Blinken calls on Afghan Taliban to reverse ban on women at universities
reuters · 198 days ago
Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths · 198 days ago
Chapter 2: The Big Cycle of Money, Credit, Debt, and Economic Activity
linkedin · 200 days ago
Assets: Total Assets: Total Assets: Wednesday Level
fred.stlouisfed · 203 days ago
Visualizing 50 Years of Global Steel Production
visualcapitalist · 208 days ago
Address: 39GwESfhnncrZGua1Jm9fWZHoxQiKDGCfH
blockchain · 215 days ago
Charted: 30 Years of Central Bank Gold Demand
visualcapitalist · 243 days ago
'Most U.S. banks are technically near insolvency, and hundreds are already fully insolvent,' Roubini says
marketwatch · 245 days ago
CBDCs In Their Own Words: Technocrats Blackpill Us On The Future Of Money · 254 days ago
America’s banks are missing hundreds of billions of dollars
economist · 256 days ago
Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar Over Time
visualcapitalist · 264 days ago
FDIC worried about growing unrealized losses in US banks' bond portfolios
spglobal · 266 days ago
It Looks Like You’re Trying To Take Over The World
gwern · 273 days ago
Fragmentation, Frontier, Fourth Turning, Future Is Our Past | The Network State
thenetworkstate · 276 days ago
Visa, Mastercard pause crypto push in wake of industry meltdown - sources
reuters · 278 days ago
Invest in Clone
republic · 279 days ago
Stable Diffusion UI v2 · 282 days ago
Why it’s easy to Brainwash ChatGPT (AI series, Part 2)
cactus.substack · 288 days ago
God, State, Network | The Network State
thenetworkstate · 288 days ago
The Class War Inside the Democratic Party
compactmag · 290 days ago
‎The Network State Podcast: #1 - Vitalik Buterin on Starting New Countries, Upgrading Ethereum, and Improving Yourself on Apple Podcasts · 298 days ago
The Network State Podcast
open.spotify · 298 days ago
The Network State Podcast
youtube · 298 days ago What's Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies eBook : Urban, Tim: Books
amazon · 301 days ago
Galton Board: Industrial & Scientific
amazon · 303 days ago
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Solana Ecosystem Community Call · Zoom · Luma · 304 days ago Flowers for Algernon: 9780156030083: Keyes, Daniel: Books
amazon · 311 days ago
Limitless (2011) - IMDb
imdb · 311 days ago
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones: James Clear: 9780735211292: Books
amazon · 1874 days ago
e-Democracy & open data - e-Estonia
e-estonia · 325 days ago
The Network State Review Part 1: The Case for Sacred Experiments
cactus.substack · 333 days ago
How the World Really Works: The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We're Going: Smil, Vaclav: 9780593297063: Books
amazon · 335 days ago
Before the flood · 358 days ago
How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Collapsed
nytimes · 383 days ago
The crypto world must be made safer for investors and users
ft · 385 days ago
In bankrupt Lebanon, locals mine bitcoin and buy groceries with tether, as $1 is now worth 15 cents
cnbc · 391 days ago
Imagen Video · 424 days ago
Phenaki – Google Research · 395 days ago
Biden Administration Wants To Make It Easier To Seize Crypto Without Criminal Charges
forbes · 401 days ago
US weighs China tech restrictions on quantum computing and AI
scmp · 403 days ago
r/dataisbeautiful - [OC] Obesity rate in the United States (1985–2021) / Coronavirus update
reddit · 413 days ago
Did lead poisoning cause downfall of Roman Empire? The jury is still out
arstechnica · 413 days ago
We are what we do | Meetup
meetup · 2351 days ago
help.twitter · 421 days ago
Paul Baran and the Origins of the Internet
rand · 427 days ago
Green Line Test / Don't Lean In
knowyourmeme · 427 days ago
From Violence to Volition: Bootstrapping New Nations on Blockchain
otonomos.substack · 430 days ago
Gravity Industries · 442 days ago
It took 27 years and $300 million. Will S.F. Van Ness BRT improve traffic congestion?
sfchronicle · 610 days ago
Richard × DALL·E | a person holding a sign that says
labs.openai · 477 days ago
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