Azeem Azhar
Softbank just shocked its critics by landing the biggest profit in the history of a Japanese company
cnbc · 11 hours ago
South Korea to spend $40 billion on worldโ€™s biggest floating wind farm · 1 day ago
๐Ÿ“Š EVโ€™s charts of the week #26 · 1 day ago
AI that mimics human typos on a smartphone could improve keyboards
newscientist · 1 day ago - An open database for university spinouts · 2 days ago
Careers - Jobs - ChartMogul
jobs.chartmogul · 3 days ago
Magpie Death Ritual
youtube · 3 days ago
Founding vs Inheriting
1729 · 5 days ago
Volkswagen says it can profitably sell a self-driving system for โ‚ฌ7 an hour | TESLARATI
teslarati · 4 days ago
$100 as Incentive to Get a Shot? Experiment Suggests It Can Pay Off.
nytimes · 4 days ago
The mandate for a Scottish independence referendum
davidallengreen · 4 days ago
82% of Americans want paid maternity leave โ€“ making it as popular as chocolate · 5 days ago
Tesla Director Of Energy On Transition To Renewables: "It's Happening Quickly"
cleantechnica · 5 days ago
Analytics Suggest 96% of Users Leave App Tracking Disabled in iOS 14.5
macrumors · 5 days ago
The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society: Azhar, Azeem: 9781635769098: Books
amazon · 6 days ago
New Bill Would Halt Crypto Mining In New York for Three Years
earther.gizmodo · 6 days ago
๐Ÿ“Š EVโ€™s charts of the week #25 · 8 days ago
The Peter Thiel Sesame Seed Scene From <i>Silicon Valley</i> Is Real!
valleywag.gawker · 8 days ago
Nuzzel is going away. For Now.
blog.nuzzel · 9 days ago
Bill and Melinda Gates divorce after 27 years of marriage · 9 days ago
How Apple does M&A: Small and quiet, with no bankers
cnbc · 9 days ago
ESG outperformance narrative โ€˜is flawedโ€™, new research shows
ft · 10 days ago
SpaceX Makes First Nighttime Splash Down With Astronauts Since 1968
nytimes · 10 days ago
Did a Game Show Contestant Need Help Distinguishing Horsepower From 'Llamathrust'? |
snopes · 10 days ago
snopes · 1389 days ago
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Neil Gorsuchโ€™s Persnickety Libertarianism Gave Immigrants a Win at the Supreme Court
slate · 11 days ago
Interventions on Democratizing Infrastructure
sciencedirect · 12 days ago
Global Inequality and More
brankomilanovic.substack · 12 days ago
Infographic: Workers Want to Stay Put in Home Office
statista · 15 days ago
What we owe to Donald J Trump
brankomilanovic.substack · 13 days ago
๐Ÿ“Š EVโ€™s charts of the week #24 · 15 days ago
Smart products must come clean on security under new laws โ€“ Which? News · 15 days ago
The Problems of a Perfect, Politics-Free Office
ez.substack · 15 days ago
JP Morgan Launches Bitcoin Fund For Rich Clients After Years Of Bashing Crypto
zerohedge · 16 days ago
China Technical Body Sets Plan to Bolster Facial Recognition Security
caixinglobal · 16 days ago
Gas prospects lose steam as renewables gather pace
ft · 16 days ago
Toyota is buying Lyftโ€™s autonomous car division for $550 million
theverge · 16 days ago
The Planet on the Plate: Why Epicurious Left Beef Behind
epicurious · 16 days ago
To Be Tracked or Not? Apple Is Now Giving Us the Choice.
nytimes · 17 days ago
Johnson 'did make bodies pile high in their thousands' comment, writes Peston | ITV News
itv · 17 days ago
Court clears 39 post office operators convicted due to โ€˜corrupt dataโ€™
theguardian · 19 days ago
โ€˜Excess Deathsโ€™ in 2020 Surpassed Those of 1918 Flu Pandemic
nytimes · 19 days ago
Brexitโ€™s top donor outed as Bitfinex, Tether parent shareholder
protos · 19 days ago
Prometheus Fuels
prometheusfuels · 20 days ago
Travis Kalanick's stealth $5 billion startup, CloudKitchens, is Uber all over again, ruled by a 'temple of bros,' insiders say
businessinsider · 20 days ago
Congruent Ventures raises $175M fund for early-stage climate tech
canarymedia · 21 days ago
Attaching giant sails to cargo ships could slash their greenhouse gas emissions · 21 days ago
Ex-RAF drone pilot โ€˜suffered PTSDโ€™ after attacks on Islamic State · 21 days ago
What Happens if You Focus a 5W Laser With a Giant Magnifying Glass? Negative Kelvin Temperature!
youtube · 21 days ago
๐Ÿ“Š EVโ€™s charts of the week #23 · 22 days ago
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