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RECENTLY SHARED - Tech Layoff Tracker and Startup Layoff Lists · 4 days ago
shef · 743 days ago
These 25 towns and cities are so eager to lure remote workers to move there that they'll pay you up to $20,000 โ€” or even give you a free house
businessinsider · 29 days ago
What if the Optimal Workweek Is Two Days in the Office, Not Three?
wsj · 30 days ago
A Record Number Of Immigrants Have Become Billionaires In The U.S.
forbes · 31 days ago
The Ukraine Crisis Hits Close to Home for Silicon Valley, and Tech Execs Aren't Wasting Time: 'They're Thinking Like a Startup, Which Allows Them to Move Faster'
entrepreneur · 53 days ago
โ€œThe Least Woke City in Americaโ€ | City Journal
city-journal · 71 days ago
Facebookโ€™s Parent Company Will Make Employees Do Their Own Laundry
nytimes · 72 days ago
Low pay isn't causing people to quit their jobs โ€” toxic workplace culture is
businessinsider · 79 days ago
If You Canโ€™t Find a Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single
hbr · 1671 days ago
Why Retoolโ€™s CEO Took A โ€˜Riskyโ€™ Fundraising Approach On The Way To A $1.9 Billion Valuation
forbes · 152 days ago
11 Trends that Will Shape Work in 2022 and Beyond
hbr · 109 days ago
The Crypto Wealthy Are Luxuryโ€™s New Big Spenders
businessoffashion · 110 days ago
The World Ahead: Working it out
open.spotify · 143 days ago
The Better Way To Peak Performance, With BetterUp Founder Alexi Robichaux
open.spotify · 225 days ago
Lacoste Shows Elevated Sports-Inspired Garments for SS22
hypebeast · 228 days ago
The Structure of Stand-Up Comedy · 1385 days ago
Live From SaaStr Annual 2021: Stage B Legends
youtube · 236 days ago
Join the Wendy's Discord Server!
discord · 264 days ago
Offices Dangle Beehives and Garden Plots to Coax Workers Back
nytimes · 270 days ago
Knock | Notifications-as-a-service platform · 277 days ago
Well, this is awkward...
well-this-is-awkward · 297 days ago
Citizen pays New Yorkers $25 an hour to livestream crime scenes
nypost · 300 days ago
Watch Kanye Westโ€™s โ€˜Dondaโ€™ Album Listening Event
complex · 304 days ago
Illuminate - A Hopin Experience
hopin · 320 days ago
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League of Legendsโ€™ new music gives streamers lo-fi beats to game to
polygon · 325 days ago
Why We Need Juneteenth in Pop Culture
blackgirlnerds · 338 days ago
A Story of Independent Retailโ€™s Resilience - Faire Newsroom
news.faire · 347 days ago
ChartHop raises $35M for its internal org chart and people analytics platform โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 347 days ago
Delco Man Was Spielbergโ€™s 'Jurassic Park' Dino Advisor. Now, He's on Shark Tank · 348 days ago
LinkedIn to start paying ERG leaders $10,000 a year
axios · 354 days ago
Growth Firms, Not VCs, Are The Most Active Investors In New Unicorns This Year, And Theyโ€™re Doubling Down
news.crunchbase · 369 days ago
Book a time with Brianne Kimmel on Superpeer
superpeer · 370 days ago
Careers at | Browse Openings
public · 378 days ago
Towards a New Information Architecture
medium · 405 days ago
IggyEnrich for Airbnb - Wifi Speeds and More · 409 days ago
The founders of Clubhouse had a revealing conversation on their unstoppable rise. Here are the 9 key takeaways.
businessinsider · 410 days ago
Why this tech entrepreneur left the Bay Area for Arkansas and closed his offices for good
cnbc · 417 days ago
Darknet Diaries
open.spotify · 424 days ago
producthunt · 430 days ago
Software and technology stacks used by top companies · 1258 days ago
A Placeless Mindset: The Foundation to Successful Remote Teams
workplaceless · 438 days ago
Levels - Metabolic Fitness Program
levelshealth · 440 days ago
Whatโ€™s next for no-code?
joinclubhouse · 440 days ago
The Famous Freemium Swerve that Changed Video-Conferencing
profitwell · 443 days ago
lunchclub · 446 days ago
The 10 stages of remote work
about.gitlab · 455 days ago
Blocks Take the Lead in Fight Against Disinformation
blocknyt · 468 days ago
The first Industrial Revolution from home
wfh.substack · 460 days ago
As expected, stock trading service Public raises $220M at unicorn valuation โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 460 days ago
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