandemic shifts means Patch will take co-working to UK small towns and suburbs โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 6 days ago
Editorial: London's back and will remain a giant among cities
cityam · 7 days ago
๐Ÿค” What do you get when you cross a hairdresser and an algorithm?
linkedin · 7 days ago
The Journey to Define Dimension | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 8 days ago
Zapad military drillsย showcase Russian unmanned robotsโ€™ battlefield breakthrough
stripes · 9 days ago
Why didnโ€™t doctors listen to women about the link between Covid vaccines and periods? · 9 days ago
Exponential by Azeem Azhar review โ€“ bridging the technology gap
theguardian · 11 days ago
This Much I Know: Azeem Azhar on How Accelerating Technology is Transforming our World
seedcamp · 11 days ago
Nearly all Fox staffers vaccinated for Covid even as hosts cast doubt on vaccine
theguardian · 12 days ago
Amazon to pay full college tuition for front-line employees
aboutamazon · 12 days ago
Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took top-secret action to protect nuclear weapons
cnn · 13 days ago
Two quick thoughts about Amazon
ryanavent.substack · 13 days ago
The future of weight loss - Works in Progress · 13 days ago
Job vacancies surge past one million in new record · 13 days ago
FORCEDENTRY: NSO Group iMessage Zero-Click Exploit Captured in the Wild - The Citizen Lab · 14 days ago
European founders, welcome to the Exponential Age · 16 days ago
Mars rover's first rock samples reveal lengthy water exposure
upi · 17 days ago
The Problem With The Boeing 727's Rear Door
simpleflying · 17 days ago
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Reflections, 20 years on
billemmott.substack · 17 days ago
Why nations that fail women fail
economist · 18 days ago
Chip prices set to rise into 2022 as TSMC hikes rates
asia.nikkei · 18 days ago
Solugen, developer of plant-derived chemicals, raises $350 million
axios · 18 days ago
Liam Young's Planet City could tackle climate change by housing 10 billion people in a single metropolis
dezeen · 18 days ago
๐Ÿคช Where to buy my book · 19 days ago
MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy · 19 days ago
Sewage discharge rules eased over fears of chemical shortage
theguardian · 20 days ago
Bidenโ€™s Electric Car Plans Hinge on Having Enough Chargers
nytimes · 20 days ago
Indiaโ€™s DNA COVID vaccine is a world first โ€“ more are coming
nature · 20 days ago
Find the Perfect Running Shoe: Running Shoe Finder | Brooks Running
brooksrunning · 21 days ago
๐Ÿ’กHairdressers and algorithms · 21 days ago
They saw a YouTube video. Then they got Touretteโ€™s · 21 days ago
The Exponential Age will transform economics forever · 21 days ago
UK Energy Regulator Supports Vehicle-To-Grid Proposal
cleantechnica · 22 days ago
Opinion | Whatโ€™s Wrong With Sex Between Professors and Students? Itโ€™s Not What You Think.
nytimes · 22 days ago
Afghanistan was a 20-year distraction from the Westโ€™s real troubles · 22 days ago
Meet The Robinhood Investor Who Turned $250,000 Into $400 Million
forbes · 22 days ago
Facebook Apologizes After A.I. Puts โ€˜Primatesโ€™ Label on Video of Black Men
nytimes · 22 days ago
Tories at war over โ€˜idioticโ€™ National Insurance tax increase · 22 days ago
Three myths about the exit from Afghanistan
billemmott.substack · 22 days ago
Book Review - Exponential - Azeem Azhar โ€“ Business of Software
businessofsoftware · 23 days ago
Field7 · 23 days ago
Azeem Azhar on LinkedIn: Four counterintuitive takeaways from my book
linkedin · 23 days ago
Leaked Guntrader firearms data file shared. Worst case scenario? Criminals plot UK gun owners' home addresses in Google Earth
theregister · 23 days ago
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